Sunday, February 1, 2009

Is It A Bad Thing To Lend Money to People?

God does not encourage us to lend money to poor people with interest (Ex 22: 25). One was always to lend to their kin as much as they wanted and they could (Deut 15:8). If your brother became poor destitute then you will lodge him for free so he recovers. In addition we should not lend anything to him that he has to pay back more than he took (Lev 25:35-38). Why are we taxing people who live with us then? One could not lend to his kin anything with the intention to make profit (Deut 23:19-20). Though it does not seem we should do same to people we do not know. I guess this covers banks as financial institutions since they are lending to strangers. Those who were borrowing from strangers were cursed because if one is blessed they will lend and not borrow (Deut 28:44).

I always challenge my American friends who blame the Whiteman or government for their predicament that there is no reason why an expatriate comes here, goes to school and gets a better job while you live under abject poverty as a dropout. Those could be symptoms of a curse; to be wretched while the expatriate flourishes.
Only wicked people borrow and do not pay back (Ps 37:21).

A friend of mine told me he was buying a home and he encouraged me to do same too. His arguments were that by the time I finished paying the mortgage the Lord must have come and we will be absolved of the debts. I guess the coming of the Lord means a lot of things to many people.

Think about the fact that you are going to church everyday and have the means to pay your creditors but you do not do that. Rather you are going on vacations, buying new clothes and shoes, eating out, and going to movies even though you owe people. Do not postpone to pay your debts if you have the means to do so (Prov 3:27-28). Would you say you are a righteous or a wicked person? If you cannot pay the money do not stand as cosigner? Be ready to pay back if the borrower cannot pay back (Proverbs 22:26-27. Don’t make your riches from usury (Prov 28:8).

Owe nobody anything if it all depended on you (Rom 13:8). The fact that Jesus did not condemn those who borrowed in any of his parables (Mt 25:14-30; Lk. 7:41-43) but condemned the collection methods, perhaps shows that borrowing is not a sin.
However, debts are not only limited to money. A promise is a debt (Prov 6:1-2). If you make a promise, keep it. Doing good is a debt we should pay on time to all.

Considering that the love of money is the root of all evil, people should avoid monetary situations that could rupture their relationships. For example; lending to your wife will strain your relationship if she does not pay back. A man should give to his wife and not lend. Lending to your best friend will strain your relationship if he does not pay back Therefore, rather than lend to them give to them cheerfully as you can what you know if they do not pay back it will not be a problem to you.

Consequently, to avoid entering into debts you must learn to save before you spend. Take a look at the ants: they safe in good weather so that when perilous times come they use what they stored not to face the invasion of Mr. Want in future (Prov 6:6-11). Debts in general are not good because the borrower is a slave to the lender (Prov 22:7). Christians should refrain from entering into debts.

Until then, avoid debts as much as possible.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

“Go for the person who loves you most and not the one you love most for the one you love most may not give you the love you need most because though love is blind marriage is an eye-opener” (Hamilton Ayuk).

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