Sunday, April 26, 2009

When A Child Is Bullied To Suicide

We have watched news about a child that was bullied in school by his or her mates and he or she committed suicide. Their deaths should not be placed solely on the school and their mates. I was bullied but I am alive and a very happy man. Like our shadows never leave us; our past would never leave us. However, our shadows do not determine our present and future. So too should our past not determine our present and future. I know people who were bullied in school but who did not take their lives because of the support structure they had at home. Children take away their lives when there is lack of that support structure both in and out of the home. Listen to me well; at home. Yes, at home. The home should be the last shoulder pad on which the bullied child should cry; the last pair of ears to listen to his or her worries. Sadly, they lack that support!
I was bullied even by girls, because I was too skinny and was a product of the city. The village kids believed that they were tough, and so taunted and teased me in groups. Some will seize my things: my soccer balls, my slate and my chalk. But every day I came home, I had a grandfather who will tell me you are from the king’s family and they are not. “Woh tchi moh nkwoh. Oh ke kah yehmu a ki woh ne neneh amek” (you are the son of a lion so don’t allow anyone to bully you”. He will reiterate in Kenyang. He took me to every meeting (where I learnt many proverbs) that he went too. I mean quarter head meetings and village meetings. Because they spoke mostly in proverbs even when I was there, I did not understand them.
One day I came back home beaten by a girl. He laughed and said that is really a disgrace for this family. He gave me some gifts telling me that I was great. The next day a guy seized my soccer ball and another one took my chalk. When I came home, I told my grandfather. He was not quick at anger, but my grand mother was. She left and went to see the headmaster who was the brother. The headmaster told her that they will not do anything. "He (I) should defend himself" he argued. My grandmother began pulling my ears and scolding me: “did you hear? You have not been going to the farm that is why you are too weak. Thenceforth, you will be going to the farm to be strong too to resist all these bullies.
My grandfather said: “son, now you are a man, when they come in group you cannot fight a group. Select the ringleader and give him the beatings of his life. He spat on my hand and told me to go”. The night seems to be long because I could not wait to face those bullies. School was over and lo and behold a group of kids gathered telling me that my grand father was a wizard. He was walking with a stick. I was just quiet as we walked back home. A girl came and pulled me by my shirt but I did not answer back. In my mind I was waiting for the ringleader. I warned the girl to leave me alone or she will receive the greatest beatings of her life. “Did your grandfather initiate you in his witchcraft that you have become strong overnight”? She mocked! I laughed and told her that she will soon learn the hard way. She kept pulling me front and back. I charged as if to hit her and the bully stepped in. It was one in a life time opportunity. I will either do this and gain my peace or do not and remain their eternal victim. I went for the kill and fell on him like a wasp; stung him with blows all over that he went unconscious. The whole group scattered and ran into the bushes as I became the hero.
The next day we were going to school and they had told stronger boys about what I did to the other guy. But I quickly formed an alliance with another bully with whom we went out for break and studied together. Everyday my grandfather asked me if anyone had bullied me and if I ran away or I withstood them. He told me the more you run the more they make fun of you and bully you.
In the US it is different. When kids are bullied they usually do not tell their teachers not to talk of their absentee parents. However, I am able to see a child who is bullied, and know that I have to warn the other kids from doing it. I bring stories of kids who killed people because they were bullied. By the end of the class everyone takes their position.
But the absence of parents; yes the absence of parents at home is a big lacuna in the self esteem of the kids. When something happens like this, people look at the school and the students. If you have supportive parents who can come to school and report the matter that situation will never occur. Ask parents how many times they have come to see their teachers or administrators that their child is being bullied. They don’t even have time to come to parents’ teachers meeting to know their teachers how will they call. They are out working two jobs. The kids are left to deal with the taunting of their mates by themselves. When a child kills himself or herself it is because the love for themselves supersedes the love for the family. But if there was great chemistry in the house it will never happen. When a child spends more time with the computer than with the parents or finds solace with an avatar or invisible lover on the internet than with a real person reveals a lack of home support thereof.
There is no school that will not do anything when a child is being bullied. The students refuse to tell their teachers for fear they are regarded a sissy, and the parents too are frequently out of home to sit and listen to the kids. There is too much of absentee parenting in the US that the kids seem to raise themselves. We only see the parents come up when some calamity befalls their child because they want attention or money.
When you have supporting parents you may not like to go to school but you will enjoy coming home to enjoy the family’s company. You will tell your parents of what is going on or they will realize you do not look the way you used too and convince you to share your worries with them. America must rebuild family support that has been eroded with the Rat-Race mentality.
Snake and the Ladder Game
I remember two instances in our family as I was growing up. My father was an electrician with PowerCam. One day he ran late and so the time for supper was passing. Our mother forced us to eat and go to bed because our dad was not forth coming but none of us ate. Instead we all dosed on the chairs until he came back home. Another day he was running late and we spent the whole evening crying for him. No one ate; though we were hungry but the family bond and the absence of one took away our appetite. We always ate together, played games like Lido and Snake and Ladder and competed to see who will spell correctly the longest word in the dictionary. Those times we spent together were worth more than me playing soccer or my sisters playing Mini-Mini Ehhh Mini-Mini. When we thought of Hide & Seek that we played with our parents, going outside to play was a painful exercise. Sometimes our parents forced us to play outside with other kids because we were renting two bedrooms. Perhaps that was the time they took to play Mami and Papa that let to my younger sister. No child with such a support system will kill himself. People kill themselves when they can neither find a sympathetic ear nor encouraging mouth without or within the home.

