Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Reminds of the fruits of Christ.

When I visited Blairsville Georgia two weeks or so ago I went to visit the rustic part of town. Then I looked at the lake it was without end. As I peered more I saw how great God is. God has revealed his greatness even more in that while we were sinners he gave his son Jesus to die for us. But then we were on earth and he must be born. Then an angel appeared to a virgin Mary to tell her she will conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost and will born a child whose name will be called Jesus. Then Jesus was born in a manger wrapped in swaddles. After his birth three magi visited him to pay homage as the King of kings and Lord of lords. Since his birth a day has been generally celebrated to commemorate his coming for the soul of humanity.
The question today will be why are we celebrating if we still live as if there was no salvation? Rather than look at it as Christmas it is considered Christmall when people shop and shop. I did shop too but as I shopped I gave gifts to especially those who cannot afford them. Christ would remember those who do not have. Who have you remembered?
But then in the world in which we live today the best gift we can give each other is to treat them right. A child was put on timeout in my classroom. I asked how old she was, she told me she was 17 and will be 18 next year. I said: "oh you are even a grown up woman. So what do you want to do with your life"? She said: "I want to be a lawyer or a dancer". So I said: "you seem to be bored; that is why you are constantly misbehaving. I want you to start writing the things that amuse you or you don’t like or perhaps the foolish things that people do. That way you will not be bored". She told me she was a writer and gave me one of her articles about herself. As I read it, it was evident she was a byproduct of a broken home and love has eluded her that she is now seeking that attention in school.
Then she looked at my wall and saw a Bible verse with that of Shakespeare. And she asked me why I have it there. I said that it is because I am Christian. “It is pretty obvious you are one; you are too nice” she retorted. But isn’t it against the law she followed up. I said first the law does not prohibit me from exercising my faith and secondly the Bible is a work of art. If I can quote Shakespeare then I can quote it too. So I said: “what about you”. She said oh I am a Christian and we go to church and attend the choir. I told her that until she told me now I never ever thought she had seen the four walls of a church. She got offended and told me she does not like when people judge her and that she will want us to change the topic.
When people look at you during these few days can they even associate you with Christ? A car stood in the middle of the road with double trafficators. I glanced through my tainted windows and saw a disheveled and bewildered young woman sitting inside. As I passed her, my conscience began judging me: “oh Christian; if it was Christ who was stuck there, will you pass”. So I went and made a U-Turn, parked my car by the road side and came out to push her car off the road. "We will have to do that when the light is red" I told her. So the light turned red and I tried to push the Toyota Sedan off the road. It was too heavy for me. So the light turned green again before I could push her off the road. Cars rumbled towards me and then stopped. Surprisingly they stood looking at me; waiting for me to struggle and get the car off the road. Finally another Good Samaritan stepped out of his car to give me a boost. As I looked at the car that was honking at us it had a Christian sticker.
I guess Christ was well honored that they sat in their cars and saw another person struggling by the road side to help a woman in trouble. Christmas should not be a time for shopping only but that whatever we do, we should remember why the day is celebrated. That day is a day to commemorate the coming of the Lord to save us from our iniquities and not just a time to shop. Let our shopping go with our good works.

Until then, let Christ be the center of Christmas.

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