Monday, February 23, 2009

I will be in Abeyance from Feb 28- May 31

Dear Readers,
Thank you all for reading and for all the questions you have always sent to me. I will be in abeyance in all my forums till the end of the month of May. In case you write me and I do not reply, do not think I have ignored you. Not at all; I am sorting out certain things and will be back very soon. However, if you have an urgent question don’t hesitate to send it my way. If I cannot reply I will ask any other person who can do that. My hibernation from forums starts Feb. 28 and ends May 31. There are many articles that you probably have not read in this blog. Please go through and check them out.
Until then, may the good Lord bless you.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk
“No matter how a rat becomes the house pet, if it is sleeping beside the bag of groundnuts the owner may not have much sleep. ” (Hamilton Ayuk)."If a goat runs from the owner’s leash it will be tied by the council in a market square" Hamilton Ayuk).

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