Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why Did God Prohibit the Young Prophet from Eating and Drinking in Town?

“Why Did God prohibit the Man of God to eat or drink water nor use the same road. Or why the other prophet had to go through all the pains to prophet-lie in order to bring him back and lure him to eat and the prophecy against him from the Lord.
Now the real question I was having. It is from 1 Kings 13: The man of God from Judah. All my life as I started going through the Bible, I've never understood the real sense and purpose of what happened there. The part of his proclaimed message against King Jeroboam and the altar is understood. What I don't understand is what is the message behind it all. I've always felt there is something behind it but I don't know what”.

The passage is from 1 Kings 13: 1-34. The Man of God prophesies and King Jeroboam attempts his arrest. His hand dries up. Immediately the things that he had prophesied came to pass and the others will fulfill after his death. This created fear in the King. Because worship was more physical than spiritual, most people needed physical signs to believe the word of God like the case of Hezekiah (2 Kings 20:8-11).
This was not the first time that a king tried to challenge the prophet of God and they end up begging for mercy. Pharaoh tried it with Moses (Ex 8:8, 28; 9:28). King Zedekiah sent a delegation: Jehucal and Zepheniah to plead the Lord (Jer 37:3) and Simon the Sorcerer implored Peter to sell the power of the Holy Spirit to him (Acts 8:24).
Remember that there were other prophets in town whom God had stopped using because they were corrupted by the king. The normal tactic was to blind the prophet with gifts. Although it was the custom of the people to see the man of God with gifts (I Sam 9:7), the men of God avoided those gifts because since the time of the desert, children of God were prohibited from taking those gifts that inherently were bribes for they blinded the eye (Ex 23:8; Deut 16:19). Naaman tried to give to Elisha, he refused but his servant: Gehazi came behind and collected the gifts. He later became leprous (2 Kings 5:15-27). Balaam refused Balak’s suitcase of money (Num 22:18; 24:13). Jeroboam consecrated priests from anyone who could give him gifts (2 Chr 13:9). Most men of God today can no more speak for God because they are blinded by the gifts of the rich in our churches. They will know you and your family better if you give tithes and offerings.
So the fact that a prophet comes from out of town provokes jealousy and enforced the notion that the prophets in town were far from God. The man of God tells them that before he came there, God had given him an edict not to eat or drink anything from that place (V. 9). That was one of two reasons; since Jeroboam was using food and drinks to corrupt the prophets, the new and young prophet will escape that trap. Secondly, their sins had defiled the place and eating anything defiled will cause his defilement too.
When the children of the old prophet told him what had transpired, he was bent at still making himself the greatest. The man of God made two serious mistakes: he listened to the old prophet than God. Even if an angel came to tell you to go away from God do not go (Gal 1:8) because Satan could transform himself to an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14). Furthermore, he believed in an erring prophecy. Prophecy that goes against the word of God is not from God (Deut 13:1-4).
Once the man of God rejected the word of the Lord, the Lord rejected him from being prophet anymore (I Sam 15:26). A similar situation occurred again in the Bible where the man of God asked someone to smite him but he refused and the man of God prophesied that immediately as he left him a lion would slay him and as soon as he left a lion did slay him (I Kings 20:35-43). He wanted an opportunity to receive an audience before the king. Remember that kings who thought a prophet did not like them did not want to hear from them.
The Old Prophet was the falling occasion of the young prophet like Judas was the occasion for Jesus’ betrayal. That would have proven the commitment and adherence of the young prophet. The lion killed him but did not kill neither his horse nor did it tear apart his body. The Lion stood there to protect the body because the body of the man of God cannot be defiled. The anointed of the Lord should not be touched. Though he had a mishap but he was still the anointed of the Lord. God could use an ass like he did to Balaam. So using back the Old prophet to speak to the young prophet was not out of the ordinary. It was just that the old establishment has been corrupt and they did not go in but do not want any other person to go in like Jesus told the Pharisees (Mt 23: 13). However, once you reject the word of God, He will reject you too (2 Chr 7:19-20; 2 Chr 15:2).
Until then, take note of the last sentence; that is the lesson of all time!
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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