Saturday, November 29, 2008

Do you know you are getting old?

In Hollywood, they are scared of senility with ugly women trying to be beautiful under the surgeon’s knife. Tell a 40 year old that she has wrinkles, and she wants to break your head but tell her you want to celebrate her Sweet 25, and she will lapidate you with accolades. People are afraid to get old, though they will inevitably get old and wrinkled.

I was looking at my pictures when I was in the seminary, and I was laughing saying in my heart: oh man, I am growing old. The next day I went to the field to run with one of my students who is 20. After going three laps round the football field in 5 minutes, I had to take a break and walk and then complete the other two laps to give me 14 minutes. Meanwhile as a teenager I did 10 laps in 14 minutes. Lord I am getting old.
My grandfather used to say son; I was a tiger when I was little kid but before he died, he was merely crawling to the latrine. At a given time, we did all for him as he entertained us with stories and proverbs. Here is the great tiger laying helpless and begging for a shower. Old age has finally caught up with him.
A friend of mine had gone to take shooting lessons so he can carry a gun as a security guard. After three attempts, the instructor asked him if he sees well. He did not shoot even once on the huge target. The second phase was even worse for he sprayed the bullets just far from their targets. The instructor stopped the lesson before he shot himself. He could not carry a gun because he did not pass the shooting test. Did you know he was a sharp shooter in the military when he was young? His hands tremble when he tries to hold things. His eyes are getting dimmer and dimmer. His legs quaver when he runs, and his memory is only good for a moment. That is called dotage. Did you know you will get there?

Two years ago a friend of mine sent me her pictures. She is now a shadow of her real self. Her breasts were like needles when you embraced her. Her face was all smooth, and her body was slender like a tadpole. When she was young, she walked like spaghetti; sliding from left to right. The West calls it catwalk. Just like my spaghetti could not stay on my fork, she could not maintain a lane. Nowadays, she needs a stuffed bra to flatter those who see her that she still has it. Today, she maintains her lane to and fro. Thank God she has not inflated herself with silicon. She has added weight despite her runs and exercises. She is afraid to grow fat but there is nothing she can do; these are natural changes that must occur.
Soon your teeth will all be gone. Those dimples on your jaws will show and when you speak people hear like the little kid that began speaking. Listen; shake those buttocks for soon you will not have much to shake. Hit that chest today for soon you will lack the strength to hit them again.
Why are you really worried about geezerhood? If you worry much, prepare for it. The best way to prepare for it is to accept it and not to run away from it. The knife may make you younger for some days and years but it will still come. Old age is like the promise of the Lord; though it tarries it shall still come to pass. Those sharp pointing breast will soon sleep on your chest and his machine no matter how updated will sleep in between his legs from morning till night. Oh Lord, I hate to remind you that you are getting old. Enjoy some of my pictures and find me in them if you can. Lord I am getting old.

Until then, you are getting old.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk
Ernestine, Passy and I during Georgette and Dr Waffo wedding.
My dormitory (Bethlehem) team during the Youth camp. Our Goalkeeper in blue" Kum kitz was death and dumb.
being ordained as a deacon.
Alain, Benjamin and myself: first batch of the Full Gospel Bible School Mbalmayo.
Augustine Ndogmo, John Ndah and Myself just after Youth Ministry.
University leaders gathering in Yaounde. At this time Pat Mahar and I led the group and John Koeshall was visiting from the US.
Youth Camp in Akonolinga.
When I was a little guy. Can you see me with the arrow? Look at my younger sister Blessing in my mother's arms. Below she is getting old too.Extreme left is older sister Eveline Ayuk and extreme right is late Theresia Mbi (Thursday 5/14/2006). My Mother is carrying Blessing and late maternal Grand mother Ma Obenakem

If relationship was only sex then Hollywood would be in a better predicament but unfortunately, if love was shoes, then Hollywood would charter all sizes.

Why Hide Your Sins?

Arabian Nights? Entertainment! Boys and girls I have a very nice Bible story from Gen 38:1-38 to tell you. There was a man in Israel called Judah. He married Shuah and had three sons: Er, Onan and Shelah. Judah married a wife (Tamar) for his son (Er). Due to his wickedness the Lord slew him. His younger brother (Onan) inherited his wife. Because he did not want to have children in his brother’s name he decided to spill his seed on the ground. So the thing displeased the Lord and he slew him too. Rather than Judah giving his daughter in law to his third son when he was marriageable he decided to leave her lonely. She disguised as a harlot and seduced him. She then took some security deposit until he brings the promised kid.
When he reached home, he sent one of his friends an Adullamite to take the kid to the “harlot”. Before he arrived there she had left. He searched but could not see her. Three months later he was told that his daughter in law Tamar had done prostitution and is even pregnant. Judah ordered that she should be brought to town and burnt alive. In her defense, she presented all the security deposit that Judah had given her and told the people that the owner was the author of her pregnancy. Thus prostitution was not done alone. Judah confessed and repented of his evil. He acknowledged that she was more righteous than him who has refused to give her to his youngest son. She later had twins: Pharez and Zarah.
This is s classic story of hypocrisy where politicians set laws and preachers preach against sin in public but they do just the opposite. Then later they try to conceal their evil.
God has taught us that it is not just enough to acknowledged our sins when in danger and when danger starts to subside we con back to the same thing like Pharaoh used to do (Ex 9:27, 34) you must desire to change. In the OT the reward for sin was so draconian that people feared and kept their sin secret. In the New Testament the dispensation of grace gives humanity a great opportunity to come out open when we sin so that we may obtain mercy.
Many people have sinned; some revealed their sins but others were only exposed. You and I know that there are many people who hide their sins. When you confess and forsake your sins God will always hear your prayers (IKings 8:35-36, 46-47). So why do people hide their sins? After all secrecy before humanity is an open book before God.
We hide our sins to shield our social status from our own hypocrisy (Gen 38: 2-26). You can remember preachers and politicians who voted for a law and were after charged and convicted of the same law. Spite and rancor make presidents of developing countries fear to leave power. With God, he rolls your sins into the bottom of the sea (Mic 7:19-20).
Despite encouragements from God that if people confess and forsake their sins they will have mercy (2 Chronicles 7:14) people still hide their sins.
It all began when Adam and Eve sinned. They ran and covered themselves with fig leaves (Gen 3:7; 10). Fig leaves are symbolic of an unauthentic covering. That is why God will later kill a lamb to use the skin and cover their nakedness (Gen 3:21) because for them to be properly covered there must be a shedding of Blood. There is no remission of sins without the shedding of Blood (Heb 9:22). Yet though there is possibility to repent of our sins and say we are sorry people still prefer to cover them.
The reason why people cover their sins is the fear of disappointing those who look up to you (Gen 3: 7- 11.). Adam and Eve were ashamed to fail God who loved them by created them, and trusted them by making them the caretakers of the garden.
Yet again in the OT God advised the people that if they sinned and it was found out they should bring a sacrifice (Lev 4:14) or if they found out themselves that they have sinned then they should offer a sacrifice (Lev 4:23). No matter how we try to hide our sins they will find us out (Num 323:23). The evil that men do, live with and after them.
The time has past that, parents died for the sins of their children or voice versa (2 Chr 25:4). Human beings must realize that they were sharpened in iniquity and their mothers conceived them in sin (Ps 51:5). David once complained that: The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one (Ps 14:2-3). If we confess and forsake our sins we will have mercy (Prov 28:13). It is not only our sins but the sins of our people that we need to confess (Dn 9:20). If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us (I Jn 1:9-10).
So then should we continue to sin because there is grace? God for bid! (Rom 6:1). There are some sins that we need to rebuke in public and not cajole and pamper. Excuses why anyone sinned should not be encouraged (I Tim 5:20). Rather they should be exhorted to confess and forsake their sins lest they be hardened in sin (Heb 3:13). No matter your sin there is enough grace to abound (Rom 5:20). God will always have compassion. The prodigal son’s anecdote testifies to this (Lk 15:18, 21).
Until then, may our lives be opened book through which cronies and strangers may read the familiar and strange matters of life.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

