Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Ayitos (Divisive Elements) Of Manyu in the USA: Part 8

Sesekou Ebini Christmas,
You know that a title holder does not call himself his title; people do for it to be meaningful. That means; for people to call you, you must belong in the community. You can go to the village and have the greatest title but again you must integrate your immediate community for that title to be meaningful. Unlike a religious title that is transcultural and cosmic that everyone recognizes, Ekpe titles aren’t.
You see, Kima is not in Ekpe and has not been authorized to talk on Ekpe but I have by virtue of my religious standing. Even the greatest of Sesekou has to confess his sins during ablution. So I will adjure you to tread softly so we can all walk as a team.
I do not see reproducing history as holding to the past. If I as a man of God cannot rebuke hypocrisy who should. You call me to responsibility but you do not want me to reprimand the evil past which continues in the present and espies the future. I merely reminded Sesekou Barachel that if he took the same people to the same Mamfe why does he claim now that our parents at home have better things to do than solve problems from the US. That is playing the Old Prophet. He should have thought of that when he was taking them there himself.
However, I attach a price to peace. That is why I have worked indefatigably to bring peace. Perhaps you are not aware of Ekpe rules. Let me tell you this then. Every Sesekou has the right to his lodge and any unfair treatment may cause him to withdraw from the general Ekpe and you will do him nothing. In others words the Sesekou with lodges seem untouchables.
Consequently, since the other Sesekous have refused to go to Ojong-orock he cannot force them. And he does not have the means to enforce the decisions on them unlike back home.
Now let me tell you why the same behavior would be counterproductive at home. If the paramount Sesekou orders you to do anything and you refuse to follow, he will fine you and if you refuse to pay then they will register in heir books. The day you die you will be forced to pay all of them before you are buried. But here is why the decision can be enforceable; because most lodges at home work as one unit under the general Ekpe of the village, region and Mamfe. Once you fail to pay a fine the matter is transferred to your village Ekpe who will prohibit any villager from dealing with you in addition to unorthodox means employed.
The paramount Sesekou Ojong-orock has to be wise to pass a verdict he can enforce else he becomes a laughingstock. Take for example the decision of Mr. Ako Peter to dismiss Sesekou Solomon, Dr Ashu Ndep and Mrs. Mary Awung etc. That decision is not enforceable because first MECA is an association of associations. That means the people of DC can decide to withdraw their chapter from the general MECA USA if they do not like the decision especially seeing that the supporters of Solomon outnumber the rest. Secondly, how would he implement the decision? He must go to DC to request that the decision be enforced and to the best of my knowledge it will not happen.
Sesekou Ojong-orock has preached peace and practiced peace. I will agree with you that he should have gone to their doors to knock and call them out. But look at it this way; I tried the same thing and it almost ended me ridicule when I was asked to leave a private residence. Thank God that the rest of the people stood behind me that if I left they will leave. But that is because I am a man of the people. But Ojong-orock is not the man of the family that those families will tell their father and husband that if he leaves we will also leave!
Sesekou Ebini Christmas, the deal is simple. With my high acumen and prowess in conflict resolutions, I have solved many problems and now look like a dotard. My peace initiatives have always been forever. That is because I use Jesus’ style. The Lord Jesus has taught us to call evil by its name. In every problem both sides have a little blame to share but there is one with the biggest blame. That person should be called to responsibility. While Sesekou Ojong-orock has not gone to their houses to bring peace, Sesekou Barachel should resign from that rebellious position of Chairman of Mgbe North America which is just a renegade group and submit to Sesekou Ojong-orock per tradition. I have written a blueprint for the peace of this community but I wonder why you do not encourage them to follow it. Have you quickly forgotten that you wrote on Manyunet that Sesekou Barachel had promised to meet Sesekou Ojong-orock in October to solve their problems? Hitherto, he has not gone there.
There are certain behaviors that we really need this community to come together so we can stampede them first before thinking of home. Look, I hear some members of Ekpe still beat their wives. I hear members of Ekpe insulting adults in meetings. I hear members of Ekpe sleeping around like dogs. All these behaviors are against the ethics of Ekpe. Ekpe members are not supposed to get drunk and misbehave in the public or private.
I do not want you to talk about calling the police or getting the law involved. If the American law could solve all those problems then we would not have those same problems again. But as you know, despite the many courts and lawyers in America cheating is the number one problem causing divorce. That is because it has to be eradicated from the conscience as we act as one and watch each other’s back. Even though Ekpe people at home committed adultery, slept around, and fought, got drunk and misbehaved when they were caught they were fined and the number was too insignificant to what it is in our Diaspora. The mores of our community in the Diaspora need a total overhaul.
Until then, I wish the Manyu people in America greater peace this year.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

“Go for the person who loves you most and not the one you love most for the one you love most may not give you the love you need most because though love is blind marriage is an eye-opener” (Hamilton Ayuk).

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