Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Parasites of Change.

How ludicrous it sounds that Cameroonians and Africans are excited to pay $300.00 per table for the Obama inaugural to sit and identify themselves with the change that others have brought BUT they refuse to bring change in their own countries.
Cameroon Diaspora was given the golden opportunity to make a statement by rejecting the amendment of the constitution to prevent Comrade Biya from running in 2011 but they sold that opportunity for change for pottage. I did not know that we are excited about change. The majority of the white establishment was tired of having the same failed system that rather than bring them joy and prosperity has inflicted them with pain and poverty, stripped them bare naked from world leadership and made them a laughingstock to little known states.
Cameroon fits well in that analogy. Almost every system presently in Cameroon is in sham and shambles. From education to the judiciary, social deportment to psychological identity Cameroon is an eyesore. Cameroonians and Africans identify themselves with foreign countries than their own countries. We have been in the longest recession a country could experience. Yet, we saw it fit to encourage Comrade Biya to run for another term. How embarrassing that we are squeezing into the change of others like parasites. Yes, parasites we are; living off others! While you sit on any of those tables let your consciences silently cry Parasite I am!
Well, it is not late. When you come out of that place, reassemble quickly and send a mail to Comrade Biya and urge ELECAM to be independent like Pakistan, Ghana, and other places where democracy was in the pockets of others.
Note that whether you do it or not change shall come. Change does not bargain with the forces of repression. It may tarry but it shall come to pass! The whirlwind of change is blowing everywhere; we must change or change will change us but this time forcefully and bitterly. No one has ever won the battle against change. At times it is a protracted war of attrition but it definitely has a bittersweet end because the society is not an automaton but a horse; if pressed too hard it will rebel against its oppressors this time with such impunity that takes no prisoners.
Therefore, people of Cameroon and Africa; rejoice not in the change that others have brought for most of you did not contribute to any of it. After all; the number of you with the American franchise is too Lilliputian to have brought this meaningful change. Where you have the numbers and franchise to change the forces of regression and backwardness is in Cameroon and Africa. It is not a bad thing to drink from wells that others have dug but learn to dig yours so that when you leave this world you mush have contributed to some meaningful change to say the least.

Until then, Parasites enjoy the change of others!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk
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