Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Important Reminders

If Kids in America and the West will leave the TV, Video games and computer and start to play outside, then 50% of Obesity is slashed away.

I was almost losing my Bassa skills. Lord I need a tune up. It was nice hearing the musician sing in Bassa again. Furthermore, what great art.

While expatriates are going to Africa to redeem the place, Africans are running away from their home to work slavery overseas. This video reminds me of my trips to Ngwagwanda, Hegba, Liseh, Maganga, Ebolowa, and all those central and south provinces villages we visited.
If relationship was only sex then Hollywood would be in a better predicament but unfortunately, if love was shoes, then Hollywood would charter all sizes.

How can I stop people from raping me in my dreams?

Arabian Nights! Entertainment. One Friday, a brother came to see me that he has been having wet dreams almost every day despite his disa...