Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Should The Government Prosecute The Wal-Mart shoppers?

It is not the first time Wal-Mart was organizing Black Friday sales. Though no one had been killed yet but they knew the dangers of luring a people you have exploited for years with those banners of “Sales”.
Wal-Mart could have taken more precautionary measures to protect the worker from being killed by its shoppers. Before opening their doors they should have pushed the throng meters away from the door. But they did not do that. Result: one killed and many wounded .
The shoppers should not be prosecuted since they would not have known that the worker was hurt after all it has been happening like that year in year out. Those behind will think that those in front want to deceive them so they are left out. Black Friday sales happen in many stores but no one has been killed yet because those stores have a high regard for human life. While we blame the shoppers for being materialistic but it should not amount to prosecution for the fault is solely that of Wal-Mart.
Last year video footages in news networks nationwide during a Wal-Mart Black Friday showed a woman trampled upon and her fake hair cap fell off. While on the floor she was struggling to put back her fake hair. It became an instant joke for the holiday.
It is part of the culture where due to stress people are seeking for things that will make them happy. That is why on Funniest videos the fun is when people accidentally hurt themselves. A child hits the dad with the baseball bat on his penis and people laugh. A woman slides and falls on a tree stump and people laugh. A cat scratches the face of a baby and people laugh. What a society!
Wal-Mart like Olive Garden says it does not give benefits to part time employees. The trick; they draw the schedule of most of their workers in a way that they cannot obtain the 40 hours required by law to qualify them as full time employees. Thus; they are exploiting their customers. The workers unconscious they are being exploited are happy getting 39 hours a week.
I bought many things from Wal-Mart and realized that most of them come from China. Those are American jobs shipped overseas; all of this to maximize profits. Thereby they are escheating the citizens from the American Dream.
In this fight to recover from recession consumers must curb their appetite for cheap products and buy from companies that treat their workers as human beings. Surprisingly too almost every electronic I bought this holiday was made in China. What happened to the US manufacturing industries? What a Dream deferred that people born in America are jobless while foreigners overseas have jobs coming from America because companies want to make more profits. Why are human beings so materialistic and selfish? Indeed while the government must act and act swiftly to dispossess those tax advantages from companies shipping jobs overseas, the people too must assist to fight such egoism by boycotting goods from companies who ship their jobs overseas.

Until then, may the American Dream be for all citizens!

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