Saturday, November 29, 2008

Do you know you are getting old?

In Hollywood, they are scared of senility with ugly women trying to be beautiful under the surgeon’s knife. Tell a 40 year old that she has wrinkles, and she wants to break your head but tell her you want to celebrate her Sweet 25, and she will lapidate you with accolades. People are afraid to get old, though they will inevitably get old and wrinkled.

I was looking at my pictures when I was in the seminary, and I was laughing saying in my heart: oh man, I am growing old. The next day I went to the field to run with one of my students who is 20. After going three laps round the football field in 5 minutes, I had to take a break and walk and then complete the other two laps to give me 14 minutes. Meanwhile as a teenager I did 10 laps in 14 minutes. Lord I am getting old.
My grandfather used to say son; I was a tiger when I was little kid but before he died, he was merely crawling to the latrine. At a given time, we did all for him as he entertained us with stories and proverbs. Here is the great tiger laying helpless and begging for a shower. Old age has finally caught up with him.
A friend of mine had gone to take shooting lessons so he can carry a gun as a security guard. After three attempts, the instructor asked him if he sees well. He did not shoot even once on the huge target. The second phase was even worse for he sprayed the bullets just far from their targets. The instructor stopped the lesson before he shot himself. He could not carry a gun because he did not pass the shooting test. Did you know he was a sharp shooter in the military when he was young? His hands tremble when he tries to hold things. His eyes are getting dimmer and dimmer. His legs quaver when he runs, and his memory is only good for a moment. That is called dotage. Did you know you will get there?

Two years ago a friend of mine sent me her pictures. She is now a shadow of her real self. Her breasts were like needles when you embraced her. Her face was all smooth, and her body was slender like a tadpole. When she was young, she walked like spaghetti; sliding from left to right. The West calls it catwalk. Just like my spaghetti could not stay on my fork, she could not maintain a lane. Nowadays, she needs a stuffed bra to flatter those who see her that she still has it. Today, she maintains her lane to and fro. Thank God she has not inflated herself with silicon. She has added weight despite her runs and exercises. She is afraid to grow fat but there is nothing she can do; these are natural changes that must occur.
Soon your teeth will all be gone. Those dimples on your jaws will show and when you speak people hear like the little kid that began speaking. Listen; shake those buttocks for soon you will not have much to shake. Hit that chest today for soon you will lack the strength to hit them again.
Why are you really worried about geezerhood? If you worry much, prepare for it. The best way to prepare for it is to accept it and not to run away from it. The knife may make you younger for some days and years but it will still come. Old age is like the promise of the Lord; though it tarries it shall still come to pass. Those sharp pointing breast will soon sleep on your chest and his machine no matter how updated will sleep in between his legs from morning till night. Oh Lord, I hate to remind you that you are getting old. Enjoy some of my pictures and find me in them if you can. Lord I am getting old.

Until then, you are getting old.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk
Ernestine, Passy and I during Georgette and Dr Waffo wedding.
My dormitory (Bethlehem) team during the Youth camp. Our Goalkeeper in blue" Kum kitz was death and dumb.
being ordained as a deacon.
Alain, Benjamin and myself: first batch of the Full Gospel Bible School Mbalmayo.
Augustine Ndogmo, John Ndah and Myself just after Youth Ministry.
University leaders gathering in Yaounde. At this time Pat Mahar and I led the group and John Koeshall was visiting from the US.
Youth Camp in Akonolinga.
When I was a little guy. Can you see me with the arrow? Look at my younger sister Blessing in my mother's arms. Below she is getting old too.Extreme left is older sister Eveline Ayuk and extreme right is late Theresia Mbi (Thursday 5/14/2006). My Mother is carrying Blessing and late maternal Grand mother Ma Obenakem

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