Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is Obama a natural Born American or a naturalized Citizen?

The Youtube video does not meet up with the elements of literal translation even as the author tried it hard. The expression “Son of this village” in Africa does not only mean he was born in Kenya, but it also means your father comes from that village. Because his father who conceived him is from that village; thus, he is from that village.

Why is Jesus called Jesus of Nazareth when he was born in Bethlehem? The confusion emanates from the fact that his parents were from Nazareth, but he was born in Bethlehem, so he is a Nazarene. Most of my friends were born in Douala, but they are from Manyu because their parents come from Manyu.

In the case of Obama, it will be awkward to think that the boy was born in Kenya when the mother had not yet visited Kenya until after he was born. If the mother had not been to Kenya before that time then who gave birth to the boy in Kenya?

This country is not a country in the Dark Ages that did not have records. If Obama did not have a birth certificate in place and brought one from Kenya that he integrated into his files with the immigration, then someone would have leaked that file out erelong. It will not only be one person: grandmother that people say she said the boy was born in Kenya, but this time a colony of detractors and myriads of relatives. In his grandmother days, so no one else ever lived to testify where the boy was born?

In his memoir, Obama talked about meeting his family in 1988 which was the first time he went to Africa. If that was the first time how would he have been born there? The mother has died, but her immigration records did not die. When citizens travel out of the country don’t they get registered in the system? So why is there no proof that his mother traveled there before he was born. His mother had him while she was 18 and looking at it; if the mother never went to Kenya before he was born, then he was not born in Kenya.

Therefore Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution does not relate to Obama or at least means Obama fulfils it satisfactorily.

Until then, people should beat Obama in the booths and not by slander.

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