Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hon Rose Abunaw Absolved of Visa Fraud

Four accused sit in jail waiting to sort out their liberty for being in position of fake mission orders from the Cameroon National Assembly to enable them obtain visas to the US. The four men Frankline Gana Ndaga, Cyril Kpuye, JC Akina and Dominic Nkongho Ewang allege that Dr. Samuel Fonkam Azu'u issued them the fake orders. In addition, that Hon Rose Abunaw has also been involved in issuing fake orders. It should be noted that it is not only the private press reporting but even the government: CRT and Cameroon Tribune. They all agree there are people in jail for bearing fake mission orders that they obtained visas from the American embassy. The question now is from where though?
They alleged that they paid 12 millions to Dr Fokam Azu’u. Some people argue that the story is not true because those young people could not afford for 12 millions to pay just for mission orders. When people want to come to the US and know they will succeed they engage in sham marriages where the relatives of those they marry pay the money. It is on that basis that many people entered this country as husband or wife of a total stranger. Considering that those mission orders are accepted by foreign embassies it is possible that they generate a big business. The recruitment could not be done directly since people could get their relatives who bring in clients.
Furthermore, the contention that the visa fees are too cumbersome and no country on earth will endorse it is weak. That would be untenable because the National Assembly neither knows nor is it the official policy of the Cameroon government to issue those mission orders to hoodlums. This is all the initiative of some unscrupulous individuals to make themselves rich through whatever means they can. If people can pay 5 millions to get into ENAM and other professional schools why would they not pay even 6 millions CFA for mission orders to the US if they are sure to get the visas. After all, isn’t it believed that the streets of the US would sprinkle enough dollars to reimburse their creditors? Consequently that will be a weak point why the culprits’ story could not be true.
The second argument was that the government was trying to set up her own people. The positions of those accused may generate some suspicion only if the said individuals were against the government. Why would the government incriminate its key players when the opposition voices that the purpose of creating ELECAM was a veil to steal the forthcoming elections. Therefore the government would not be setting them up.
Thirdly, people wonder why the Press officer at the US embassy in Yaoundé will not make statement. It will be meddling into internal policies of a nation and that may not be regarded kindly by the other members of parliament who may insist on the departure of the officer. When corruption reigns, the mouths and eyes of people are partially close for fear they bite the finger that starves them. The visas would be offered after proper investigations but then their hands may be tied. Though they know that those mission orders are fake but they have no right to call for an investigation for fear there is a backlash.
Fourthly, some have alleged that the opposition being against ELECAM would have masterminded the plot. Yet things to consider are these: there is no amount of money that the opposition would have given these young people for them to face the wrath of the government knowing how much fury they will incur from the government officials they accuse.
Fifthly, others say the opposition set the guys up. But the opposition would not be able to arrest the guys. The opposition does not arrest people at the airport. If the government did not arrest them no one would have known. It is probable that someone from the embassy tipped an officer at the airport who laid wait for the ruffians.
However, after thorough investigations there is still no reason why Hon Rose Abunaw is dragged into the matter. Therefore right minded individuals should dismiss the report than buy canards from Cameroonian journalists and criminals. If one is dishonest to bear fake mission orders how can we believe their tales.
One thing that makes a story credible is the source. In this case the journalist used a ghost name rather than their real name. The journalist did not see the mission orders that were issued. Does that ring a bell? In addition, knowing that the private press in Cameroon is not answerable to government officials they are totally free to write what they want but the journalist chose a ghost name. If it as credible why would the journalist avert inscribing their name on such great revelations? Thus the evidence is far from the accusations. Indeed the journalists are not credible but hirelings to soil the good name of Hon Rose Abunaw.
As you know; elections to the senate seats are coming up and every one is jockeying for position. Some of the Manyu people say that she is blocking their senate and their prime minister bids because the president thinks they already have someone at the top. So they prefer to pay blackmailers to slander her out of their way.
The mistake journalists in Cameroon make is that comrade Biya does not appoint people from newspaper recommendations or endorsements. Hon Rose Abunaw is vice speaker of the National Assembly on her own merits. It is strange for the opposition to always think that every government official is a simpleton. Thanks to Hon Abunaw CPDM has widened its permeation in the US. She is an excellent and progressive dynamic lady who wants the good of the people. One of the few parliamentarians who actually does something with the project fees given them. She is a hope to many young women who always thought that politics in Cameroon was only for men.
President Biya is aware that she tenaciously came to the US and revitalized the CPDM to give it the facelift it so needed. Today CPDM is almost in every household in the US that even non Cameroonians know about the CPDM.
Gainsayers bleat that she came to the US to look for those she issued visas. This lady has a high pedigree of academic acumen that she will not stupefy herself to come to the US and be flying from one state to another looking for people who have overstayed their visas. People have come for Olympics and other serious conventions and never went back. Not even the Cameroon government sent an emissary to look for them. So why should deserters be her cross to carry?
Don’t we say innocent until proven guilty. So why the rush to endorse the accusation; up to the point where we are requesting she resigns? Does it mean simply because a lady comes up with a story that I drink tea it is true? Where has shrewdness traveled to? My people it is a sin to speak on a matter before hearing it.
Until then, I urge you all to support Honorable Rose Abunaw as I wish her well.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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