Friday, February 6, 2009

To Manyu People and Southern Cameroonians

It is time for Cameroonians to call a spade a spade and leave this thing about Northwest and Southwest or SDF and CPDM or Francophone and Anglophone alone. That which drove the North westerners out also drove the South Westerners out. That which drove the Anglophones out is also driving the Francophones out. They all have a common enemy: bad governance. So this is not the time to leave the parliamentarians in their selfish stupor.
I had been in CPDM before and left. When I came to the US when Sesekou Joe Mbu was intending to run they asked us to help secure him votes. The question I asked was: “what are we going to gain in all of this”. That is when they told me that the party could accommodate our desire for dual citizenship. If for years nothing is said and done about it means that, the party does not really care about us. Now that is us in Diaspora.
Look at the Manyu people; how many years have they been crying for a road and what have they gotten? Nothing! Now look at Southern Cameroons and tell me what they have benefited from the Biya regime. Well, look around the whole country and tell me what the young people have benefited from the CPDM regime. Not a fly! If nothing has been done it simply means the party and government do not care about them. The question is: why are the Manyu people still in CPDM after all these years of empty promises and rhetoric?
People say well you are leaving the CPDM for which party: SDF? We are not obliged to stay in a political party. We are not condemned to live in the union if we are being neglected. When a child is neglected by the father it usually goes out to look for green pastures. Why are we still singing the same sad song of Mamfe has no roads for the past 25 years?
Manyu people, wake up, stop complaining that: “the Bamenda people are playing a game and Biya is developing their area”. By not joining CPDM does not mean we are joining SDF. When I hear people say that we need to vote CPDM for Biya to see us we make ourselves laughingstocks. We have been voting but he has never bothered anyway. We are like the little primary school kids who stood under the rain and sun; waiting and singing:
I saw Paul Biya in the New Country
He was riding in his car
He was riding in his limousine
In the name of Republic of Cameroon.
When Biya came the poor little kids did not even see him because he did not have their time. He stayed put in his limousine and did not even wave to recognize those miserable voices whose teachers have punished under those harsh conditions to sing for him.
Look, even little kids knew that British Cameroon was a new country and that has been like that hitherto. If not what explanation do you give why we do not have a road in Mamfe? What reason do you give for Akwaya not to even have a footpath? We are bilingual as a country but until now not every government document has English on it. Until now not every government official speaks English. Until today the English speakers are still being referred to as Biafra.

A Road to Mamfe

I really pity the Southern Cameroonians who sit and fight amongst themselves. The North Westerners say they want the post of prime minister and the south westerners say they want the same position. The Republic of Cameroon is no more practicing the Foumban constitution where the president and prime minister cannot come from the same language (French/English) area. Why can't a Southern Cameronian become the president? When we moved into the unitary state we annulled the Foumban constitution and when we reconverted to Republic we did away with the unitary state. Thus we have the tendency to live now as a Federal Republic but whose member states do not have a part to play. In every federation the member states are free to leave if the terms and treatment do not suit them. And for now, the terms and treatment that the Southern Cameroonians are receiving do not suit us as Manyu people and we must leave. Yes, we must leave!
Manyu people, we are closer to the Oguni people and so may learn a thing or two from them. They have forced Nigerian government and oil companies to think of them without minding who is licking the boots of the government for what reason. They have not obtained everything they wanted but they have moved a step forward. Why do Southern Cameroonians still allow oil to flow from Sonara while they do not benefit anything? Why do the Eyumojock people still allow timber companies to exploit their trees?
Nonetheless, we are wolves to ourselves. Look royalties are being paid to the council in Kembong for Timber. So why are there still schools in Eyumokock without benches? The Parliamentarian and Mayor are benefiting from it and leaving the people in cold. Eyumojock people rise up and challenge the Mayor and Parliamentarian. Why are you mortgaging the future of your kids into the hands of a few greedy people?
If a young man got up in the village to challenge the oppressor he will be betrayed by the very villagers for selfish reasons. And in the morning gendarmes will come to pick him up. Young people let me tell you this; it is better to live a day as a lion than a thousand days as a cockroach. Look at what the future holds for you and act accordingly. After all, to die slowly and painfully is worst than dieing fast and furious from bullets. Furthermore, death is a lottery everyone has won; you just need for your number to be picked. Therefore, fear not those who can kill your bodies and not your souls. Fear not those who oppress and repress you. Change is heralded all over the world. You better seize the opportunity and live or you do not and remain in your shackles and manacles forever.
Until then, long live the Manyu people, and long live Cameroon.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Go for the person who loves you most and not the one you love most for the one you love most may not give you the love you need most because though love is blind marriage is an eye-opener” (Hamilton Ayuk).

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