Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Year Wishes

The year will be coming to an end and everyone remembers 2008. It was a year with many dark series that reached the paroxysm with collapsed of Wall Street and the financial power houses. The world economies took a tumble and jobs visited the Pacific Ocean for good. You were not at Wall Street but you know or heard of someone close who lost a job. You are not homebound but know someone who is. The bills have given you sleepless nights and made you run away from supposed creditors. Love deserted you by the finger and it still stays an enigma why you cannot find lasting love. Deep in you, you wonder if you are cursed and think perhaps there is something you were not doing right. See, you will soon tear another calendar and for a lady there is Men o Pause or call it menopause while the men soon realize their equipments are not operating as they should and the doctors call it ED. The future is very bleak; I mean really gloomy.
Wars here and terrorists attacks there; dictators here and revolutions there and somewhere here someone is crying for losing all they had and somewhere there someone is weeping for losing power. Indeed cries nowadays surpass laughs and the future may even augur a gloomier omen. Perhaps it is high time to seek refuge somewhere. Both young and old are now deep down into the fetters of drug addition that it is now a hobby and not a deviation. Crime is now a tool in the survival kit for all ages.
While some people have a wish list of material things others silently cry for help for their souls. The Hollywood stars have shown us that material things do not make us happy. As you know despite all their wealth one thing: true love, has eluded most. That is top of their New Year wish List.
Young girls and boys are running into prostitution and scammers are perfecting their skills. Never in the history of this country and the world has life been so precarious especially for those who have lost their retirement benefits and for an individualistic society like ours. Then the cost of healthcare does not seem to abate anytime soon neither does sickness thinks of giving us a break. Good health seems to be in abeyance and obesity stairs a once skinny kid on the bed. Boy; the future really looks bleak.
Perhaps you will soon enter the New-Year and no one knows what will happen. Many went to sleep but never woke up and many more will follow the same pattern before January 2009. You are the privileged one; indeed privileged reading me now. What have you done to be living until today? What is really special about you?
You have not had everything you wanted but at least you are happy having one more year. The future is very bleak as you can tell with all the gloom overshadowing world economies. But look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. If you are knocked down don’t remain on the floor to be knocked out, beat the bell as you look into the future with hope and anticipation. This God we serve walks with a pace unfamiliar to men but it is sure and steady leading you unto a good port. Fret not when you see your friends and others you know acquiring wealth for that does not mean they are happy. They may be laughing without but weeping within; desiring they were instead like you. See, you have a lot of potentials and the sky indeed should be your limit if you do not derail. Only cowards usually give up in life and ligate themselves to destinies which are not theirs for fear the future casts them down.
Dear, if you seek God first; all other things will be added unto you and by the time another year comes up your joy will be full. Pray that you will not experience premature death and that you will not loose anyone to drug addition. Pray that your joy will always be full despite the worries around. Pray that God will give you a health of steel. Pray that rather than see a gloomy future you see one of hope and anticipation. All of this ask in the Name of Jesus the reason for this Christmas celebration.

Until then, may you live long and happy!

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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