Thursday, December 25, 2008

Does God Like Beautiful People?

I have sat in churches and heard preachers tell their congregations: “we all are rich; there is no poor in our midst.” Deep in me I know they are telling lies because even God affirms that some people are poor (Prov 10:15) and that those poor people will always be with us (Jn 12:8). The other day a lady berated us for saying that: “every man’s gift on earth should be a beautiful woman.” She explained to us that "every woman and every person is beautiful. By the way, God does not even know if there is such a thing as beauty and how will he like beautiful people because He looks but the heart." So do you think God likes beautiful people? Maybe I should ask you: does God like beauty at all?

It behooves all to know that God likes beauty that he ordered Aaron’s garments to be made for beauty and for glory (Ex 28:2). The Bible says we shall see the king in his beauty (Is 33:17). So if beauty is bad why would God allow the redeemed to see the king in that state? Absalom was noted for his beauty (2 Sam 14:25). Esther got the attention of the king because they paraded her beauty before him (Esther 1:11) just like we have the beauty pageants nowadays. Indeed, with this verse, we know that there are some women who are not fair to be looked upon. In other words; they are ugly. Take it or leave it: some people are ugly. That is; God wants dual beauty: in and out. Humans mostly look at the one without; the source of our failures.

Take the comparison between Leah and Rachel. The Bible says Rachel was beautiful while Leah was tender eyed (Gen 29:17). There are some women that you look and then you look again as if you missed her the first time because she is beautiful. If God so hate beauty, why would he advice the Israelites to keep the beautiful women they captured in war (Deut 21:11)?

Undeniably, ugly women make their beauty contests in their showers or bedrooms. They do their catwalk in the shower like I do my singing, and it is only good for us because that is the best place to show off to avert ridicule. It is the same like weak men showcasing their strength in front of their mirror or children. You should acknowledge that you are ugly and make it up with good character, so that that which you missed outside is recovered inside, and when people come near you, they can say that you are a beautiful person.
The most astonishing thing in it all is that beautiful women always fall in love with criminals or simpletons like Nabal and Abigail (I Sam 25:3).

Therefore, if you are not physically beautiful, you should make it up with beauty within. I wonder sometimes why ugly people are mean too. Outside, they are not beautiful, and inside, they are not. Is that a curse? Then other times you see a beautiful lady with very bad manners; really bad that no sane man wants her. All she gets are either sperm donors or baby daddies. I know you know many of them. Every ugly man should get a beautiful woman to compensate for that which God did not give him, and every beautiful woman should get a nice man to reconcile that which she lacks. My colleague: Franco always tells me that in most cases when an ugly man marries a beautiful girl, they get beautiful babies, but if an ugly man marries an ugly woman, they get monsters.

Sometimes when two beautiful people marry, they never last long because they are not grateful for having each other. It is the same like why most marriages between the rich never last long. Most marriages between beautiful people never last long too. If one person is beautiful and the other is not too beautiful, the not too beautiful thanks God for the gift and compensates with his or her behavior. So definitely God should like beautiful people too if they can produce a mixture between the outward and inward beauty.
But know that, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and every man‘s lover is beautiful in his eyes and every woman’s man is handsome in her eyes. Although the overall consensus is that not every woman is beautiful and not every man is handsome.

Nonetheless, whether you are beautiful or not, God loves you for who you are and not what you are. God loves his image He has put inside you. There is a common ending for both the beautiful and the ugly. All die! The beauty queen would not pass their day of death to the ugly queen neither would the ugly king be made to die in the place of the handsome king. Both the ugly man and the handsome man sit on the toilet and both the water of the beauty princess and that of the ugly princess quenches the fire. Some ugly waters have been known to even quench fires better! You smile; don’t you? I know you do! Get out of here.
However, God primes inner beauty more than outward beauty because the latter is vain (Prov 31:30).

Until then, God loves everyone!

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