Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bridgette Hager

I met her in Cuernavaca Mexico
Three Girls my friends and I saw
Don’t they look cute?
I muttered in my heart but my lips betrayed me
The other three in unison agreed.

To chat with them we bargained.
Her life in a vision was open book
Smiles without but sadness within.
Her heart dripping with tears
Lonely in a group like an owl.

Approached though confused her lover.
Friends reechoed she loved me
But differently I felt and believed.
Sadness enthroned deep in her heart.
She later told me she lost a boyfriend.

It was strange how I was so close to her
Though she was too distant from me
Her love burnt my heart like brimstone
Attempting to win her love mistakes I did.
Mistakes I confessed so God washed me.

Many times she was indifferent to me
Many times she lit the flames in my thoughts
With calculated words that gave me hope.
Should I keep running as days passed by?
My pride espy other overtures

A still voice beckons my persistence
I was off the mark and needed a U-Turn.
Mother said: I was the finest young man
If she doesn’t love me it was her loss.
Then I was excited to run after her again.

Within she was the best of God’s rewards
For foregoing my youth for Him
The best amongst all I have flirted with
She was always beautiful in my eyes and heart.
I laid in my bed and embraced my pillow

Oh, I love her, I confessed to my room.
Get up and send her an instant message
Which I will be pretty lucky if she replied.
At and after parties I met other princesses
Yet her love rang the bell regularly in mine.

Studies I did, studies I received to win her love
Yet the more I tried the more I estranged her
She ran further into the woods and the street
Fearing wolves prey on her innocent soul
On my knees I went down calling on God

Question: when would her heart alight?

I fantasize when she will sleep in front of me
On her left side of her beautiful body
On her right lactiferous duct placed my arm
That I squeezed and gently whispered:
Brige, I love you and my love is great for you.

I sent instant messages and emails
So she may tell me: write me no more
Call me no more; for you are not my type.
But the more I wrote the more she was quiet
When I wrote not she sent a little instant message

It sparked the fire again in my heart
I feel a sweet torment as never before
As if she made up her mind to torment me.
She knows I love her and always loved her
There was nothing to hide from her

She acquired the code to my private life
Still reads but does not answer my fantasy
She looks like she is part of my living and being
Still I could not unscramble her code
Perhaps all codes can’t be decipher

My poems reverberated her name
In the classroom as I teach
She was the face on every child
The wind whistled her name
Trees danced her music as I drive by

The plane sang as I gazed at the skies
In my dreams and visions I have seen her.
I saw her face in the palms of my hands.
To the last hour of my life she will always be there
I fantasize taking her forehead for a kiss

She looks and moves away as though saying
I love you but I am chained please free me.
I have always wondered though
Is there something in her heart for me at all?
Why does she remain stone cold towards me?

She is neither mean to me nor attracted to me
When I saw her the first day
Love’s mirror that reflected unto my face
She made my heart leap but I did not make hers
I could bear her sorrows and chagrins together

But the more I promised the more she absconded
As though I was a vampire desiring to suck her blood.
But mom confessed I would make a fine husband
If you treat her as you treat me she cheered me on.
Some married but should not have been

Please marry and show her this care
I crawled to send an instant message
Peradventure mother was God’s mouthpiece.
I believe I can convert her sadness to happiness
Since she is a nice person seeking love

In me she would find love and true love.
Always I feel she would one day call me
Hamilton, I have been thinking of you lately.
Please forgive me for all the trouble I gave you
My memory is always fresh with your name.

Could she be throwing something worthy?
All I wanted for her was her happiness.
Would she be happy again; ever again?
God alone knows but I wish her well.
Until then, farewell if I can’t catch your love.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

If relationship was only sex then Hollywood would be in a better predicament but unfortunately, if love was shoes, then Hollywood would charter all sizes.

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