If relationship was only sex then Hollywood would be in a better predicament but unfortunately, if love was shoes, then Hollywood would charter all sizes.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Immigration Amnesty Is Unbiblical

Illegal immigrants rounded up in Spain

Have you seen how Cameroonians mistreat illegal Nigerians, or have you seen how Nigerians manhandle illegal Ghanaians? Watch the TV and see how Mexicans treat the Hondurans and Salvadorians who live illegally in Mexico. You should peep into Europe and see how the police run after illegal immigrants in the streets. They mostly appear in the night like rat moles. You should check the Arabian Peninsula, then cross over to China and fly to Far East Asia, and you will know that every country is enforcing their border laws and fighting to keep illegal immigrants out. So tell me: why shouldn't the US protect her own borders? Rather, the illegal immigrants and those who exploit them utter political cries of: “Amnesty, Amnesty, Amnesty”.

Obama promised immigrant groups a blanket amnesty . Obama and McCain promised giving them an amnesty . Unto that I say this: every illegal immigrant should be deported and let them strive for entering visas from their home countries. That is the best solution. How many people just allow someone to live in their own house simply because the person forced themselves into the house?Amnesty is unbiblical because forgiveness is for repentant sin.  How do you forgive people who refuse to be forgiven? They were given opportunities to leave the country, but they refused; instead, they vamoosed into oblivion, yonder where their services are coveted. Therefore, Amnesty is a tacit enticement to illegal immigration.  It is creating a bigger hole to fill a smaller one. To stop illegal immigration is very simple: no education, no work and no welfare and subsidies to illegals. Immigration jails should be working centers where people work to accrue their airfares. Welfare and subsidies should be only for citizens and legal aliens who have paid into the system. 

How many people will allow a family with children who forced their way into their home to live there because it is not good to send a family with kids into the streets? After all, wouldn’t it be inhumane to drive a mother with kids into the streets? Why don't you allow the homeless to occupy everywhere till kingdom come? If it was your home, you will put them out the same hour. Right? Why should the country allow illegal immigrants simply because they have kids or simply because they are good people?
Many argued that what about the places of refuge God appointed in the Bible (Ex 21:12-16). The US does that, and it is called Asylum . Therein your file is studied, and if it does not pass the test of scrutiny, then it is rejected. Being an immigrant myself, I know that many of those asylum cases are bogus claims to gain entrance, merely for economic survival. Most of them are not being pursued by anyone. If the law is applied equitably and without respecting persons, then INS is there as a minister of God; a revenger to execute wrath upon evil doers (Romans 13:4).

The Bible is very clear on the issue of illegal immigration. Unrighteousness is sin (I Jn 5:17) and transgression of the law too is sin (I Jn 3:4). Living in a country illegally is transgression of the law and thus unrighteousness; therefore, illegal immigrants are breaking the Law, so they are living in perpetual sin.

The law (Deut 10:19) and Jesus (Matthew 10:40– 42) preach on receiving well the strangers, but illegal immigrants do not fall in that category. Firstly, they have already broken the law by living in a country illegally. If a newcomer comes legally as a stranger, he should be treated well (Ex 22:23). Entertaining strangers has with it special blessings for one may entertain an angel unknowingly (Heb 13:2). If anyone is a legal stranger in a land, they are guaranteed the hedge of God’s protection (Ps 146:9).

The only thing with enforcing the immigration law is that before the border with Canada was not enforced, and Canadians popped in and out as they wanted while the Africans whose great grand parents helped to build the nation were not permitted. Because the Cubans are light skin, they benefit from the Wet Feet/Dry Feet Law, but the Haitians even when they struggle and get on land, they are dragged on their feet with their heads down back into Haiti or the shore of the ocean. If every human being is created in the image of God, then he or she should be treated equally. The Bible says: “Ye shall have one manner of law, as well for the stranger, as for one of your own country: for I am the LORD your God” (Lev 24:22). My questions then will be: why can’t a naturalized citizen become the president? Why are natural citizens deported for felony when natural born citizens are not exiled?

Do we still remember why Lucifer was cast unto the earth? It was God establishing his territorial rights because Lucifer had no right to live there in rebellion (Is 14:12-19). Why were the Israelite males numbered (Num 1:2-3)? The census was to prepare an army. And why was the new generation of Israel to fight a war (Judges 3:2)? It was to protect their territorial integrity. David acknowledges that God taught him how to fight wars (Ps 144:1).

When Jesus beat out of the temple the buyers and sellers, and moneychangers (Matt 21:12-13), He was setting a boundary of what is acceptable in his house or the House of God and what was unacceptable. Jesus did not renounce violence when it came to protecting territorial rights (Lk 22:36). He even reversed his earlier guidance where they were to take nothing on a trip (Lk 9:3). That is because before they did not need them, but now that they will face greater and steeper opposition, they should be prepared to deal with it. The US has enough laws but must enforce them even with the help of citizens.
Treating the legal immigrant well is very important. That does not mean the illegal immigrants are not human beings. However, there is no one who faces the wrath of the law and still thinks they are being treated well. Because that will entail separating families, locking up their father or mother who is the only bread winner in the house. Those families that were at the brink of collapse will finish off with immigration raids and people are rendered useless when raids are conducted at their worksites.