Until then, I deeply regret the loss of these young people. May their souls rest in peace!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Should The Church Perform A Wedding If One Of the Partners is HIV Positive?

It is usually sad to see those whose wedding was cancelled by the church authorities because one of the partners was or is HIV positive. Nowadays it is even exaggerating when church pastors think that counseling starts and ends with medical tests results. Thanks anyway to those tests, couples were either able to opt out of the relationship or stay and wed elsewhere. But at least they knew what they were getting into. This requirement of taking the medical tests is really not a bad one since it was through it that a lady discovered that her to-be husband did not tell her that he was impotent. In another case, the man found out that the woman (in her twenties) had removed her uterus, making it impossible for her to conceive and bare a baby from her own womb. That has raised many questions on whether it is biblical or not. Does that go with the ethos of Christianity? I will establish the validity and expose its limitations by wearing the looking glass of the Bible.

The church and especially the pastor are obliged by God to establish the Shepherd-Sheep relationship. A herd of sheep with no shepherd always gets scattered. A good shepherd drives danger from the shepherd (Ps 80:1). A good shepherd feeds and nurtures his flock (Is 40:11). In speaking to the Hebrews, the author reminds them that pastors will give account for the way they led their flock (Heb 13:17). How would they give account if they cannot direct your ways? God tells Ezekiel that if he sends him to give a warning to anyone and he does not do it, he will hold him responsible if the danger kills that person (Ezek 3:17-21). That is the same posture the church and leaders should take. Therefore, the church authorities are right to request such tests. However let us consider another dimension though.

The Apostle Peter tells the church and Christians to submit themselves to the ordinance of man for God’s sake (I Pet 2:13-14). That is the law of the land. In a country with the rule of law, though people are Christians they still have their constitutional rights. Every human being is free to marry who he or she wants in whatever condition. There is no law that prohibits the church from wedding HIV positive people. Therefore the church now must look into the scripture to reconcile this impasse or dilemma. In looking at the Ezekiel Scenario, it does not suggest imposing anything. It talks of warning. Then Jesus even makes it clearer when He advises the disciples to dust off their feet and go away if people reject their counsel (Mt 10:14).

Consequently, the Bible is saying that if you forewarn anyone about imminent danger, and they refuse to hearken, you shoul leave them alone. If a shepherd tries to keep his sheep from wandering, but it stubbornly wanders into a pack of wolves and is slaughtered, the sheep bears the brunt of its stubbornness because the shepherd had done all in his power that it could. You have done your part and the burden of their calamity rests solely on them and not the church or the pastor.

Thus, if the church has advised a couple about imminent danger, it should allow them to make the final decision. If the church tries to impose its will on its members, it may convert the church into some cult and voodoo group especially in situations that are not inherently sinful.

Whatever decision they make, the church must respectfully succumb to it. If you tell a couple that one of them is HIV positive, they should make the choice. If they decide to marry, then the church should gladly wed them. No one knows on what they are counting. Perhaps God could have been speaking to them like he did in the days of Hosea. How many people will feel comfortable if I introduce my girlfriend and said: I picked her up from a brothel? But God asked Hosea to marry a prostitute even though he knew the woman will prostitute herself again. God at times speaks strange things to people. God is supreme and Jesus is still miraculous as he was 2000 years ago. The partner with HIV could get healed too who knows. As a result, if one of them has that faith, they should be given the chance to exercise it.

Nonetheless, if the faith is presumptuous, the responsibility lies solely with the couple and not the church. However, since the church is there to exhort and encouraged, they should encourage them as any other person going through trials and temptations.

Until then, the Church’s authority does not override an individual’s basic rights.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Is witchcraft An African Myth?

As a little boy I witnessed an incident that scared my mind. In 1978 in Ntenako, a woman had gone to Nigeria and bought some fetish to have good production. Instead of a good harvest that year she and the villagers experienced an invasion of locusts. The locusts ate everything that had leaves in the village. The harvest was really poor and bad, and hunger had taken its toll in the village. Then on a faithful day, the Obansinjom came out. When it came out, everyone followed it to its dancing place. It was like the middle of the town. It would go from one end of the village to another and invited those it wanted to talk to. It invited a lady to the scene. And then it revealed to her that what she went to buy from Nigeria was actually locust. For the locusts in the village to go away, she must take her parcel back to the sorcerer who sold it to her. She took it back and the locust all went away. She was latter nickname Mama Ketchaghanta (pronounced ketchakanta) meaning Mother of Locusts. That is witchcraft at it best.
A second example was when one woman killed a young woman that was growing up. The fortune tellers in the village and Obasinjom revealed who was the killer. So they said she can only pay back by giving her own child. She gave one of her daughters and they made some concoction and gave the girl to eat. Immediately, she lost thought of her family and began paying her allegiance now only to the new family.
Obasinjom Head
A third example was with my own very uncle. The mother went to the farm from Mbefa (a quarter in Ntenako): she slithered, fell and the cutlass slid and cut the child in the womb and stuck in the mother's womb. My grandfather: Ta-Ben took her from the farm and called that they should use a slave and save the child. So they did and the mother delivered him with the mark on the nose. Anecdotes like these ones immediately establish the existence of witchcraft and scorn at the assertion that witchcraft does not exist or that it is only an African myth.
A fourth example was when a lady who knew that she was going to die went behind the house and buried her money so that after she died, she will come out as a ghost, take the money and pay her way to a foreign country. When she was going to bury the money behind a plantain tree her neighbor saw her and waited after she left, she went and stole the money. When the woman died, she appeared as a ghost and began troubling the entire village of Ntenako. Little kids were afraid to go to school and mothers were afraid to go to the farm. Even some men too were afraid. So the Obasinjom appeared and called on the village to gather. They gathered and she called out the lady who stole the money. She confessed and was asked to reimburse the money. She was fined by the women’s group in the village and every other group meeting in which she was a member. How did the Obasinjom know all these details? Witchcraft does exist indeed.

