Monday, November 24, 2008

Immigration Amnesty Is Unbiblical

Illegal immigrants rounded up in Spain

Have you seen how Cameroonians mistreat illegal Nigerians, or have you seen how Nigerians manhandle illegal Ghanaians? Watch the TV and see how Mexicans treat the Hondurans and Salvadorians who live illegally in Mexico. You should peep into Europe and see how the police run after illegal immigrants in the streets. They mostly appear in the night like rat moles. You should check the Arabian Peninsula, then cross over to China and fly to Far East Asia, and you will know that every country is enforcing their border laws and fighting to keep illegal immigrants out. So tell me: why shouldn't the US protect her own borders? Rather, the illegal immigrants and those who exploit them utter political cries of: “Amnesty, Amnesty, Amnesty”.

Obama promised immigrant groups a blanket amnesty . Obama and McCain promised giving them an amnesty . Unto that I say this: every illegal immigrant should be deported and let them strive for entering visas from their home countries. That is the best solution. How many people just allow someone to live in their own house simply because the person forced themselves into the house?Amnesty is unbiblical because forgiveness is for repentant sin.  How do you forgive people who refuse to be forgiven? They were given opportunities to leave the country, but they refused; instead, they vamoosed into oblivion, yonder where their services are coveted. Therefore, Amnesty is a tacit enticement to illegal immigration.  It is creating a bigger hole to fill a smaller one. To stop illegal immigration is very simple: no education, no work and no welfare and subsidies to illegals. Immigration jails should be working centers where people work to accrue their airfares. Welfare and subsidies should be only for citizens and legal aliens who have paid into the system. 

How many people will allow a family with children who forced their way into their home to live there because it is not good to send a family with kids into the streets? After all, wouldn’t it be inhumane to drive a mother with kids into the streets? Why don't you allow the homeless to occupy everywhere till kingdom come? If it was your home, you will put them out the same hour. Right? Why should the country allow illegal immigrants simply because they have kids or simply because they are good people?
Many argued that what about the places of refuge God appointed in the Bible (Ex 21:12-16). The US does that, and it is called Asylum . Therein your file is studied, and if it does not pass the test of scrutiny, then it is rejected. Being an immigrant myself, I know that many of those asylum cases are bogus claims to gain entrance, merely for economic survival. Most of them are not being pursued by anyone. If the law is applied equitably and without respecting persons, then INS is there as a minister of God; a revenger to execute wrath upon evil doers (Romans 13:4).

The Bible is very clear on the issue of illegal immigration. Unrighteousness is sin (I Jn 5:17) and transgression of the law too is sin (I Jn 3:4). Living in a country illegally is transgression of the law and thus unrighteousness; therefore, illegal immigrants are breaking the Law, so they are living in perpetual sin.

The law (Deut 10:19) and Jesus (Matthew 10:40– 42) preach on receiving well the strangers, but illegal immigrants do not fall in that category. Firstly, they have already broken the law by living in a country illegally. If a newcomer comes legally as a stranger, he should be treated well (Ex 22:23). Entertaining strangers has with it special blessings for one may entertain an angel unknowingly (Heb 13:2). If anyone is a legal stranger in a land, they are guaranteed the hedge of God’s protection (Ps 146:9).

The only thing with enforcing the immigration law is that before the border with Canada was not enforced, and Canadians popped in and out as they wanted while the Africans whose great grand parents helped to build the nation were not permitted. Because the Cubans are light skin, they benefit from the Wet Feet/Dry Feet Law, but the Haitians even when they struggle and get on land, they are dragged on their feet with their heads down back into Haiti or the shore of the ocean. If every human being is created in the image of God, then he or she should be treated equally. The Bible says: “Ye shall have one manner of law, as well for the stranger, as for one of your own country: for I am the LORD your God” (Lev 24:22). My questions then will be: why can’t a naturalized citizen become the president? Why are natural citizens deported for felony when natural born citizens are not exiled?

Do we still remember why Lucifer was cast unto the earth? It was God establishing his territorial rights because Lucifer had no right to live there in rebellion (Is 14:12-19). Why were the Israelite males numbered (Num 1:2-3)? The census was to prepare an army. And why was the new generation of Israel to fight a war (Judges 3:2)? It was to protect their territorial integrity. David acknowledges that God taught him how to fight wars (Ps 144:1).

When Jesus beat out of the temple the buyers and sellers, and moneychangers (Matt 21:12-13), He was setting a boundary of what is acceptable in his house or the House of God and what was unacceptable. Jesus did not renounce violence when it came to protecting territorial rights (Lk 22:36). He even reversed his earlier guidance where they were to take nothing on a trip (Lk 9:3). That is because before they did not need them, but now that they will face greater and steeper opposition, they should be prepared to deal with it. The US has enough laws but must enforce them even with the help of citizens.
Treating the legal immigrant well is very important. That does not mean the illegal immigrants are not human beings. However, there is no one who faces the wrath of the law and still thinks they are being treated well. Because that will entail separating families, locking up their father or mother who is the only bread winner in the house. Those families that were at the brink of collapse will finish off with immigration raids and people are rendered useless when raids are conducted at their worksites.

It will be a meltdown for the solution to illegal immigration to be amnesty. That will be like catching a thief and saying since you have already eaten your spoil you are forgiven. That goes against biblical norms. If a thief was caught even though he stole for hunger he will restitute his booty seven times (Prov 6:30-31). There will always be illegal immigrants in every country, so the solution is sending them back immediately as they are caught. Americans should also curb their appetite for cheap labor and drugs which are boosters to illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration is a sin and repentance requires a turning aback. All those illegal immigrants should return to their home countries until they get proper documentation to live in that country before they live there. It is escheating the citizens of that country from the citizenry when illegals are granted amnesty. That is as simple as it can be for the solution of illegal immigration. Separating the rights of the strangers and those of citizens is neither a new nor a bad practice (Neh 9:2).

One has always wondered why employers will hire illegal immigrants. The Bible explains why: cheap labor ((2 Chr 2:17)). Employers who hire illegal immigrants should be made to pay a very high price. The employers benefit more than the immigrants, so they have to fight to keep them to maximize their profits.

But then when the goodness of a country are turned to strangers and aliens, then the citizens of that country must be concerned for they have abandoned the way of God (Lam 5:2). Indeed, the US has a cause for alarm than ever before, for they go down that path.

Granting amnesty is not the solution; it will be digging a bigger hole to fill a smaller one. There is no human side of implementing immigration reforms. If you are illegal, just go back home and reapply to enter legally into the country. The US is not the only country that implements immigration and border reforms. The US actually has the most porous borders; many unenforced laws. When border patrol agents are charged and convicted for doing their job, it leaves us with a sour taste, if the US really wants to enforce immigration laws .

Until then, amnesty to illegal immigrants is bad for any country.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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