It will be a meltdown for the solution to illegal immigration to be amnesty. That will be like catching a thief and saying since you have already eaten your spoil you are forgiven. That goes against biblical norms. If a thief was caught even though he stole for hunger he will restitute his booty seven times (Prov 6:30-31). There will always be illegal immigrants in every country, so the solution is sending them back immediately as they are caught. Americans should also curb their appetite for cheap labor and drugs which are boosters to illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration is a sin and repentance requires a turning aback. All those illegal immigrants should return to their home countries until they get proper documentation to live in that country before they live there. It is escheating the citizens of that country from the citizenry when illegals are granted amnesty. That is as simple as it can be for the solution of illegal immigration. Separating the rights of the strangers and those of citizens is neither a new nor a bad practice (Neh 9:2).

One has always wondered why employers will hire illegal immigrants. The Bible explains why: cheap labor ((2 Chr 2:17)). Employers who hire illegal immigrants should be made to pay a very high price. The employers benefit more than the immigrants, so they have to fight to keep them to maximize their profits.

But then when the goodness of a country are turned to strangers and aliens, then the citizens of that country must be concerned for they have abandoned the way of God (Lam 5:2). Indeed, the US has a cause for alarm than ever before, for they go down that path.

Granting amnesty is not the solution; it will be digging a bigger hole to fill a smaller one. There is no human side of implementing immigration reforms. If you are illegal, just go back home and reapply to enter legally into the country. The US is not the only country that implements immigration and border reforms. The US actually has the most porous borders; many unenforced laws. When border patrol agents are charged and convicted for doing their job, it leaves us with a sour taste, if the US really wants to enforce immigration laws .

Until then, amnesty to illegal immigrants is bad for any country.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

If relationship was only sex then Hollywood would be in a better predicament but unfortunately, if love was shoes, then Hollywood would charter all sizes.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Union Between East Cameroon and Southern Cameroons

Rev Awasom
You make a solid case. Nonetheless, a good friend is better than a bad brother, and at times when brothers do not seem to get along like Jacob and Esau they should separate first or when friends do not seem to get along like Paul and Barnabas they should part ways.
The United States of America is still a union because all states are equal and none is more equal than the other. The United States of America is still united because the president could come from any state and not just from one particular language group. Unlike in Cameroon why can't an Anglophone too become a president?
If the Southern Cameroonians keep being treated as second class citizens in Cameroon they should separate and form a different country.
Yet within the Southern Cameroons lies great gulf fixed of mistrust between Northwesterners and Southwesterners. That is what has weakened the spine of the entire Southern Cameroons movement because most Southwesterners are very loyal to the East Cameroon ruling party of the CPDM just to escape the claws of the Northwesterners.
As much as we love unity the fundamentals of unity: equality should be respected for the minority to keep being in the union else we may have to copy the example of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The people of Pakistan came form India because the union could not hold. Within Pakistan the union could not hold so they left and formed Bangladesh.
So if the Northwesterss don’t go along then they in turn form separate countries. Why should anyone be regarded as an inferior citizen in his or her own country? After all they will still be more populated than at least 100 other countries. Brunei (390,000) and United Arab Emirates (4,380,000) are not what they are today because they are the most populated countries. After all, the most important natural resources helping the Federal Republic of Cameroon are in Southern Cameroons.
If Southern Cameroons was to separate at least we will have a national team that will enable our own kids to train and play for their country too. How can a national team be without a single Southern Cameroonian? Why are all the main ministerial positions only given to East Cameroonians while the Southern Cameroonians are asked to be contented with the crump of useless ministries? Why do we have oil, fish, timer, and a lot more most of Southern Cameroons is still an abandoned enclave with no roads, airports or seaports? Aren’t we good enough even for mere roads too?
Here is the thing; Africans and Cameroonians have carried the victory of Obama on their heads like a woman carrying a kenja from the farm but they ignore the same virtues that the Americans have exhibited. If there is racism in America there is tribalism in Africa and in Cameroon.
Therefore, if the union based on the Foumban Conference is to hold then all provinces and regions must be equal. I have been fortunate and privileged to live in both parts of the country and to have preached in many places. I will say that the union is very fragile just because of the marginalization of Southern Cameroonians within the Union.
Nonetheless, Mahatma Ghandi (with Satyagraha), Martin Luther King Jr (Civil Disobedience) and Nelson Mandela (with non violence) have shown that a people could fight their freedom without going to war. Whichever way they take: violence or non violence they will still shed some blood.

Until then, may God help us avoid war.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

If relationship was only sex then Hollywood would be in a better predicament but unfortunately, if love was shoes, then Hollywood would charter all sizes.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Freewill: The Abortion Latrine.