Obasinjom in Action
In the Old Testament days there was ventriloquism (Is Sam 28: 3-25). Ventriloquism is a type of witchcraft just like pyromancy, hydromancy chiromancy, cartomancy, levitationism, spodomancy (common with African priests and priestesses) and you name the rest. Horoscope and astrology are all forms of witchcraft. If Witchcraft was an African Affair then the Jews should not have been warned from practicing it. Remember that the Assyrians, Babylonians and other heathens were not from Africa. In addition, if it was only African, God would not have told them to refrain from witchcraft (Deut. 18: 10-14. Exo. 22:18, Gal. 5: 19-21, Acts 8: 9-11, Acts 13: 6, Rev. 22:15). How do you avoid a thing that does not exist? Most Nigerian movies have exposed the complex nature of witchcraft more than one earlier thought. Movies like The Egg of Life or The Battle of Musanga all transfer witchcraft from the myth category to religious practice.
However, if it was only in Nigeria and Cameroon then one would still have their doubts. But those who read the African Child by Camara Laye know that the existence of the serpent God was and still part of cultures in Guinea. Furthermore, there is not a single country in Africa where witchcraft is not practiced. During Nations Cup and World Cup or even club competitions African teams are known for traveling with their witch doctors paid at the state’s expense.
Perhaps to buttress that Witchcraft is not an African myth one would want to consider other continents like Europe and Americas. If we have our eyes and ears opened we would have known of the Witch-Craze in Europe. The Salem Witch Trials all point to the existence of witchcraft. In every society that has a religion there is the belief in witchcraft too. Today in America we have the Wiccans who belief in witchcraft. In Latin America there was no magic without brujeria (witchcraft). If you follow the news you would have heard people arrested in India and China for practicing witchcraft? How is it an African myth and people in other continents are getting its effects and consequences?
Perhaps it behooves me to state here that ab inito witchcraft was not for bad intention. Jujus like the Obansinjom, and many others instead fought evil rather than propagate evil. Those who practiced evil were haunted and cursed by the fetishes and the animist priestess or priest. Witchcraft like religion has greatly changed its focus. Rather than fight evil, it permeates it just like what the church is doing today. The church was supposed to protect the people from robbers but most adherents are swindled with all false doctrines by their pastors and ministers.
The validity is that anything that has to do with belief or use of the mind cannot be limited to one group of people because though people may have different colors and are from different places but the human mind functions the same. The heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked. Thus witchcraft exists and is not only limited to Africans or the Dark Skinned.
Wizards and witches like to operate in darkness as darkness goes with evil. They operate in the invisible and are there to inflict serious harm and destruction on individuals they envy or do not like. Witchcraft could take different forms and manifestations. Consequently people should be careful to reject its existence. Rather than reject its existence they should desire to protect themselves. And the only power above all other powers is that of God. Every other power in face with that of the Almighty is powerless power. Those that are blessed by God cannot be cursed by witchcraft spells and fetishes. Those that have the hedge of protection of the Almighty will find Him a refuge and fortress they can trust. He will deliver them from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He will be their shield and buckler. They will not fear the terror by night; nor the arrow by day. A myriad of witches will attack them but no evil will befall them. That is because he is omnipotent: Jehovah Nissi- The Lord our Fighter.
Until then, Christians should know Witchcraft exists but should not fear it.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mr. Musa’s Children: Seeyambam

She is a nurse with Hollywood Children’s Hospital in Atlanta. She left Cameroon as a trained anthropologist, but now she is a nurse in the US. The difference between the nurse in the US and the one in Cameroon is that, the nurse in Cameroon knows about medicines, prescription and care giving with a bit of bribe too. Some will tell you: “the patient must shake their body, if not they will die here. That is not what I eat.” When you yelp "aaii' because of acute pain, the nurse will tell you, "Why don’t you cry ouyii ouyii, look at your head!” However, they know about medicine and could even carry successful surgery. When she wants to inject you, she does it as if she had scores to settle. She would insert the whole needle, squeezing your thin or fat backside until you shiver.

Last year, she went home with a smock-frock as if she was a doctor. The villagers quickly gathered for some medicine, but she did not know anything about what medicine to prescribe, even for headache until she prescribed nivaquine to a young science student for his headache. When confronted, she said it was because it is against the law in the US for a nurse to prescribe drugs to patients. On the other hand, her Cameroonian compatriots were prescribing successfully for the people. Something else was worse; her love life was insipid too.

Neighbors and past pretenders said she should have written the sing above on her door.
Her parents foresaw her destiny that they named her that way; meaning: look at your bengbengkiri (thick  behinds). The guy with a tire shop told the community that she was a very parsimonious girl but will disburse her fortune to buy a donor. When she goes to his shop, she will make him do her tires, she will start turning and twisting her butt, up and down, left and right like Bobaraba dancers. She usually succeeded because though he was married, he fantasized seeing her. Her behinds were beautiful and nice looking that you look and then relooked, as if you did not see well the first time. Perhaps that is why most men enjoy when she comes to give them "nursing care."

