Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good Name: Killed By Money and Fame

Not every famous person is rich but we could say every rich person is famous. Role models overnight and little messiahs within their communities. Their private lives are the open records of paparazzi and the sinful public elevating them to moral gurus. After all, “money talks louder than the truth”. The rich and famous are known by all for their money buys them admirers; their living is made easier by their riches as they live in opulence.
But here is another side you did not know about the rich and famous. Most of them live in fear of the unknown, are wicked: pilfering even from the poor as you saw in WorldCom and Enron. They pretend to care but they don’t care about justice, and strive on taking advantage of others as confessed by Kanye West . They fancy gathering with other wicked people as Hollywood can show. Their inner insecurities lead them to plastic surgery, murder, hate and destruction. If fame and money would make us happy then stars would not be drug addicts? When the joy within escapes an individual then a replacement is sort through addiction. One would understand that the poor wants to drown their sorrows but what about the one you envy? If Oprah picks up weight it means her Acai Berry Diet does not work. So why do you want to follow processes that do not work?
Why is 419 instead taking another dimension? People regard fame and money more than good name. People even ask you if we eat good name. Despite news that the world oldest profession is feeling the crisis young women are still freighting into the business. Some may be fighting for survival but many want money and fame. In 1990 Richard Lyon killed Nancy Dillard for money.” Dominick Dunne’s “Power, Privilege and Justice” leaves you glued to your seat as you watch the debasement of human morals. The desire to acquire money has led many into vaulting ambitions that overleapt their bounds. Nowadays people are judged by virtue of their riches rather than the riches of their virtue. Consequently, good name is slaughtered on the altar of fame and money.
The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil (I Tim 6:10). In our attempt to be rich and famous, we fall into temptation and foolish lusts which drown us into destruction and perdition. Many have so coveted after money that they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through many sorrows.
Can we find people today who will return lost goods? In Ljubljana: capital of Slovenia out of 30 lost cell phones 29 were returned to their owners . In Africa, America and Latin America out of 30 cell phones kept to the view of adults; even children, will be stolen. Thereby killing good name for fame.
The Bible puts wisdom on a higher pedestal to money (Eccl 7:12) because wisdom strengthens the wise than ten mighty men in the city (Eccl 7:19). But the world is the opposite. It went further to say that though wisdom is better than all the weapons of war one sinner destroys all good (Eccl 9:18). So sinners beware! Surprisingly, the world does not heed to the poor man’s wisdom (Eccl 9: 16). That is why the rich stars are now the sages of the society, even the vilest of them is a role model. .
Make no mistake the Bible says that money answers all (Eccl 10:19). But you and I know money does not answer all childlessness, ill health and stupidity. No man has two penises and no woman has three vaginas. Worst still both have only 24 hours a day. You can get drudged in all the leisure and pleasure but you will end up mocking and destroying yourself.
Therefore, that verse does not mean that when you are rich your problems are packed in a suitcase and thrown into the Pacific Ocean. You may drink all the wine you can, eat all the goodies you can afford, or do all the drugs you find but without wisdom you are a miserable being. Wisdom is the fear of the Lord.
If you want to laugh without and still laugh within choose wisdom. Wisdom will bring you good name too. But you will never know both wisdom and evil. This is one of those times where the law of Exclusive Middle works at its best. Madness and folly cannot be married to wisdom. We live as a shadow on earth and we do not even know what will happen to the fame and money we leave behind. All we are entitled to is eat and drink for that is what will abide with us all of our life because we were created to fear God and keep his commandments and not to run after fame and money. So why do we pursue things that do not satisfy our souls? Have you ever sat to reconsider the emptiness of the life we live trying to run after fame and money while those with fame and money are married to sleeping pills?
People with good name will be remembered but the name of the wicked shall rot.
Doesn’t the Bible say: a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold (Prov 22:1)? Solomon the wisest man did emphasize: a good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth (Eccl 7:1).
Until then, may we resurrect good name back.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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