Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Union Between East Cameroon and Southern Cameroons

Rev Awasom
You make a solid case. Nonetheless, a good friend is better than a bad brother, and at times when brothers do not seem to get along like Jacob and Esau they should separate first or when friends do not seem to get along like Paul and Barnabas they should part ways.
The United States of America is still a union because all states are equal and none is more equal than the other. The United States of America is still united because the president could come from any state and not just from one particular language group. Unlike in Cameroon why can't an Anglophone too become a president?
If the Southern Cameroonians keep being treated as second class citizens in Cameroon they should separate and form a different country.
Yet within the Southern Cameroons lies great gulf fixed of mistrust between Northwesterners and Southwesterners. That is what has weakened the spine of the entire Southern Cameroons movement because most Southwesterners are very loyal to the East Cameroon ruling party of the CPDM just to escape the claws of the Northwesterners.
As much as we love unity the fundamentals of unity: equality should be respected for the minority to keep being in the union else we may have to copy the example of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The people of Pakistan came form India because the union could not hold. Within Pakistan the union could not hold so they left and formed Bangladesh.
So if the Northwesterss don’t go along then they in turn form separate countries. Why should anyone be regarded as an inferior citizen in his or her own country? After all they will still be more populated than at least 100 other countries. Brunei (390,000) and United Arab Emirates (4,380,000) are not what they are today because they are the most populated countries. After all, the most important natural resources helping the Federal Republic of Cameroon are in Southern Cameroons.
If Southern Cameroons was to separate at least we will have a national team that will enable our own kids to train and play for their country too. How can a national team be without a single Southern Cameroonian? Why are all the main ministerial positions only given to East Cameroonians while the Southern Cameroonians are asked to be contented with the crump of useless ministries? Why do we have oil, fish, timer, and a lot more most of Southern Cameroons is still an abandoned enclave with no roads, airports or seaports? Aren’t we good enough even for mere roads too?
Here is the thing; Africans and Cameroonians have carried the victory of Obama on their heads like a woman carrying a kenja from the farm but they ignore the same virtues that the Americans have exhibited. If there is racism in America there is tribalism in Africa and in Cameroon.
Therefore, if the union based on the Foumban Conference is to hold then all provinces and regions must be equal. I have been fortunate and privileged to live in both parts of the country and to have preached in many places. I will say that the union is very fragile just because of the marginalization of Southern Cameroonians within the Union.
Nonetheless, Mahatma Ghandi (with Satyagraha), Martin Luther King Jr (Civil Disobedience) and Nelson Mandela (with non violence) have shown that a people could fight their freedom without going to war. Whichever way they take: violence or non violence they will still shed some blood.

Until then, may God help us avoid war.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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