She had a footballer boyfriend who has passed his prime that she paraded in places just so she boosts her points but when the donor annoys her, she will say this, “Andrew, do you know what you are, right? You are playing with me with that your coconut head. I will burst it now and then go to jail.” “Weti I do again (what have I done again),” Andrew will retort in Pidgin. “I no fit di feed you, put clothes for that your rotten lass, only say make you cam di follow yoryette them for party. Cam give me my keys. I no want see you for that house today (I cannot be feeding you, put clothes on your stinking ass only for you to run after teenagers in a party. Come and give my car and house keys. I don't want to see you in that house today).” No matter with whom Andrew was talking, he will put the conversation off to a later date. “My nga don vex. I get for go (My girl is angry, so I have to go).” “Why dat your nyango like for craze so too (why does your girlfriend always goes mad)?” His friends will ask. “Na so i dey oh. I just dey me dey for chop my own (That is the way she is. I am just there to take my own share)” He will explain. “Ok player, hurry go before you sleep for cold.” His friends will advise. A stranger who was in the meeting asked the people around: “What is that star’s name”. See, See, See yam yam yam bammm!” A pompous stammerer quickly answered. “Mingri,why can't you allow people who can speak to speak? Her name is Seeyambam!” A guy in long-sleeves rejoined.

Until then, beware; better single than have a Seeyambam.

Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Mr. Musa’s Children - Tai Wei

Tai Wei was born in Sabon-Garri to a family of four: two boys: Akiritu and Mijangchi and two girls: Tai Wei and Seeyabam in the North-West Province of Cameroon about some 42 years or so ago to Wei Musa and Krin Musa, yet she looks better than most 23 years olds: nice biceps and triceps, flat abdomen, hard behinds and her twin roes still like unharvested oranges. She has made it big time as a real estate agent, unlike those who carry more the title than they sell a wooden plank. Her gigantic duplex serves as her covering on which she could espy the neighborhood. Two modern cars - a Land Rover and a Range Rover lay outside her yard, beckoning for drivers. She has already had her three grown up kids in her teenage days. She seems to have the world underneath her feet, a roof over her head, but she was lacking something: a good man.
Tai Wei has not been able to keep a husband or a boyfriend. That is why she has three kids with five men. She knew the father of one, but she had accused four men of being the fathers of two. Tired of living alone, she left for home and got herself a man-Ping Wi. This gentleman graduated from Centre Universitaire des Sciences de la Santé (CUSS) in Yaoundé, Cameroon and served as a general practitioner for seven years. In normal circumstances, he does not merit the beauty of Tai Wei. One would think he is allergic to growth, or one could think that he was suffering from a bone disease that made him shrink in height, but he was more than a dwarf or perhaps like a midget. Ping wi does not like dogs, but Tai Wei has chihuahua called Babwell. It was more like a squirrel than a dog. It barked like a sun bird. When the neighbor’s German shepherd is taking a stroll outside, it runs outside at the German shepherd, but it will just push it with its head as if saying.  “You lack any place for anyone to bite you.” Its waist was like that of a house fly, and its legs were like those of an ant. Nonetheless, Tai Wei had a sticker on her door: “Beware: Wild Dog.” Hahahahaaha.
Tai Wei’s meals all came from either Chick Fil’l or some outside restaurant because she does not cook at home. Ping Wi washed the dishes and took the dog out while her third son sad idling on the living room sofa. It would seem they had a timetable for pounding and grinding. Immediately as she came back home, she signaled Ping Wi who went upstairs with her to fulfill her needs. Ping Wi was either with a book or two, reading for his medical board exam. Perhaps once he has his license, she will be forced to look for husband number 4 or boyfriend number 24.
Good treatment is like a magnet; it pulls people around you because everyone is addicted to it. A man or a woman stays forever depending on the amount of love he or she gets. Love begets love, and love is an exhibition of respect. The fact that Ping Wi does not have a job now because he just newly came to the US should not be given the misnomer of dogkeeper. Don’t treat your partner like a hireling or maid simply because of their condition. Don’t have pets that your partner does not like. Learn to entice your man with the meal from your kitchen, girl.
Many African and western women have gotten themselves some good men, but the way they treated the men when they were nothing made the men lose appetite staying with them once they were something or when their feet touched the ground. You cannot act like a porcupine the entire time, yet you expect the man or woman to come and sleep beside you like a sheep. Do you know any women who went home and brought a man whose man has run away? Examine the treatment the women gave them. It is the same thing with western women who get themselves an African man who lacks papers. They treat the man so badly that once he has those papers, he regards it as a miracle of freedom.  Nevertheless, I do sympathize with Tai Wei because she is doing all for a good man, but her character is letting her down.
Until then, Tai Wei should change character rather than change men


Prince and PA Hamilton Ayuk

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash, it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Mister Musa’s Children: Mijangchi

