Sunday, February 8, 2009


There was a Christian widow who lived in the kingdom of  Ntenako. She prayed and cried to God diurnally for all her trials and temptations. She counted on God to raise up her nine children. The family kept their noses to the grindstone thanks to the farms her late husband bequeathed them after he died. Then a villager who could buy any land in the village that he wanted came. He bribed the chief and quarter heads to a point where they were all blind to his avarice. He knew that the villagers were poor, so he exploited their poverty and bought their land. Some of the villagers had relatives abroad who came back and asked the man to return their land. He did not open his mouth; instead he brandished the contract and land title.

He has bought almost all land in the village, and it was now left for Mafunbdem’s arable land that was in the middle of the village. He sent the councilors to talk to her that her land was an eyesore to the beauty of the village. She will have to sell it or lose it. Slowly, most villagers realized that they were soon going to be strangers in their own village. The little children growing up had no land and will be forced to migrate out of the village or go deeper into neighbor’s land. Many of them were looking at Mafundem and wondering how she will resist the incontestable Sam Meghemeh. She will look up and say: “It is God who drives the flies on a tailless cow”.

The man engineered the village people to take Mafundem to court, but she won her case. The village tried to sabotage her, but they still didn’t succeed. The man decided he will take the land by force. Mafundem reminded the man that the rat must die if it insisted on eating groundnuts that is bottled and corked. The man was never daunted; rather it buoyed his courage to seize the land. Finally, they framed Mafumdem up for killing someone who fell and died from a palm tree in the bush besides Mafundem’s farm. She died a few months later in jail.

Sam Meghemeh decided to take the land with no challenge and built a wonderful and magnificent cocoa processing center. The man had seven children. The first went to play in a rainy day in a shallow gutter, and he drowned. The second went to the farm one day but did not come back and until today, no one has seen her. The third was sitting in front of their house when a black mamba came and bit him. By the time they made First Aid and take the child to Mamfe, the child had died. The fourth was playing soccer in the field when thunder and lightening struck, and he was the lone human casualty.

Rumors invaded the village that he was selling his kids to Nyungu to get rich. He denied and swore medicine to clear his name. Then the fifth was knocked down by a car in front of his door . On the day they were making her funeral, the side of the house where the last born was sleeping collapsed and killed her. His sixth child decided to hang himself because he could not take it all.

The divination juju: Obasinjom answered and invited the villagers to the town square. Obasinjom revealed to the villagers that Mafundem was merely framed for the death of Mbi Newen. Obasinjom told them that the widow’s force cannot be contained. That until he restituted the land or its equivalent, he will loose all; including his own life. The village chief was advised to call her children and ask for forgiveness.

It was a warning to all the Sam Meghemehs who seize things from the Mafundems just because they cannot defend themselves. The poor may not have someone physically behind them, but they have an invisible Ally with them. Those who keep looking for trouble against the innocent will someday meet their match. God makes the weak a rock that the storm, no matter how much dust it raises would not budge. This time around, Sam Meghemeh has met his match: God. Those who cry before God when they are attacked laugh before men even when they are long dead.

Until then, the law may not always defend the poor, but God will.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Go for the person who loves you most and not the one you love most for the one you love most may not give you the love you need most because though love is blind marriage is an eye-opener” (Hamilton Ayuk).

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