Monday, December 15, 2008

Obama the Black History

Obama has won the presidential elections and except God changes it he will be the next US president. The inaugural ceremony will be one of pomp. Long lines will be outside with some standing and others sitting on the grass. Some will be scaling on buildings and others will not even be chanced to see it all. Those at home watching on TV may even catch a better glimpse than those who are there in the cold. The weather could be very gruel at this period in time. Some who are not used to keeping time will go there after the ceremony is all over. Others will be there 10 hours before it all starts. All of this claming they want to make history.
History has already been made when he won the Democratic nomination and History was made when he was finally elected. But those who made the history remain in the background.

I hear Dark Skinned Americans and Africans say they made history. I feel appalled that in the 21st century some people still talk on color lines. If it was only for these two groups and the Hispanics then no history would have been made. The black people are only 13% of the population and the Africans who voted are a shadow of those who participate in the discussions but are ineligible to vote. So they would not have won the elections.

During the democratic primaries, 98 % of Dark Skinned voted for Obama and only 2% voted for Hillary. If 98% of Light Skinned people had voted for Hillary then Obama would not have had the opportunity we see today. That leaves us with the question: are Dark Skinned Americans more racist than the Light Skinned Americans? If they had the position of majority that the latter do now would they have done the same thing?
The victory of Obama goes to those good Ligh Skinned Americans who abandoned color lines and espied into the future with hope and anticipation to vote for the best of their alternatives. Indeed Obama was the best among the whole crop of contestants. He is a polished young man in oratory and physiognomy, in substance and virtue.

His victory shows that America has trekked a distance. Unlike the general view that most Americans are racist it is not so. Though the face of the nation has not entirely been transformed but within, most are tired of the corrugated psychological color curtain drawn in their hearts. That is why they have voted a Dark Skinned American into power since they had the authority to do so.

Consequently, Obama was not voted into power by Dark Skinned minority and so they should quit claiming victory. It is thanks to the Light Skinned majority that created the centennial event of modern times. Once both groups of people realize they are one they can work together as Americans because some are not more Americans than others.

He takes over power at the paroxysm of economic trial. The government and him will not make any magic if the populace does not cooperate. There is a tacit call for communal resolve so that like one people sacrifices should be made and America can answer present to the clarion call of economic revival and world leadership.

Time is running out; the Chinese, Russians and Latin Americans are in a hurry to destroy the American hegemony while the opportunity lasts. Therefore, it is no more time to sit on mental apartheid while the country slips into the backseat of the world bus. The world has watched American racial seismograph and the overall conclusion is that it is not in danger. They have all taken their binoculars peering into the unknown future while patiently waiting for the king of the jungle to rise up and take the lead. It will be a long march this time as the world where color matters less. Where she goes they will follow and what she says they will do.
I give a pat to all the white people who voted for Obama. Tell your progeny and yourself you gave America the maquillage it needed in world politics and the face lift it so desired in the civil rights. Drum your chest you tore through the dark omens of racism to lay serious foundations for equality where people will be judged by the content of their character rather than by the color of their skin.

Until then, long live America.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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