He was the second son of Wei Musa and Krin Musa when they were working in Foumban; in the western province of Cameroon. When he was going to the US, his father gave him this warning, "It is not everyone who checks on you who has good intentions; some are anxiously wishing for bad news." Therefore, do not tell all your secrets to anyone. When his driver’s license expired again, he went to renew it, but they refused because they said he was not seeing well. He was asked to see an ophthalmologist with proper documentation that he has been treated. He sped to see one who charged him about $1,500 because he did not have insurance. He went to Dollar General, tried about 30 of the 200 pairs of glasses that were on the shelves to see which one corrected his sight. Gracefully, he found one and took it to the Driver License office. The officer asked him if he had seen a doctor that fast. He nodded. This time they did not ask him to show documents, but they immediately put him on the machine to read the alphabet. He did and his license was renewed.
He then left and went to renew his tag, but his car was not passing emission. So he visited a man of God to take some luck. Thence, he took his expired emission certificate to the DMV, and surprisingly the receptionist gave it a "passed," and his tag was renewed.
However, luck at times does not follow people every day when what they are getting away with has an element of crime. He neither had health insurance nor whatsoever insurance, though he had the means to do so. He bought every new shirt and competed for the beautiful women. After eating too much stock fish and goat meat from a make shift beer-parlor, he had serious toothache. He went to the dentist who informed him about the cost of extracting the decayed tooth because it had a deep cavity. The cost gave him more headache and palpitations. He asked the dentist to show him his tools, so he could make sure they were real tools. The apparati looked just like a pair of pliers, a chisel and a hammer. He and his friends absconded from the dentistry that he did not have money, though he had more than $10.000 sitting in his account.
He begged one of his friends if he could extract the tooth for him. The colluder chiseled and hammered it. As the tooth was coming out, it took its brother and the chisel even missed the molar and took out an incisor. Then he screamed and his friend shrieked with a question: “did I cut off your tongue?”  "No, but I don’t know how many teeth you finally took out.” He yelled back. He was bleeding so profusely that they had to call an ambulance to take him to the same hospital he deserted. He was treated and two of his teeth replaced, costing almost five times the previous outlay he was avoiding.
Oh Mijangchi, why do you make much money, yet  you have no life and health insurances? Why do you always want to beat the law, even when you have the means to cover yourself? Why do you go for contractual or Doki marriage when you could genuinely get married? You were lucky this time, but next time you may leave your head behind.
Until then, some laws we beat today would catch us tomorrow.

Hamilton Ayuk

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Mister Musa’s Children - Akiritu

Akiritu was child number 1 born to Wei Musa and Krin Musa while they were serving in Fontem Sub Division, Manyu division. They then moved to Mamfe when Wei Musa was transferred as the adviser to the SDO. As luck may have it, he was the first to venture into the US. He over stayed his visa. Until now, he does not consider himself illegal because he did not enter illegally. He merely overstayed his visa. Nonetheless, to avoid embarrassment from overzealous immigration officers, he decided to go the route of dating for papers. His first woman was too wise for him. After they had saved enough money, she cried foul and he was thrown out of the house, losing the house and cars they bought. She had asked him to marry her, but he was refusing because she was pregnant. She said,  "If that is the case, I will fall down the stairs, and I will miscarry."
He was still not appeased. He left for a second with whom they moved to Atlanta. In Atlanta, they went to Downtown off Pryor Street where the immigration office is located and filed another petition for legal papers to stay in the US. Do not forget this word Downtown because you may soon need it. Each time Akiritu annoys Lashonda Shashonda, she will say "I am going to Downtown." Akiritu has bought Lashonda a car which she does not need to pay any car note, yet she could neither put gasoline into the car nor even put mere engine oil.
Akiritu has taken a name: Peter-James that she could pronounce easily. “Peter, I am right now off Cleveland Avenue, and my car just died down. Can you come get me right now (pause), Please?” Akiritu was a cab driver and was taking some clients to the airport. She calls again the second time, “Where are you? Mother fu..k.r? I just died down in the street. If I don’t’ see you now in the next 30 Minutes, I will just walk to Downtown.” Akiritu hurriedly dropped his passengers and rushed to Cleveland Ave only to realize the car stopped because the engine oil was finished. “Hey Peter, you gotta put some gas too “She ordered. “I don’t have money.” Peter stubbornly replied. “How come you don’t have money?” She questioned. “I will pass by your mother’s place when I come home today.”Akiritu promises.
This seems to be very tough for Akiritu especially because at the same time letters are coming from home asking him why he is not sending money like all others are doing. Finally, the immigration called them for an interview, and the lady pretends to be terribly sick. Why should she go when she knows if Peter has papers it would be weeding her green grass?
At the same time, Peter flirts with other ladies and meets Tammy. Tammy tells him at once, if you don’t have papers, I will help you. Akiritu imagines his sufferings coming to an end. He has made all sorts of kontri fashions to purify himself from any curse to no avail. This was his manna from heaven. “I did not even ask her, she proposed it to me.” He muttered to himself. “What a miracle?” He exclaimed. “Now I can tell Lashonda to kiss my A…” He boasted!
Lashonda called him and complained, “My car is down and gas is finished inside. Please, when coming bring some gas.” “I don’t have gas!” Akiri replied. “What?” She asks in utter bewilderment. “I don’t have gas. Am I Citgo or Racetrack? Don’t you know where Quicktrip is?” Akiri replied, this time with more impetus. “Well, I guess I just have to walk to Downtown.” She terrorized. “Don’t walk, Lashonda. You should run. You can even wait, I am coming to give you a ride to Uptown or whatever you call it.” He flouted her. She is appalled. Peter has never been that defiant. She thought to herself. Something should be wrong. She called her mother who came to her succor with gas.
Akiritu moved in with Tammy, though he has signed marital papers with Lashonda. They went to church and on their way back, a car slightly rammed into their back bumper in a way that even a fly will not feel the pain. Tammy runs out of the car and started to hold her waist and him holding his back. As she was dramatizing it, a car came from behind (as if saying: since you want to cry better cry now) and this time truly knocked her down, pulled her about twenty meters breaking part of her head and her left leg. Immediately as he saw the police coming, he started to hold his back and called for an ambulance, behaving as though he could not walk.
The police officer was questioning him about his insurance when a mischievous wind came from nowhere, blew off his insurance papers and other car particulars. Looking at the seriousness of not having insurance on the accident site as an illegal immigrant; Akiritu dove after the papers, as they flew across the road. Akiri pursued them until he caught them and brought the papers to the officer. The police soliloquized: “Isn’t him who was holding his back a few minutes ago as if he was dying. He turned to Akiri and said: “I can perceive you do no more need an ambulance. If you do you will be arrested for faking.” “No sir, this little exercise has made me well. I am fine officer.” Akiri replied. You smile don’t you?
Tammy now has scars all over her body. Akiritu and Tammy claimed the insurance money and when things began falling apart; Tammy hired hitmen to deal with Akiritu to settle him. He was shot on the head twice, but he survived. Tammy seeing she could go down, she accused him for raping the daughter. He was arrested, locked up, bailed and now lives on bond with a friend. This is the tale of Akiritu.
Until then, corruption begets corruption.