It is amazing how people compare the War with abortion. Deaths by abortion outnumber deaths by war by far . Abortion as of Nov 13, 2008 had 1,284,105 deaths while Iraqi deaths have been 4189 so far for the US casualty. Although this year already abortion has killed in the US more than the War in Iraq and Afghanistan but the war costs more. Because the cost of war directly affects us we feel it more than an individual using his or her own money to commit abortion. In most cases, those committing abortion use their own money and insurance money to pay for their evil. Meanwhile the state is being indebted to fight wars overseas.
Abortion is a very controversial topic that until today I had never read through the Bible to see what it says about it. Abortion is done by both married and single women when both mother and child are in danger like when they are not. So I decided to take some time last week and this week to read and listen through the scriptures if peradventure I may have a stand. There are those for and those against. Some people have contended that abortion should be for medical reasons like when the life of the mother is in danger. Abortion proponents say that it is safer than delivery. But the handwriting of Statistics in science and medical books paint a different story .
Others have argued that the fetus is not yet a child. Meanwhile others say the baby in the womb is not a human being and so we cannot talk of murder. If fertilization takes place within one day after sexual intercourse , then the child is already a human being from day one. People say well the child is not living. In Genesis 25:23 God calls the fetuses in the womb as people already. Doesn’t it imply that from conception life is honored? But then most pro abortionists argue that the child has no life at that age. Isn’t this what science says? In addition if the heart is beating after 4 weeks and the muscles and nerves start to work after seven weeks then a full human been is being crushed or dissolved to death with the pretext he or she is not alive. To show that their arguments are frail most of them think about taking out the child after two months even.
Furthermore you have those who support abortion to protect the life of the mother. Those who reject this theory claim it will be taking the place of God since we live in the world that miracles are still possible. It may be rational that by letting the mother live she will have other children but letting her die takes away two lives.
This point has kept me in between. We know that the fact of abortion is killing and thou shall not kill. No doubt there is killing taking place. Nonetheless, it is the fact of killing no matter the case. To an extent this beckons for the question: does God accept killing in self defense (2 Sam 2:22-23) or in defense of the helpless. Would God condemn a man who killed a murderer who was killing children in a hospital? After all, wasn't he trying to protect many lives? If we consider other instances the law was broken to save a life then we might be tempted to say no, God will not condemn the woman who aborts to save a life.
Abraham told Pharaoh and later Abimelech that Sarah was his sister to safe his life from their covetous and lustful eyes (Gen 12:19; 20:2). God did not rebuke Abraham for telling the lie; rather, He fought Pharaoh and Abimelech. Despite those lies Abraham is called a man of faith. Jacob deceived Isaac to rob Esau his elder brother of their father’s blessings (Gen 27: 6-30). During the Spy-gate incident Rehab told the king of Jericho that the Israelite spies were not in her house (Jos 2:3-4). In her lies, her act is instead rewarded as faith in the Lord (Heb 11:31; James 2:25). Then came David and his men eating the showbread that could only be eaten by priests (Lev 24:9). The king told them they could eat it as long as they had not had sex (I Sam 21:6). That is because the bread was there to safe lives and the soldiers eating will be able to live. Later Jesus uses that as faith for David (Mat 12:3-4). Jesus himself healed on the Sabbath. Thus working on the Sabbath Day (Mt 12:13); a day Israelites were prohibited from working (Ex 16:23-29; 20:8-11).
So would God judge to condemnation the lady who aborts a child that is threatening her life? Perhaps the answer will be no. Yet a question we may ask is: could that not be possible to make an induced premature delivery? Must it only be by killing the child?
Although abortion is not an unforgivable sin but it is judged like every other sin that will be judged. There are certain sins like abortion that though we confess and forsake their scars remain with us. Deep in you, you know you are a murderer; you know you have killed an innocent child. Doesn’t the Bible say love your neighbor as yourself (Mat 22:39)? Would you tell me you are showing that child love by aborting it? Why do you easily forget: “do unto others what you want them do unto you” (Mat 5:12)? Oh well, I regret you were born; you should have been aborted. Look at you; just because a man says he does not love you, you want to die but you have the audacity to kill an innocent child who is merely begging to live. You like to acclaim the stars, President Bush, Clinton and Obama but you kill those who would have come up like them too. Who knows what the child you killed today would have become tomorrow?
In 1998, on a Sunday morning, Jim lemons: an Assemblies of God missionary to Cameroon visited our church. I have known Jim and worked closely with him as the assistant national coordinator for the University Ministry in the Full Gospel Mission but he has never unraveled that portion of his life to me. He was teaching on the Ten Commandments. Then he began talking about murder and abortion. A minute later tears were running down his cheeks as he choked time and again narrating his story that he was conceived by rape and he thanks God that his mother took the benevolent decision to let him live. If the mother had murdered him in abortion she would have destroyed the best Assemblies of God missionary the Full Gospel Mission Cameroon ever had. Jim and me in 1998 during one of our conferences where he was to speak.
Abortion’s damages are political, social and economical too. Politically thanks to abortion and poor immigration laws the Caucasians who used to be the majority are soon losing that status and in a few more years they will be a minority. And this will be exciting to see if and how the Caucasians will use affirmative actions.
Economically, McCain and Obama say they will increase the cap for H-1B visas from 65,000. Why are we lacking in skilled workers? The society does not allow young people who are usually the working force to live. They are killed by abortion and now we have to take in skilled foreign workers.
Socially, because of abortion there are not enough babies to adopt as such there are stringent laws for the few to be adopted. Consequently Americans are fluctuating foreign countries to solicit babies for adoption.
People say if God wanted abortion to be illegal then it would have been. So which part of “thou shall not kill” (Ex 20: 13; Deut 5:17) isn’t clear. I guess God should have said: do not commit man slaughter, do not assassinate, do not commit fratricide before you know that all of them come from a common generic: murder. Abortion is murder of the unborn child. It is the early termination of a pregnancy. If people are indicted and convicted on masterminding a crime then even at the level of merely masterminding the early termination of the baby is murder.
Others have argued with me that abortion is their rights. It is part of the freewill that God has given humanity.
Though God is sovereign, he has given man the possibility to participate in his own decisions as he has given humanity a conscience. Man is not an automaton; he is a rational being with senses. If God was to decide all for you why would he hold you responsible if you go wrong? That is why to solicit your participatory volition he sets before you good and evil (Deut 30:15); blessings and a curse (Deut 11:26; 30: 1). The fact that there is evil on earth does not mean that God does not exist or that God has permitted it. He has set a time limit to judge the defaulters so he gives them a long rope in his long suffering (I pet 3: 9). If they repent, they are saved but if not they will be condemned, and sent into the unquenchable fire (Mk 9: 43-48).
Therefore if abortion will make you go to hell then you must stop it. I feel bad for those who say I don’t want to have kids or those who abort. If they were aborted they would not be alive today to be running their mouths and uttering their gibberish.
As a college student I watched a movie on how abortion is committed in the West. The surgeon takes the instruments to trap the baby by the leg or head or whatever part that comes up first. Then they start to tear the poor baby apart bit by bit until they take out the entire baby. Those in developing countries without such services use other crude methods and so I lost a one time brilliant friend trying to abort.
Because it is murder it is right for the government to enact laws against such practices just as we have laws against people distributing HIV to others or selling cocaine. If Christians are pushy by advocating against abortion then they are pushy advocating against rape. After all; the rapist is exercising his or her God given freewill. Then the African Americans should not complain about slavery and people should not grumble about racism after all in each of these occasions the people were merely exercising their freewill.
The laws of the land are there to curb and curtail the excesses of our freewill (Rom 13:3-4; I pet 2:13-14).
The fact that someone is in a fallen state does not mean the law should not require them to live lawfully. That is exactly why the law is there because we are conscious they do not know God and so have no respect for His laws. But at least they know man and see that he has jails and prisons for those who break the laws.
Those who see Christians as hateful and judgmental because they condemn abortion have exchanged their shrewdness for the zeitgeist.
No doubt it is your right to play music and organize parties. It is also your right to use your house as a prostitution haven. Why then do we have a problem with that? That is because once your rights infringe the rights of your neighbors it becomes a crime. Once your sins affect the next person it is a crime.
To even go further, people have been jailed for trying to kill themselves. In October 2002, Forth Worth police shot a man stabbing himself to commit suicide. Isn’t his right then to die? Why should the police shoot him; ironically to death?
Make no mistake that if there is any one Christian who is not forewarning the world of its evil ways that Christian is failing in his or her duties because we have been adjured to be our brother’s keeper (Lev 19:16). We have been commissioned to be bearers of good tidings (Ezek 3: 17-20; Mat 28:19-20).
The American schools are what they are today because the rights of the parents and students supersede common sense and communal conscience. The war against Abortion is not a religious war but a moral obligation to save a helpless child being murdered.
Every people on earth have laws against killing people and killing children. Even in times of war children are spared. The irony in this all is that almost in every state in the US if a man killed a woman who is pregnant he his tried for double murders. Yet we claim that the child in the womb is not alive. How do you murder anything that has no life?
Though most abortions are unwanted pregnancies people should be encouraged to keep them. The way we react when women get pregnant will encourage them to keep or abort the baby. When men have to be forced to pay child support rather than be real fathers they send a message to the lady that you made a mistake keeping the baby. Therefore, gentlemen, if a lady tells you she is pregnant, don’t worry, just be happy for the fruits of your labor are they. Those who have children should raise them up well too because some women abort because they fear they will not be good parents as they look at some kids who are like monsters or Denis The Menace. If you have a child like the one in this commercial below how many people will want to have children? Yet you know it is your freewill to abort or to keep the baby. Whatever decision you make is your own very freewill. If you abort, it is your freewill but you are also killing, and killing is a sin no matter what people do to you.
One day two students I know knocked on my classroom. One of them said her friend had something she wanted to tell me. So I stepped out of my class to give them privacy and listen to them. She told me she wanted to commit abortion but was afraid and did not know if it is bad. I asked her if her parents were aware and she told me no; but that the parents of her boyfriend knew about it, and they are the ones making it possible. Any father or mother who will help another person’s child to commit abortion without informing them is just sadistic. So I persisted with questions like: “when do you want to do it”? She said: “today after school” and I retorted: “how did you know the clinic”? Her friend who brought her to me took her there and it seems she is the veteran. So I asked her to come back and see me during my planning.
Meanwhile, I stayed back, called the parents, and told them to come to school urgently. They came to our teacher’s workroom and I told them what was going on. The man like most parents grew red and began fidgeting on his seat. He did not know I understand Spanish. He spoke in Spanish saying: “I will kill this girl”. I laughed and told him: “that is not why I called you; I called you because I want you to show her love and not frighten her to run and abort. Tell her you want the baby and are ready to accommodate her”. During planning she came to see me only to realize the father was there. She was shivering like she just picked a cold. I told her that I have called the parents and that it is for her own good. Rather than be afraid that her parents will kill her because she is pregnant they are actually ready to assist her go through these difficult moments. The mother and father spoke to her and assured her they will be there for her.
Then I told the girl if you go home and they do not keep their promise call me. Furthermore, I will swing by the house in the evening to make sure all is well. In the evening I drove by but they had gone out to eat. So I left messages with the neighbors on both sides so they know I passed by. They treated her well and she kept the baby. Today she has the child living and it will be happy it was let to live. There are women whose bowels yearn for a child, oh my sister please let the child live.

