Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fatuity of individualism.

The charged demands of the Rat Race Culture make us forget even loved ones. In August 23, 2007 assistant principal: Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby forgot her 2 year old for more than seven hours in the backseat of her car to quickly run some errands before dropping her off at the child services . How many women lock up their babies alone in the house to run an errand or have some fun? One of the reasons too that this is happening is the absence of grand parents since most have been ushered into nursing homes.
Only in a time where people did not more care about one another would someone say he is committing suicide and others watch him do it; even praising him for the job well done . After he is dead the sister comes to blame the viewers for doing nothing . Where were they when he needed them most? No one has ever committed suicide because they had no problems and good company. At times you see people in a group but they are lonely; I mean, very lonely.
December 1, 2008 at a Wal-Mart store shopping monsters trampled upon a Wal-Mart worker trying to open the door for them . Even when informed someone had died they did not care; all they cared about were the sales they intended to buy.
Video games and TVs have paralyzed young people. They are now obese as soon as they are born and perhaps they will start being obese in the womb. We think we are celebrating the American Dream but perhaps we are hoisting our own petards. Shouldn’t people be considered by the riches of their virtues and not by virtue of their riches? Are you then surprised why we cannot let a relative; talk less of a homeless person to live with us for nothing?
In March 2008, Olga 75 and Helen 77 were accused of murdering two homeless men for financial gain . Look at their ages and see the nature of their crime. If we cannot take anyone home can we give a ride then? “Oh you know, there are many bad people out there and so you do not know who you are giving a ride to”. I have been giving rides for years but never had a bad person. In every act of benevolence there should be common sense. Yes, wisdom!
8 year old Arizona boy kills the father: Vincent Romero and Timothy Romans a work colleague who was renting a room in the family two story home in St Johns . After he died the family and friends come that they love him. Do you mean to tell me that no family member had a room to spare for him to live in? Question: why is love only strong after death? Answer: the fatuity of individualism?
Jimmy was a Manyu boy with a serious heart disease who did not have a place to live and moved from one friend’s house to another while his relatives lived in sumptuous homes. But after he died, relatives came from nowhere to inherit his corpse and insurance money. Where were they when he was homeless or semi homeless? Question: why is love only strong after death? Answer: the fatuity of individualism?
How many visit neighbors. People will die alone in their homes. In April of 2008 Alvin Thomas lived and died alone without running water or electricity in the house. After he died, see how many family members and friends showed up for his funeral ?
Dogs and cats have adoption commercials , but humans don’t have anything. When animals replace humans as perfect companions , then the people must recognize they have fallen to the basement of life .
Individualism rather than feed the people with ambrosia for immortality has injected them with poisoned nectar of death to one another. Can we boast anymore that the cock that crows may belong to the household but its crows belong to the community? The pyramids were not built by a single hand after all one stick does not make a forest. From Africa to the Americas, Antartica to Asia and from Australia to Europe, rather than community, individuity reigns in our societies. Why? It was not meant to be like this. Man was born to live in a community. We must revert to the old lifestyle of community living.
Until then, individualism is the devil's warhead to destroy community life.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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