Hamilton Ayuk


“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Why Did God Prohibit the Young Prophet from Eating and Drinking in Town?

“Why Did God prohibit the Man of God to eat or drink water nor use the same road. Or why the other prophet had to go through all the pains to prophet-lie in order to bring him back and lure him to eat and the prophecy against him from the Lord.
Now the real question I was having. It is from 1 Kings 13: The man of God from Judah. All my life as I started going through the Bible, I've never understood the real sense and purpose of what happened there. The part of his proclaimed message against King Jeroboam and the altar is understood. What I don't understand is what is the message behind it all. I've always felt there is something behind it but I don't know what”.

The passage is from 1 Kings 13: 1-34. The Man of God prophesies and King Jeroboam attempts his arrest. His hand dries up. Immediately the things that he had prophesied came to pass and the others will fulfill after his death. This created fear in the King. Because worship was more physical than spiritual, most people needed physical signs to believe the word of God like the case of Hezekiah (2 Kings 20:8-11).
This was not the first time that a king tried to challenge the prophet of God and they end up begging for mercy. Pharaoh tried it with Moses (Ex 8:8, 28; 9:28). King Zedekiah sent a delegation: Jehucal and Zepheniah to plead the Lord (Jer 37:3) and Simon the Sorcerer implored Peter to sell the power of the Holy Spirit to him (Acts 8:24).
Remember that there were other prophets in town whom God had stopped using because they were corrupted by the king. The normal tactic was to blind the prophet with gifts. Although it was the custom of the people to see the man of God with gifts (I Sam 9:7), the men of God avoided those gifts because since the time of the desert, children of God were prohibited from taking those gifts that inherently were bribes for they blinded the eye (Ex 23:8; Deut 16:19). Naaman tried to give to Elisha, he refused but his servant: Gehazi came behind and collected the gifts. He later became leprous (2 Kings 5:15-27). Balaam refused Balak’s suitcase of money (Num 22:18; 24:13). Jeroboam consecrated priests from anyone who could give him gifts (2 Chr 13:9). Most men of God today can no more speak for God because they are blinded by the gifts of the rich in our churches. They will know you and your family better if you give tithes and offerings.
So the fact that a prophet comes from out of town provokes jealousy and enforced the notion that the prophets in town were far from God. The man of God tells them that before he came there, God had given him an edict not to eat or drink anything from that place (V. 9). That was one of two reasons; since Jeroboam was using food and drinks to corrupt the prophets, the new and young prophet will escape that trap. Secondly, their sins had defiled the place and eating anything defiled will cause his defilement too.
When the children of the old prophet told him what had transpired, he was bent at still making himself the greatest. The man of God made two serious mistakes: he listened to the old prophet than God. Even if an angel came to tell you to go away from God do not go (Gal 1:8) because Satan could transform himself to an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14). Furthermore, he believed in an erring prophecy. Prophecy that goes against the word of God is not from God (Deut 13:1-4).
Once the man of God rejected the word of the Lord, the Lord rejected him from being prophet anymore (I Sam 15:26). A similar situation occurred again in the Bible where the man of God asked someone to smite him but he refused and the man of God prophesied that immediately as he left him a lion would slay him and as soon as he left a lion did slay him (I Kings 20:35-43). He wanted an opportunity to receive an audience before the king. Remember that kings who thought a prophet did not like them did not want to hear from them.
The Old Prophet was the falling occasion of the young prophet like Judas was the occasion for Jesus’ betrayal. That would have proven the commitment and adherence of the young prophet. The lion killed him but did not kill neither his horse nor did it tear apart his body. The Lion stood there to protect the body because the body of the man of God cannot be defiled. The anointed of the Lord should not be touched. Though he had a mishap but he was still the anointed of the Lord. God could use an ass like he did to Balaam. So using back the Old prophet to speak to the young prophet was not out of the ordinary. It was just that the old establishment has been corrupt and they did not go in but do not want any other person to go in like Jesus told the Pharisees (Mt 23: 13). However, once you reject the word of God, He will reject you too (2 Chr 7:19-20; 2 Chr 15:2).
Until then, take note of the last sentence; that is the lesson of all time!
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Should the Church Discipline 6 months marital couple who deliver a baby?

