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Freewill: The Abortion Latrine.

It is amazing how people compare the War with abortion. Deaths by abortion outnumber deaths by war by far . Abortion as of Nov 13, 2008 had 1,284,105 deaths while Iraqi deaths have been 4189 so far for the US casualty. Although this year already abortion has killed in the US more than the War in Iraq and Afghanistan but the war costs more. Because the cost of war directly affects us we feel it more than an individual using his or her own money to commit abortion. In most cases, those committing abortion use their own money and insurance money to pay for their evil. Meanwhile the state is being indebted to fight wars overseas.
Abortion is a very controversial topic that until today I had never read through the Bible to see what it says about it. Abortion is done by both married and single women when both mother and child are in danger like when they are not. So I decided to take some time last week and this week to read and listen through the scriptures if peradventure I may have a stand. There are those for and those against. Some people have contended that abortion should be for medical reasons like when the life of the mother is in danger. Abortion proponents say that it is safer than delivery. But the handwriting of Statistics in science and medical books paint a different story .
Others have argued that the fetus is not yet a child. Meanwhile others say the baby in the womb is not a human being and so we cannot talk of murder. If fertilization takes place within one day after sexual intercourse , then the child is already a human being from day one. People say well the child is not living. In Genesis 25:23 God calls the fetuses in the womb as people already. Doesn’t it imply that from conception life is honored? But then most pro abortionists argue that the child has no life at that age. Isn’t this what science says? In addition if the heart is beating after 4 weeks and the muscles and nerves start to work after seven weeks then a full human been is being crushed or dissolved to death with the pretext he or she is not alive. To show that their arguments are frail most of them think about taking out the child after two months even.
Furthermore you have those who support abortion to protect the life of the mother. Those who reject this theory claim it will be taking the place of God since we live in the world that miracles are still possible. It may be rational that by letting the mother live she will have other children but letting her die takes away two lives.
This point has kept me in between. We know that the fact of abortion is killing and thou shall not kill. No doubt there is killing taking place. Nonetheless, it is the fact of killing no matter the case. To an extent this beckons for the question: does God accept killing in self defense (2 Sam 2:22-23) or in defense of the helpless. Would God condemn a man who killed a murderer who was killing children in a hospital? After all, wasn't he trying to protect many lives? If we consider other instances the law was broken to save a life then we might be tempted to say no, God will not condemn the woman who aborts to save a life.
Abraham told Pharaoh and later Abimelech that Sarah was his sister to safe his life from their covetous and lustful eyes (Gen 12:19; 20:2). God did not rebuke Abraham for telling the lie; rather, He fought Pharaoh and Abimelech. Despite those lies Abraham is called a man of faith. Jacob deceived Isaac to rob Esau his elder brother of their father’s blessings (Gen 27: 6-30). During the Spy-gate incident Rehab told the king of Jericho that the Israelite spies were not in her house (Jos 2:3-4). In her lies, her act is instead rewarded as faith in the Lord (Heb 11:31; James 2:25). Then came David and his men eating the showbread that could only be eaten by priests (Lev 24:9). The king told them they could eat it as long as they had not had sex (I Sam 21:6). That is because the bread was there to safe lives and the soldiers eating will be able to live. Later Jesus uses that as faith for David (Mat 12:3-4). Jesus himself healed on the Sabbath. Thus working on the Sabbath Day (Mt 12:13); a day Israelites were prohibited from working (Ex 16:23-29; 20:8-11).
So would God judge to condemnation the lady who aborts a child that is threatening her life? Perhaps the answer will be no. Yet a question we may ask is: could that not be possible to make an induced premature delivery? Must it only be by killing the child?
