Friday, December 5, 2008

O. J. Simpson’s Conviction: Justice or Payback?

No one should claim this case as Karma; it is sheer payback. Full stop! OJ Simpson was convicted because one person said he asked him to bring a gun. How many times have students said a teacher asked them to come or bring something and you asked the teacher but he or she has not even seen that student?
The jurors claimed that they could set aside their feelings about his 1995 acquittal for the death of his wife (Nicole Simpson) and friend (Ronald Goldman). The gloves to convict him did not fit and so he was acquitted. Since then the family and mostly white America did not accept the verdict and had looked for another way to nail him down. Today they finally succeeded.
No one should claim justice served for it was not justice but payback. If the African Americans in the jury were quickly dismissed and only an all white jury of 12people retained was already a signal that the chickens will be going home to roost.
OJ was not the fist celebrity acquitted of murder. Phil Spector was acquitted and no one has stuck with his name in the media. Robert Blake was acquitted of the death of his wife. So why then did OJ’s case remain engraved in the hearts of many white people?
His acquittal was a blow to white supremacists who like to act like Greek gods who lifted and destroyed their human heroes at will. OJ was a black guy made white and who later turned against the same institution that has made him what he was. Time and again he craved for publicity at will and sought for notice like a fish desires a stream.
The judge to camouflage her inherent desire to apply vengeance said that she had instructed the jury not to sentence OJ on basis of his past life. Yet they excluded all possibilities for him to be fairly tried by having a mixed jury. This is a black man condemned without a single black person in the jury.
His conviction also revealed that the law is blind but the judges see. At times I have thought that only blind people should be voted as judges but again their aides who see will tell them which color is standing in front of them.
It is always said that OJ himself failed to memorize the African proverb that says: “Only a child cursed to die prematurely will jump into a crocodile river to retrieve his shoes” He should have been thankful he escaped with his life the first time and curb his appetite for pomposity.
Nonetheless, OJ’s fall reminds us to beware of those we call our friends. No good friend sets his friend up. Friends indeed are always friends in need. At the time he needed them they failed him.
Until then, OJ farewell for there is an impartial Judge that will try all of us equitably.
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