What is the position of the church if a member gives birth 7 months after they got married? Nowadays “judgment is turned away backwards, and justice stands afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter”. In this scenario it could mean the sister and brother had sinned by having premarital sex before they wedded. Find out if the lady brought the pregnancy into the home. If she did and the man has accepted her then church has no question. In that case the woman would be disciplined alone. But if they had it together, she got pregnant and put to birth before their marriage then it would have been clear that they were living in sin. But since they got married before she put to birth, then the sin should be forgiven because they just righted their wrongs. It does not mean it is not a sin because they got married. No, it is! Nonetheless, since they did not stay in sin and the church is against fornication they should be given some light discipline to serve as an example to the Christians to know that such behaviors are unacceptable. They should be guided and counseled to restoration.
Remember the reason why the church and many strike on sexual sins more than any other sins is because whosever sins sexually sins against their own bodies (I Cor 6:18). In addition, it is more visible than let’s say lies telling; you will need to catch a person frequently telling lies. It does not put sexual sins on a higher pedestal. Now, pertaining to any other situation that warrants discipline, I will like you to consider the following below.
Let me state here that the reason why many marriages fall apart is because they began on cheating: having premarital sex or having sex without the permission and blessings of God. The onus is whether they should be disciplined or not. One would have thought about the disciplinary procedures of the church. I am conscious certain disciplines were and are unreasonable.
In a situation like this, many questions would be asked. Was it a one time affair, or was it that they were living in sin. If it was a one time affair then they are covered by their daily repentance. Jesus teaches that we should forgive a brother who wrongs you and repents 490 times a day (Mt 18:22; Lk 17:3-4). That was in case of personal sin. The sinner should show remorse (Lk 15:21; Mt 18:4 -poor tax collector). But, if this was a continuous thing then they should be disciplined. It is the second posture that preoccupies this lesson. But the question many ask today is “if God has forgiven them why should the church hold them accountable? Who amongst us doesn’t sin”? God judges with equity (Is 11:4) and He has set a time when he will judge the earth.
In the Old Testament (OT), before the advent of Jesus, God judged sinned first by himself while in other occasions he left if for the congregation. Five incidences come to mind: Molten Calf Incident (Ex 32:8-35), The Ground that swallowed sinners Incident (Num 16: 29-35), Fiery Serpent Incident (Num 21:5-9), Ai Incident (Jos 7:1-24) and the Baalpeor and Phinehas Thrust Incident (Num 25: 1-9). Judgment was more physical than spiritual because worship was physical.
Before the coming of Jesus sin was judged by God and by the community. If your sin found you out like the case of Achan, the punishment was different. During the time of Jesus, sin was judged merely by him. After his departure, sin was judged by God and the church. When Jesus came he managed sin differently. He advocated for equitable judgment rather than abolition of judgment (Ps 98:9). Jesus did not discipline sinners because those who were charging the sinners and trying to discipline sin were doing it with a “thou art a holier” attitude. That is the more reason Jesus used the approach he used with the woman caught in flagrant adultery (Jn 8:7). In sins where people could make restitution he permitted it (Lk 19:8).
Furthermore, he could take away their sins himself directly. He could forgive them without any mediation or sacrifice so when he left, people who say they are Christians were to emulate his example. Living in sin would not be a good example. Yet there seems to worry many why the reaction to Ananias and Saphirra is different from today. That was the beginning of the church. The church has gone through its mid stages and now coming closer to the end of its journey on earth. As such, the patience of God seems to increase with man as we approach the end times. Nevertheless, he will judge all evil committed on earth. Yet there poses a problem when people say do not judge.
If the Bible was against Christians judging (disciplining) each other then the Bible is very contradictory because in Matthew it says: “don’t judge” and in I Corinthians Paul tells them “judge those within”. How are we going to fulfill I Cor 5:12-13 if we don’t judge? “Judge” as used in Matthew 7:1 means to condemn or call to question with sanctions from the Greek /krino/. Both in Matthew and in I Corinthians, the word has the same meaning. Visiting the proceeding verses in Matthew 7:1, we extract the meaning. Jesus explains the context. Remember verse one is a topic sentence. Hence, the problem here is not the act of judging but the method of judging. Then in verse three, he illustrates with an analogy how judgment should be implemented.
During the time of Jesus, sin was judged merely by him. After his departure sin was judged by God and the church. But if God has forgiven the fallen Christian why should the church hold them responsible many ask. The church is not supposed to discipline someone simply because they fall in sin. The church disciplines Christians who live like pagans and heathens; in other words, Christians who live in perpetual sin. The type of lifestyle condemned amongst the Hebrews (Heb 10:26) and the Corinthians (Rom 6;1-16). For example: shacking up is living in perpetual sin; it is not falling in sin. Falling in sin is a demonstration of our fallen nature. If we have the nature of sin (flesh Gal 5:19-21) in us why should anyone be punished I pet 1:16.
While on earth Jesus had to solution for sin as head of the church and One who had power to deal with it. But when he left, the church is given guidelines on how to deal with sin. That is the guideline to follow.
Moreover, matters amongst Christians should be settled by Christians except if wisdom fails in the entire group (I Cor 6:1-8). The church has authority over the Christians (Mt 16:19; Jn 20:23). Consequently, the decision of the church over its Christians was supposed to be final. Hellas, today even Christians prefer the courts to settle their differences.

Disciplinary Ground Rules
There are ground rules and procedure to follow before any Christian is disciplined. Try to convert those who err from the truth (Jas 5:19-20). Rebuke people who are living in sin openly (1 Tim 5:20; Titus 1: 12-13; Gal 2:11-14). Those to be disciplined and excommunicated are those who reject calls to transform their lives (Mt 18:15-17). People could not be disciplined on basis of rumors (Deut 19:15). During discipline: excommunicate the defaulter but don’t make him/her an enemy (2 Thes 3:14-15). Avoid perpetual sinners (Rom 16:17). Then if they are too be restored the church should do that in meekness (Gal 6:1).
Until then, may we desire holiness as our Father is Holy.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

What Type of relationship are you in?