Although abortion is not an unforgivable sin but it is judged like every other sin that will be judged. There are certain sins like abortion that though we confess and forsake their scars remain with us. Deep in you, you know you are a murderer; you know you have killed an innocent child. Doesn’t the Bible say love your neighbor as yourself (Mat 22:39)? Would you tell me you are showing that child love by aborting it? Why do you easily forget: “do unto others what you want them do unto you” (Mat 5:12)? Oh well, I regret you were born; you should have been aborted. Look at you; just because a man says he does not love you, you want to die but you have the audacity to kill an innocent child who is merely begging to live. You like to acclaim the stars, President Bush, Clinton and Obama but you kill those who would have come up like them too. Who knows what the child you killed today would have become tomorrow?
In 1998, on a Sunday morning, Jim lemons: an Assemblies of God missionary to Cameroon visited our church. I have known Jim and worked closely with him as the assistant national coordinator for the University Ministry in the Full Gospel Mission but he has never unraveled that portion of his life to me. He was teaching on the Ten Commandments. Then he began talking about murder and abortion. A minute later tears were running down his cheeks as he choked time and again narrating his story that he was conceived by rape and he thanks God that his mother took the benevolent decision to let him live. If the mother had murdered him in abortion she would have destroyed the best Assemblies of God missionary the Full Gospel Mission Cameroon ever had. Jim and me in 1998 during one of our conferences where he was to speak.
Abortion’s damages are political, social and economical too. Politically thanks to abortion and poor immigration laws the Caucasians who used to be the majority are soon losing that status and in a few more years they will be a minority. And this will be exciting to see if and how the Caucasians will use affirmative actions.
Economically, McCain and Obama say they will increase the cap for H-1B visas from 65,000. Why are we lacking in skilled workers? The society does not allow young people who are usually the working force to live. They are killed by abortion and now we have to take in skilled foreign workers.
Socially, because of abortion there are not enough babies to adopt as such there are stringent laws for the few to be adopted. Consequently Americans are fluctuating foreign countries to solicit babies for adoption.
People say if God wanted abortion to be illegal then it would have been. So which part of “thou shall not kill” (Ex 20: 13; Deut 5:17) isn’t clear. I guess God should have said: do not commit man slaughter, do not assassinate, do not commit fratricide before you know that all of them come from a common generic: murder. Abortion is murder of the unborn child. It is the early termination of a pregnancy. If people are indicted and convicted on masterminding a crime then even at the level of merely masterminding the early termination of the baby is murder.
Others have argued with me that abortion is their rights. It is part of the freewill that God has given humanity.
Though God is sovereign, he has given man the possibility to participate in his own decisions as he has given humanity a conscience. Man is not an automaton; he is a rational being with senses. If God was to decide all for you why would he hold you responsible if you go wrong? That is why to solicit your participatory volition he sets before you good and evil (Deut 30:15); blessings and a curse (Deut 11:26; 30: 1). The fact that there is evil on earth does not mean that God does not exist or that God has permitted it. He has set a time limit to judge the defaulters so he gives them a long rope in his long suffering (I pet 3: 9). If they repent, they are saved but if not they will be condemned, and sent into the unquenchable fire (Mk 9: 43-48).
Therefore if abortion will make you go to hell then you must stop it. I feel bad for those who say I don’t want to have kids or those who abort. If they were aborted they would not be alive today to be running their mouths and uttering their gibberish.
As a college student I watched a movie on how abortion is committed in the West. The surgeon takes the instruments to trap the baby by the leg or head or whatever part that comes up first. Then they start to tear the poor baby apart bit by bit until they take out the entire baby. Those in developing countries without such services use other crude methods and so I lost a one time brilliant friend trying to abort.
Because it is murder it is right for the government to enact laws against such practices just as we have laws against people distributing HIV to others or selling cocaine. If Christians are pushy by advocating against abortion then they are pushy advocating against rape. After all; the rapist is exercising his or her God given freewill. Then the African Americans should not complain about slavery and people should not grumble about racism after all in each of these occasions the people were merely exercising their freewill.
The laws of the land are there to curb and curtail the excesses of our freewill (Rom 13:3-4; I pet 2:13-14).