Until then, abortion is your right but it is murder and evil.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

If relationship was only sex then Hollywood would be in a better predicament but unfortunately, if love was shoes, then Hollywood would charter all sizes.

Is Obama a natural Born American or a naturalized Citizen?

The Youtube video does not meet up with the elements of literal translation even as the author tried it hard. The expression “Son of this village” in Africa does not only mean he was born in Kenya, but it also means your father comes from that village. Because his father who conceived him is from that village; thus, he is from that village.

Why is Jesus called Jesus of Nazareth when he was born in Bethlehem? The confusion emanates from the fact that his parents were from Nazareth, but he was born in Bethlehem, so he is a Nazarene. Most of my friends were born in Douala, but they are from Manyu because their parents come from Manyu.

In the case of Obama, it will be awkward to think that the boy was born in Kenya when the mother had not yet visited Kenya until after he was born. If the mother had not been to Kenya before that time then who gave birth to the boy in Kenya?

This country is not a country in the Dark Ages that did not have records. If Obama did not have a birth certificate in place and brought one from Kenya that he integrated into his files with the immigration, then someone would have leaked that file out erelong. It will not only be one person: grandmother that people say she said the boy was born in Kenya, but this time a colony of detractors and myriads of relatives. In his grandmother days, so no one else ever lived to testify where the boy was born?

In his memoir, Obama talked about meeting his family in 1988 which was the first time he went to Africa. If that was the first time how would he have been born there? The mother has died, but her immigration records did not die. When citizens travel out of the country don’t they get registered in the system? So why is there no proof that his mother traveled there before he was born. His mother had him while she was 18 and looking at it; if the mother never went to Kenya before he was born, then he was not born in Kenya.

Therefore Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution does not relate to Obama or at least means Obama fulfils it satisfactorily.

Until then, people should beat Obama in the booths and not by slander.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

If relationship was only sex then Hollywood would be in a better predicament but unfortunately, if love was shoes, then Hollywood would charter all sizes.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When The Mask Falls Off.

