Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What is the significance of burning dead bones of the wicked?

Your story comes from I Kings 13: 11-34 2 Kings 23:

Obeying the old prophet the young prophet forfeited his rights of protection and thus lost the hedge of protection over his head. That is why the apostle Paul will say: “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed” (Gal 1:8). His carcass will not go to the sepulcher of his fathers. It was a privileged to be buried with one’s family especially for important names. The Lion did not kill the ass nor tear his carcass but left the ass and killed only the man of God (V 28). The Lion represent the devil that is our roaring lion (I Pet 5:8). By doing that he lost his name to be buried and remembered with his relatives. That is to show you that when the devil takes over your soul your name is erased from the book of life. Jesus will be buried in a borrowed grave because sin robs you away from birthrights.
Nonetheless, he was buried because it was the custom of the people to be buried. It would have been a privileged to be buried with his ancestors.
When Josiah came to power and was destroying the high places he burnt them all down and noticed the writings on the sepulchers (2 Kings 23:16) according to the prophecy of the Lord (I kings 13: 2,32). Josiah destroyed all the other sepulchers because the people have made them rather than God, their altars of worship. In other words the graves of those dead people were used for worship contrary to the command of God against idolatry. That is why Josiah burned them thereby by polluting the place and no more continuing the tradition of idol worship or worship of high places. That place was now a destruction mountain because through it, people in Israel solicited their own destruction by going to make sacrifices. Josiah did not touch the sepulchers of the prophets because those bones are a reminder that sin brings death. Those bones were a testament to the living that those who disobey God end up as abandoned sepulchers hoisted for the eyes of the stiff necks to feast upon.
Until then, stay blessed.

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