The fact that someone is in a fallen state does not mean the law should not require them to live lawfully. That is exactly why the law is there because we are conscious they do not know God and so have no respect for His laws. But at least they know man and see that he has jails and prisons for those who break the laws.
Those who see Christians as hateful and judgmental because they condemn abortion have exchanged their shrewdness for the zeitgeist.
No doubt it is your right to play music and organize parties. It is also your right to use your house as a prostitution haven. Why then do we have a problem with that? That is because once your rights infringe the rights of your neighbors it becomes a crime. Once your sins affect the next person it is a crime.
To even go further, people have been jailed for trying to kill themselves. In October 2002, Forth Worth police shot a man stabbing himself to commit suicide. Isn’t his right then to die? Why should the police shoot him; ironically to death?
Make no mistake that if there is any one Christian who is not forewarning the world of its evil ways that Christian is failing in his or her duties because we have been adjured to be our brother’s keeper (Lev 19:16). We have been commissioned to be bearers of good tidings (Ezek 3: 17-20; Mat 28:19-20).
The American schools are what they are today because the rights of the parents and students supersede common sense and communal conscience. The war against Abortion is not a religious war but a moral obligation to save a helpless child being murdered.
Every people on earth have laws against killing people and killing children. Even in times of war children are spared. The irony in this all is that almost in every state in the US if a man killed a woman who is pregnant he his tried for double murders. Yet we claim that the child in the womb is not alive. How do you murder anything that has no life?
Though most abortions are unwanted pregnancies people should be encouraged to keep them. The way we react when women get pregnant will encourage them to keep or abort the baby. When men have to be forced to pay child support rather than be real fathers they send a message to the lady that you made a mistake keeping the baby. Therefore, gentlemen, if a lady tells you she is pregnant, don’t worry, just be happy for the fruits of your labor are they. Those who have children should raise them up well too because some women abort because they fear they will not be good parents as they look at some kids who are like monsters or Denis The Menace. If you have a child like the one in this commercial below how many people will want to have children? Yet you know it is your freewill to abort or to keep the baby. Whatever decision you make is your own very freewill. If you abort, it is your freewill but you are also killing, and killing is a sin no matter what people do to you.
One day two students I know knocked on my classroom. One of them said her friend had something she wanted to tell me. So I stepped out of my class to give them privacy and listen to them. She told me she wanted to commit abortion but was afraid and did not know if it is bad. I asked her if her parents were aware and she told me no; but that the parents of her boyfriend knew about it, and they are the ones making it possible. Any father or mother who will help another person’s child to commit abortion without informing them is just sadistic. So I persisted with questions like: “when do you want to do it”? She said: “today after school” and I retorted: “how did you know the clinic”? Her friend who brought her to me took her there and it seems she is the veteran. So I asked her to come back and see me during my planning.
Meanwhile, I stayed back, called the parents, and told them to come to school urgently. They came to our teacher’s workroom and I told them what was going on. The man like most parents grew red and began fidgeting on his seat. He did not know I understand Spanish. He spoke in Spanish saying: “I will kill this girl”. I laughed and told him: “that is not why I called you; I called you because I want you to show her love and not frighten her to run and abort. Tell her you want the baby and are ready to accommodate her”. During planning she came to see me only to realize the father was there. She was shivering like she just picked a cold. I told her that I have called the parents and that it is for her own good. Rather than be afraid that her parents will kill her because she is pregnant they are actually ready to assist her go through these difficult moments. The mother and father spoke to her and assured her they will be there for her.
Then I told the girl if you go home and they do not keep their promise call me. Furthermore, I will swing by the house in the evening to make sure all is well. In the evening I drove by but they had gone out to eat. So I left messages with the neighbors on both sides so they know I passed by. They treated her well and she kept the baby. Today she has the child living and it will be happy it was let to live. There are women whose bowels yearn for a child, oh my sister please let the child live.

Until then, abortion is your right but it is murder and evil.

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