Years ago I read a book called The White Man of God. There is a scene I have never forgotten concerning Big Fadda and Small Fadda. Big Fadda was an expatriate prelate working in the small village as a missionary and Small Fadda was his assistant but a man of the people. Big Fadda preached against idolatry and this included even the Shigwala (the village masquerade with occult powers). One day during the funeral celebration of Small Fada, Big Fadda was in the village, the Shigwala came to frighten him and he slapped its mask (Kibarrakoh) off its head. To his greatest dismay it was his own catechist: Pa Mathieu an autochthon carrying it. Big Fadda fell down and fainted.
African traditionalists argue that Big Fadda fainted from the shock of the powers of the Shigwala while modernists claim it is because of the shock of seeing his own convert: Pa Mathieu live a double life.
Whatever the interpretation we all feel disappointed when we realize someone we thought we knew so well is wearing a mask. In the 19th century especially female writers took nom de plume to conceal their gender because the public was reticent reading from women. That was for a good purpose for they did not insult people’s parents, and physiognomy; they dwelled on the substance and matter.
On the contrary, on the internet most of the people using pseudonyms use them as doppelgangers for their skullduggery: one is the good person and the other is the bad person. The good person is polite in real life but goes on the internet to use and spew venom, lies and hate under a fake name. They utter quidnuncs that the nebbish wears in their heads like an informative encumbrance. To an extent they derive a special schadenfreude as they inflict uncontrollable damage on the good name (something that eludes them) of their victims. They are callously diffident and egoistic braggadocios. They hide behind their masks and utter their tarradiddles.
Those in search of an identity have created an avatar that they paint and design to the ideal person that eludes their real person. Such search for identity can only be cured by accepting who we are. For monomania disappear as they came and leave us more empty than we can fill.
In ancient days boulevardiers used sobriquets because they did not know if the people will receive them and also because they were there temporarily for mischief.
When individuals use masks they are very censorious and use a language they do not want to be identified with in real life. Look at all debate forums; there are people who never use their real names, and those who never use their real names spend the bulk of their time swaggering others. If they are female, in real life they do not have the name of a woman on their faces and when male, they look like valetudinarian. The women will put their passport size photographs and the men take refuge behind their garrulity. Nonetheless, no matter how good we camouflage it is never sempiternal.
Years ago lived a man in a brave village in Manyu Division. His wife had stopped giving him care and nurture. So he resulted in dressing like a ghost to hide in a village forest as women going to another village for a funeral queued themselves in a procession led by the moonlight. Since the general belief in those days was that all ghosts dressed in white, he wore white from head to toe. He will jump from the back and make a sound. As the last woman on the line saw him, she screamed and they ran helter-skelter. He gathered and took the food to his house to enjoy.
The news has gone round the village about the ghost. And usually he did that each time he heard someone had just died in the village or in the nearby village. People then claimed that the person had appeared as a ghost. When the villagers were tired of it, a few men gathered and hid themselves amongst the women as they marched to a new funeral. As he appeared from the bush, they quickly jumped on him, stripped off his mask only to find out that it was one of their own: Ta Mbeng. Until he died the villagers added ngumenem (devil) to his middle name: Ta Mbeng Ngumenem.
Those who use nom de plume for evil purposes leave behind a mask that cannot be taken of their real person. Though they beat the world with loquaciousness; due to societal punctilio they may receive politeness but their person is damaged material with a label: Attention; Not Good For Public Consumption.

Until then; cowards write behind evil masks.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

If relationship was only sex then Hollywood would be in a better predicament but unfortunately, if love was shoes, then Hollywood would charter all sizes.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Ayitos (Divisive Elements) Of Manyu In The USA. Part: 7

Part 7: Conclusion and Solutions
The Manyu people like most people on the run are entrenched in their culture. Thus culture influences their daily living as you can see. The young and new Sesekous must toe the line and respect the older ones. The Sesekous who did not sleep in the bush for 14 days must go back home and fulfill that right of passage so they understand the dynamics and mechanics of Ekpe. I have seen Ekpe members pass the night in this America just anywhere they see food. That is why they can leak any secret if given a piece of bread. Those types of people easily turn against their last benefactor at the next fruitful stop. They easily forget their long time helpers. Ekpe members are the mayungdack (instigators) of this community.
As I earlier suggested rather than fight for position in one place each of these guys should activate their own lodge where they live and recruit members; I mean even strangers like the Father of Nchang Village. Sesekou Barachel should rescind from his position as chairman of Mgbe USA and submit to Sesekou Ojong Orock. Mgbe USA under Sesekou Ojong Orock should send an official apology that will be taken to Sesekou Solomon by Sesekou Sandys for the injunction he passed barring members from attending his late father’s death celebrations. Those that have not cooked Ekpe should cook and entertain Ekpe as soon as possible. You cannot eat from others and you do not want to cook. That is why some members are angry. Sesekou Barachel, Sandys and the other members who teamed up against Sesekou Ojong Orock should ask him for an apology and reestablish relationships as they used to be. Because it is usually difficult; if not impossible for the spills over from Ekpe to enter the general Manyu community, I adjure the Ekpe members to get their acts together if they want recognition of their organization especially knowing fully well that not every Manyu person is a member of Ekpe.
Finally onto the general Manyu community I say this: aren’t you tired of fighting amongst yourselves? Aren’t you tired of destroying one another? A division like ours has no major roads. You saw Mukefor traveling by canoe. I hear Mamfe is tarred but what good is it though, if the city is tarred but there is no road into the city?

If you do not go by road you go by water. Look at where we leave our brothers and sisters to be traveling daily to make a living. Yet we boast of fancy cars and mansions. What a wicked and selfish world.


I still hear Manyu people living abroad for years with no papers? I hear them losing their homes but we do not do anything. Rather we take our money and give to lawyers for lawsuits against each other. The coming 2009 should be a year of peace and development. We do nothing to integrate newcomers. I even hear some of you ask people living with you to pay contributions. Shame on you! However, I know many of you have always been there for each other. Please, keep it up for God rewards cheerful givers. This is high time to be our sister’s keeper. We should stop all these in fighting and quarrels. The world is too large for each sparrow to fly without cleaving feathers. So why can’t the Manyu people abroad live together and in peace?

Until then, a house divided against itself cannot resist outside invasions.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

If relationship was only sex then Hollywood would be in a better predicament but unfortunately, if love was shoes, then Hollywood would charter all sizes.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Ayitos (Divisive Elements) Of Manyu In The USA: Part 7

