Friday, December 5, 2008

How Does World Recession Affect Cameroon and Developing World

I do not think that we can compare our economy with that of the developed countries. If that is the case France faring well has not got the natural resources we do. The oil of Nigeria is proportionate to its population and topography. Consequently it will be unwise if your household with 20 people brings in $4,000 a month and yet you have members of your family who are dropouts. Meanwhile I have 2 people in mine, I bring in $500 and I have one dropout. Since the number of my household is higher, it means that my neighbor is more irresponsible than me. One would have to take into cognizance the population and physical size of Nigeria and then divide it with the amount of oil revenue and then do same with Cameroon to find out if Cameroon is doing better than Nigeria. By all counts, it will reveal that Nigeria is better off.
Furthermore, simply because my neighbor is going to the night club everyday does not mean I am better off because I only go to the soya joint all evenings. You see, he that is crying and he that is laughing are all guilty of making noise. So in this case both Cameroon and Nigeria are irresponsible.
But that is not the point; what we should worry about is where does the money we make from Oil revenue go? Why are there no roads in the South West province when the latter is the soil on which the main revenue that sustains the economy of the entire nation is? Why are companies carrying timber from Eyumojock Subdivision and during the raising season the people are cut off from the rest of the country?
Cameroon is tied to world economies in the sense that what happens in those countries indirectly affects Cameroon too to an extent. If they were directly tied then when in the 90s these countries were experiencing surpluses Cameroon should not have been in a recession that began since 1986.
There comes a time when the love for the people rises above patriotism if the same nation serves as a Sow that eats its piglets or a hen that drinks its own eggs. That pig is usually tied away from its piglets and the hen is usually taken away from its eggs. That means, no matter how patriotic we are we must speak out when a simple minority who slept on the wrong side of their beds are taking the simple majority who slept on the right side of their beds astray. If goodness does not resist evil it will replicate for evil does not resist evil.
African governments cannot use the excuse that because the US is in a recession they too should. When the US was in a surplus they have always been in a constant and perpetual recession. Besides, a certain level of independence means that at times when the developed countries are slumping economically the developing countries can stay afloat because they have structures that are independent from the rest of the world.
One major reason why most developing countries will be hit harder is because they are always in a negative Gross Domestic Product (GDP). That is; their gross national import is always more than their gross national export. That is also due to the fact that they consume rather than manufacture. That goes to buttress those opinions that acclaim technical education reinforcement. It is not like technical education does not exist but it has never been practical. As a result, one could be an engineer without knowing how to operate an engine.
In addition, the private sector should be greatly encouraged. How could that be done is by reducing taxes and encouraging small businesses. People who try to do business see their goods stuck up at the port due to high custom duties. I know that protectionism will help to reduce the inflow of imports but that will mean that nations benefit from special exemptions. In this case Countries like China over flood our markets thereby killing the local manufacturing efforts. Consequently for centuries we will remain importers rather than exporters. When there are no manufacturing industries there are no jobs because we are perpetual consumers rather than producers.
If a graduate wants to be a hustler, they are harassed all day long by the police. How do they grow to become a manufacturer? The police are so corrupt that they cite drivers for having multiple colors on their cars (voiture a couleur chameleon). The Taximen cannot do anything, abandon the efforts and together with the frustrated graduate become armed robbers.
The mistake the rich always do is to think that they can be fine no matter how the rest are doing. If the poor man cannot sleep for fear of what the rich are doing the rich will not sleep for fear of what the poor man will do as an armed robber. There are no rich people as armed robbers. They are all jobless graduates and frustrated citizens.
Therefore, it is always in the best interest of the government to help develop the country so that everyone will sleep well. Things are hard in the West like in the East, amongst developed countries and developing countries. But the fight is not only that of the government but both the government and its citizens. It is high time every citizen should reecho J. F. Kennedy’s words: "Ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what can you do for your country."
There are certain governments that have lost touch with their people and they call recession surplus and surplus evil. These governments have had one leader for more than a quarter of a century until they have run out of ideas. The people must learn from India, South Africa, the Dark Skinned Americans, Pakistan, most of Eastern Europe and most recently: Thailand that to change a government we do not need arms. The professionals: lawyers, doctors, judges, teachers, engineers, computer technicians and students should sacrifice their short term benefits to oust such regimes that have escheated them of dreams of success so they can reap in long term prosperity for themselves and their progeny. They will create a society where every child born will have hope rather than be hopeless. There are kids born in 1986, graduated in Cameroon and are jobless. They are like a sacrificed generation, born to hopelessness.
I do not understand why most Africans support their governments even when they have forgotten and abandoned them. Most of them are cut off from the rest of the country and the world with no roads whatsoever. The government of Cameroon refuses to tar the Kumba Mamfe road or the Mamfe Ekok road. Those roads if tarred will bring in business and businesses will lead to conurbation. Surprisingly the people of Manyu Division in Cameroon have been voting the government of president Biya for the past 18 years for eyedrops of ministers. The president must take note of that or else lose their support with a request for autonomy.

Until then, support not a government that does not represent you.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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