Many people are in different relationships. Some of you have boyfriends who beat you either with words or hands, and others have women who are televisions and radios; they yap and nag all day long. Are those good relationships? Others have friends with benefits while others are always giving but never receiving anything. Behold, I introduce to you the different relationships. I will describe the different types and let you see which one you are in and which one is the best.

The first type is predator relationship. There are some of you out there like predators. I mean those who sleep with women, get them pregnant and run away. These women should not open their legs just anyhow and to whomever. They are generally called sperm donors and debtbeat dads or absentee dads. There are those who scam gullible women and ignoramuses. There are government officials and police officers in Africa who extort money and sex from the populace. They are predators. Then those university students who are now armed robbers because they graduated and cannot find work. Or you keep a child in your house and when she thinks she is a grown up and wants to leave, she accuses you of slavery. Another example: you take a friend of yours into your home and later the theobroma cacao of your wife becomes his. That is predator relationship! There are women out there called golddiggers. They use men as their preys for their wealth. After they squeezed everything off you, they drop you down like a rotten mango. They are predators.

The second is called consumer or heterotroph relationship. This is the type for people who get up in the morning, watch TV with popcorn by their side, then go on the internet with ice-cream beside them, eat everything edible, drink all the beer in the house, take a shower, and go to bed without doing anything. The husband or wife is their jackass. They do not do anything. All they do is watch Desperate Housewife, Jerry Springer, sports and listen to Howard Stern. Then they try to act it out in a super market. Actually, the fact of having consumers in the house makes you work harder, and the society keeps needing. The presence of needs is what makes the society to keep trying because producers have to keep working. So actually they are not that too bad since they make you work harder.You smile; don't you? One person foots all the bills in the house, but the other does not seem to even care. No wonder the one footing the bills looks like stockfish because the trouble of living with you is good enough to help them lose weight.

The third is the host relationship. This is a relationship where one person takes in people into his or her home. Most of us have kept many people in our homes for years. This is an opportunity to stack blessings in heaven. Sometimes you do not need to wait until you reach heaven. I kept someone and when I lost my job, he turned and hosted me for more than a year for free. He was my host. Everybody should leave their doors open. However, there is another type of host we call serial dater whose lollipop or candy is sucked or licked by even strangers anywhere anytime. He or she has an open door policy! You just tell them where you live, and they will be your guest. At that time, you are a host. Look at you playing host now. You do know one or two like that.

The fourth is the symbiotic relationship. This is an interdependent relationship between two different people. See, the fact that you are divorced means you and your spouse were different. This is the type of relationship where two people: a man and his ex wife are still living together though divorced due to the cost of divorce or difficulty in selling the home. The man goes in and out with other ladies, and the woman does same. Or the people are divorced, but they still  bump and grind together.

The fifth relationship is called commensalism. This is a relationship between two people in which one person is helped and the other is neither helped nor harmed. This is where the sugar daddies and sugar mommas come in. The cougars also fall into this category. Another example is neighbors who visit because they do not have cable TV. They come and watch the TV and go away. Or people to whom you give rides. They obtain the ride and then go away. You really do not benefit anything in that relationship, but they are not hurting you in anyway.  You can also have a woman to whom you  show all the love, but she doe snot replicate back because she does not want to be hurt. This is  a dead end relationship.

The sixth is the prey relationship. Some people have made themselves earthworms that they are now prey to everyone. Everybody wants to eat them up. I mean those men and women who sleep in every corner. You are a prey. For some women, their legs will only be closed when they are dead because they have taken the specialty of spreading them to the highest bidder, and then they argue that they cannot help it. You see, if you don’t want vultures to eat you, you shouldn’t die. Actually, preys are necessary because we cannot have a world of only predators. Take for example; if the brothels were closed, some women will never have a real man touch them.

The seventh is the decomposer relationship. This is an organism that breaks down and gains nutrients from dead organisms. These are the pastors who pretend to be healing but are stealing from the poor. They are like most pastors today! In other words; they die spiritually to benefit from these faithful people who truly want to give to God.  These are also the masseuse who massage you until they suck nectar or lick ambrosia from your thoebroma cacao.

The parasite relationship is the eighth. This is an organism which feeds on (but usually does not kill) a larger organism. These are the type of people who live on others. He never buys you a drink. When you ask him for one, he becomes a Born Again and offers the excuse: "you know that I am now a Christian, so I don’t drink,” but when he was drinking yours, he was not a Christian. He is only one when he has to buy. The type of men and women who date for money and when things are hard, they run away, or the type of men and women who though married, still have sanchos and sanchas; thereby cuckolding the man or woman. When you have money, they are all by your side; calling you all the titles on earth and singing your praises as the best human being they have ever met. Parasites are actually good because they feed on the ego of braggarts and braggadocios. They make their victims feel important.

The ninth type is called producer or autotroph relationship. These are the type of people who get up in the morning, go to work; toil day and night trying to put food on the table, clothes on the backs and shoes on their feet and those of the needy. These are the people who actually do things than they speak. However, they over work that they do not have time to actually date or maintain a relationship, talk less of working on one serious one. This too is very dysfunctional!

The tenth type is called mutualism. This is the type of relationship where both benefit. This is what every relationship should be about. I do not understand why two illegal immigrants get married rather than using a stone to shoot two birds; love and legality. While both of you are benefiting from love, at least you are having papers too.This is the type of relationship where both strive for the relationship to work. They cover their eyes to trifles and concentrate on the big picture. This type actually strives for love and the couples live longer too.

Until then, a good relationship benefits both partners.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

Is it Biblical for Christians to do In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

A Christian sister used In Vitro Fertilization to bear her first child because she was nearing menopause without a child. The church dis...