Part 7: Ekpe Tempests Raise Dust In The Community.
People have argued that Ekpe does not play a major role in the community. However from the various intrigues and backstabbing; would anyone tell me how these guys can function in peace? Can anyone tell me how whatever organization we have will not have two camps? You all must have been aware of the leadership struggle by now. But let me delve deeper.
8 years ago Ekpe DC decided to have some self help projects like Njangi and also cash deposits in the bank to support the bereaved Ekpe members. It is alleged the Njangi started well but towards the end it scattered and they lost all the money.
The Bereavement Support Fund started in 2000 with the death of Victor Eware’s mother. Ekpe DC decided to support him so he can go home and bury his mother. On his return Ekpe DC went to see him the day MECA DC was condoling with him. Each Ekpe DC member took a six pack of drinks to him. Sandys then made some suggestions contrary to what was decided earlier:
1. The support to the bereaved should be given on return from burial.
2. Ekpe DC members could benefit from this support if they lost:
a. Father
b. Mother
c. Brother or sister of the same womb
Some of his suggestions turned many members away.
Sesekou Ojong Orock lost his father, mother and brother of the same womb but Sandys made no move to rally Ekpe members as the eldest member of the group. Joseph Eyong also lost his mother but nothing was done. Consequently, the Bereavement support Fund also died its natural death.
Sesekou Barachel was chosen as the assistant to Sesekou Ojong Orock in Chicago. But since he wants to topple Sesekou Ojong Orock he is ready to do anything to satisfy his supporters; even when it is against Ekpe principles such as the building of the Achuimgbe in the hall in the presence of visitors and strangers.
It is wrong when Ekpe leaders knowingly thwart Ekpe principles for rancor. It is wrong to twist Ekpe rules to suit your own whims and caprices. That is why it is wrong for members to misinform others that Sesekou by inheritance is superior to the one acquired financially. Which country is stronger: The USA which fought for independence or Canada which stayed under the Queen? Ekpe acquisition is not an easy task. Moreover, Ekpe is a power house-the person who acquires his Ekpe Lodge creates his own dynasty and is like America which fought for her own independence.
The person who inherits Ekpe by a stroke of luck is like Canada. The person who acquires his Ekpe title is distinguished by the tailed head tie which is tied around his waist. That is why it is impersonation for Besong and Ako to dress like Sesekous when they are not even members of Ekpe. They are mere wannabes and impostors. It is strange when people inherit their Sesekous while the bearers are still alive. So that is a source of problem too.
During the reconciliation meeting in Houston in July 2007 (during MECA Convention) Sesekou Sandys asked Sesekou Assam to lead the Bekundi procession. He came and started trouble until he sprained his wrist. People in the other rooms could hear him weep throughout the night due to pain from the sprain. In the morning I asked who was that baby crying in the night. They told me it was Sesekou Assam. Who knows if he would have not only sprained his hand but broken it had I not intervened to calm down the situation in the hall during the day?
During the Ekandim ceremony it was the same confusion. I had to still intervene.
In Atlanta Georgia an Ekpe incident brought disrepute to the community for at least one year. During Major Agbor's celebration, Major invited Ekpe with a bottle of Whisky in the presence of Pa Ebini at Pa ArreyMbi's house. Amgbuh was present and consumed about two glasses. On that day, Sesekou Barachel had called to give an excuse why he could not make it. Sandy's too did not show up. All these were the ground works of Amgbuh. More so, Sesekou Asam Edward who left Chicago to attend this occasion was taken hostage by Amgbuh by convincing him not to attend the ceremony although he came purposely for that. He took him from one house to the other until 7:00 P.M making sure that Sesekou Assam Edward (a winebibber) passes out before 8:00 P.m when Ekpe members were scheduled to meet at the hall. Amgbuh had all the Ekpe materials in his keeping and since he was not going to show up he thought Ekpe will be a no show on this day of another senior Ekpe member's occasion and the Chapter Chief of MECA-Ga Ntuifah MAJ. Agbor Fidelis. He also passed marching orders to Sesekou Arreymbi to disgrace Tata Asok-Akebe Mbi Ebini.
Sesekou Arreymbi who did not know where the occasion was taking place called Tata Mgbe Mbi for direction. He came there and executed the orders from Amgbuh by seizing the microphone from Tata Mgbe: Ebini Mbi. Needless to tell you that these three people: Sesekou ArreyMbi, Amgbuh and Tata Sok Akabe did not speak to each other for at least a year. It soon quickly turned to a family feud that the sisters of Tata Nsok Akabe joined him against Agbuh. Amgbuh though being a good friend to his sisters had to sever that relationship and insulted them on Manyunet; threatening to bring down the entire family.
Those who had doubted that the outcomes of Ekpe influence the activities of the community then saw with their eyes what the MECA GA meeting came to. MECA GA members in an attempt to intervene in time called for a reconciliation meeting. That meeting did not succeed.
Since the embarrassment emanated from the fact that Pa Arreymbi had seized the microphone from Ta Mgbe Ebini Mbi that he was not an Ekpe member it smelled something else. The same pa Arreymbi has been giving the microphone to Tata mgbe Mbi Ebini to screech Ekpe up to Hi Hooohh which was the last stage of ululation for the sesekous many at times in an attempt to annoy me as a non Mgbe member.
During Pa Arreymbi anniversary I was talking with Tata Mgbe Mbi Ebini when Amgbuh came and called him to ululate Ekpe. So I asked Amgbuh why he was calling him when he knows that the young man was not one of their members. He told me to mind my business and wait for him in my church. In his own words he said: “go and wait for me in your church. The day I come there you can give me orders but here you have no say”. Tata Mbge then went with him and ululated. The session of ululation was closed by Pa Arreymbi with a hi hooh at a time when he was not yet a Sesekou too.
Therefore, when I received a call at 3:00 A.m that Pa Arreymbi just caused another confusion I was wondering what went wrong that pa Arreymbi will seize the microphone from their own protégé. I asked Tata Mbge Ebini Mbi who narrated the entire story to me in first person singular voice. So the warfare continued until Tata Mgbe Ebini Mbi went home with the brother to obtain the Title. When he came back, they then made peace with Sesekou Pa Arreymbi and Amgbuh. On that night Tata Mgbe called me to inform me that they have ended their feud with Amgbuh. That is how the MECA GA meeting had its rest.
During their grudge they held the meeting hostage several times. It was like the hippopotamus against the Rhinoceros in a tussle. They will each shout their saliva over our heads in every meeting. Thank God this problem is over! Ekpe confusions always end up destroying the peace of the community. Today with Ekpe activities in abeyance MECA GA enjoys relative peace.

