Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is the Black Race Cursed?

I have heard this same argument for a long time and have written articles per the arguments raised. This time, the crux of my discourse will be dismantling the assertion that God cursed Cain and “put a mark upon him, which is the flat nose and black skin” as stated by Brigham Young. It is expedient that we take time to reconsult the passage of the said allegation: Genesis 4: 1-16. There is neither anywhere in this passage indicating that God flattened his nose nor did He recolor him black. To have a better grasp of the passage, we will look at the punishment for Cain and try to make some horizontal hermeneutics.
Firstly, let me say that there is only one race: Homo sapiens (the human being). As you know, the setting for this story is on the borders of Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey because of the landmarks of the four rivers: Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates (Gen 2:8-14). Eden was located on the north of Rivers Tigris and Euphrates, and the north of these rivers is Turkey then our immediate setting is Turkey. Modern History and Archaeology teach you that Homo sapiens came from Africa. That means, when God had created Mankind, he then created a garden a little bit further around the twin rivers to serve as playground for them. If you believe the history of the Bible is infallible and authentic, then the first man: Adam and the first woman: Eve whom God created were not put in another garden but in Eden, and Eden has been shown to you. Thenceforth, they migrated through their descendants to fill the earth. Therefore, every human being: living or dead came from the same physical parents (Adam and Eve) and from one Maker: God from Egypt before scattering worldwide. God did not make man in the garden of Eden; he merely placed him there when he wanted him to have a place to play.

Secondly, not to belabor this point we concur with biological empiricism that skin colors are different due to different amounts of melanin. That again correlates with biblical evidence since God created only Adam and Eve, and they had the same skin color. Thus, skin color has nothing to do with divine imprecation. The curse of Noah on Sham was on his descendants by the way and not on him. Consequently, if he was already black, how would the curse have been to make him black? Nonetheless, we know that the descendants of Ham were black because they were the Canaanites who were all black, yet that is due to the amount of melanin.
Thirdly, the Lord cursed the labor of Cain to be fruitless. It was a step further to the punishment God gave Adam (Gen 3: 17-19). Already the ground was cursed for every man. Adam and his progeny will have to work hard and only eat from the sweat of their labor. Today, every man struggles to put food on his table. If God was to repeat the same thing, then Cain has not taken any punishment because apart from bearing the original sin which he inherits from Adam per the Federal Head Theory, he needed to bear the brunt of his progressive sin. We all do bear the punishment for our progressive sins by going to jail for murder, drunken driving, adultery or slander. Cain’s amercement was that even out of his sweat, he will not be able to produce much. In other words; Cain will have to work double than the normal man to put the same amount of food on his table. Is this only for the Dark Skinned (Black people)?
Fourthly, don’t we see miserable Negros like Caucasians? Is suffering limited only to the Dark Skinned? If it was only the Dark Skinned who are suffering then one would say that the black people are descendants of Cain; thus, he was cursed. Furthermore, it is not only the Dark Skinned who have flat or rounded noses; almost all Asians have flat noses. There are also Africans (black) with long pointed noses too. So why would the curse be only for a few Africans; meanwhile, it is the curse on the entire black race, and they make the majority of black people. As a result, some Africans having a flat rounded nose is not a sign of the curse on the Black Race.
Fifthly, the Bible neither states the type of mark nor that his nose was flattened. All the Lord did was “set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.” It is theologically weak and sociological destructive to state that the Black race (if any such thing exists) is cursed. It is not not only black people who commit crimes or only white people are serial killers.

Until then, may we all live as from the same Maker.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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