Until then, Ekpe plays a strange role in the lives of the Manyu people.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

If relationship was only sex then Hollywood would be in a better predicament but unfortunately, if love was shoes, then Hollywood would charter all sizes.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Ayitos (Divisive Elements) Of Manyu In The USA: Part 6

Part 6. Intrigues and Backstabbings of Ekpe

There are those whose talents are to cause confusion in the community. They knock people’s heads together and sit down to watch how the community is burning. When the community is alight their schadenfreude is satisfied. There are those who rather than become honest brokers become trouble shooters; they keep fanning the flames on both sides. They are always friends to the newcomers so that they can gossip their supposed enemies. You know some of those people in this community. When their dirty tricks are known they abandon old acquaintances and go to new members of the community. They are like Satan who is always looking for new converts to make twice worse than they were. They are like an epidemic; whenever they pass they must take away lives. If late Carlet Ako was still alive, he would have testified to this and he would have served as a check-valve to some of these guys.
For example, Sekekou Sandys is the fourth in line as a Sesekou in the Washington Metropolitan area Ekpe House, but since he came back; about three years ago (from his acquisition of the Sesekou title), he has been trying to replace the old leadership he met in order to become the head in Washington DC and subsequently in Manyu Ekpe America.
In order of seniority as Sesekou in Washington we have:
1. Sesekou Ojong Orock who arrived in the United States in Feb 1996 as a Sesekou
2. Sesekou Okang whose grandfather passed over his throne to him in may 1996
3. Sesekou Nfontem Mbu who became a Sesekou in December 1996
4. Sesekou Sandys who became one in 2005.
Though Sandys was the fourth in line he does not want to recognize this order as enshrined by the Ekpe tenets. He has been told this by Manyu General Ekpe yet he does not want to acknowledge it. When he just became a Sesekou he started a campaign with Sesekou Nfontem Mbu in order to overthrow Sesekou Ojong Orock. After overthrowing Ojong Orock then he will do away with Joe Mbu. But then he had forgotten that there is Sesekou Okang. As a matter of fact during the Making Ceremony of Sesekou Okang he was not even there.
When that plan did not work he then moved to younger Ekpe members like Etobe Etobe Ntu: Assam Assam. This also failed. Then when Akwo was to be made a Sesekou he quickly attempted to seize him on his side. After Akwo returned as a Sesekou he began making daily visits. He urged Sesekou Akwo to give him the leadership because leaderships was lacking in DC. Ekpe.
Sesekou Akwo an outspoken man dismissed his intrigues. At this time he has angered most except the executioner: Amgbu. Amgbu then wrote terrible things against Sesekou Akwo as having bought his Sesekou and so on.
Manyu people don’t our people say the line of kingship is always straight. That means; if you desire leadership wait for your turn for if you are the next in line it will never miss you because it goes on every head in the regal lineage.
Ekpe as I know it; is Njangi. The mighty Tiger must be nourished with meat daily or else it will die. After Sesekous Ojong Orock and Joe Mbu had entertained Ekpe several times with goats, Sandys was often given the lion share as an elderly Ekpe member before he went to be bequeathed with the Sesekou title. Upon return, he refused to present to Ekpe DC even a kola nut with the argument that he acquired his title and does not owe anybody a duty. He even went as far as saying only the leading Sesekou cooks Ekpe. Nonetheless, he finally presented something befit only for primary school boys with tattered shorts.
The mistake Sesekou Sandys was doing was to think that because most of the eating and drinking takes place in the Ekpe chief’s house it means that he is the only one cooking. Each person cooks according to their turn. To the Ekpe members they are cooking for the chiefs who went ahead of them. As such, he has only reaped what he sowed when younger Ekpe members cook especially when he is old and cannot hunt or take active part in economic activities. That is why they say that Ekpe is an investment.
One invests while young and reaps when old.
When Sandys brought this false theory, Sesekou Ojong orock reduced his Ekpe activities. This matter was settled in June 2006. In December 2006 he brought the Ebini Saga that will cost most of them time and money to send delegates to Mamfe for the court date.
Ekpe as I knew and know is mostly mutual respect. That is why all the Sesekous are equal in principle. Sesekou Sandys knows this very well. But in order to take the lead he must secure friends from within like Sesekous Assam Edward and Arrey-Mbi. However, he does not do his dirty work himself; he lets Amgbu do it for him. Amgbu in his turn now cooks up theories that do not even exist and are totally contrary to the Ekpe philosophy.
Needless to say that neither Amgbuh nor Sandys has been to the Ekpe Bush. As such it is normal for the intricacies of Ekpe to elude them. Amgbuh has challenged the authority of every Sesekou he does not see eye to eye except his main man Sandys.
After Sandys returned from home with his Sesekou title he attempted to consolidate his grip on the rest of the people as his attack dog: Amgbuh went on the offensive on Manyunet against Okjong Orock, Joe Mbu, Akwo, Solomon and the others.
Consequently, during the late Hon Sesekou Egbe Tabi’s memorial Sandys passed an injunction on Ekpe activities which Sesekou Egbe Solomon requested to honor his late father just to settle personal scores. Despite the injunction, the older Sesekous ignored him and attended the ceremony because he did not consult the other Sesekous.
Remember he has desired to strengthen his power and thought this was a great opportunity. The rejection of his injunction was a slap to Sandy’s authority and a return to reality that he was not the leader of Ekpe.
In June 2006 during the quasi settlement of this matter, Sesekou Sandys could not give the reason for the injunction. That is a sign at least that there is democracy in Ekpe.
Ekpe DC then took a decision to go to Chicago in June 2008 as a team. Sandys decided to separate himself from the team and rented his own car. Upon return he wanted to settle his scores with Ebini Christmas (himself a double side sword) during Ebini’s Entertainment in December 2006. That is why he said Ebini was not qualified to cook because he is not a member. May I ask again; if it is only Ekpe members who cook? The answer is emphatically no. As I told you before; I repeat the same thing again and will do so until kingdom come.
It is not only the Ekpe members who cook to entertain Ekpe; even a stranger or anyone can entertain Ekpe. Ekpe is apolitical and thus neutral. It is the umbrella which covers the Manyu people: members and non members alike.
After Ebini’s case, Sandys finally exiled himself from Ekpe Washington DC Lodge and colluded with Barachel (former assistant to Sesekou Ojong Orock) the new leader of the renegade Mgbe Manyu and the others to set disarray in the Manyu community. Every function they will want to fight and want to represent their own activities. As such, they recruited some old Mgbe members as their new converts into their renegade group called Mgbe Manyu led by Sesekou Barachel and Sesekou Arrey Mbi. They then saw the Ebini pantomime as an opportunity to intimidate and knock out Sesekou Ojong Orock from the leadership of Ekpe USA. So they took a local matter to Mamfe that they thought had the power to ban Sesekou Ojong Orock. Unfortunately, the matter went to his favor. Though Sesekou Ojong Orock ate Ebini’s goat but he did not initiate him neither did he commercialize Ekpe as was the charge on their petition to Mamfe.
On the contrary, Sesekou Barachel has initiated Mgbe Manyu USA members into the Achuimbge with a view to commercialize. These culprits have been summoned by Manyu General Ekpe to appear in Mamfe and answer their charges.
To solve these Ekpe problems I will advise them to activate Ekpe houses in their different metropolitan areas.
Until then, for how long will they fight each other?

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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