Monday, November 10, 2008

The Ayitos (Divisive Elements) Of Manyu In The USA. Part: 7

Part 7: Conclusion and Solutions
The Manyu people like most people on the run are entrenched in their culture. Thus culture influences their daily living as you can see. The young and new Sesekous must toe the line and respect the older ones. The Sesekous who did not sleep in the bush for 14 days must go back home and fulfill that right of passage so they understand the dynamics and mechanics of Ekpe. I have seen Ekpe members pass the night in this America just anywhere they see food. That is why they can leak any secret if given a piece of bread. Those types of people easily turn against their last benefactor at the next fruitful stop. They easily forget their long time helpers. Ekpe members are the mayungdack (instigators) of this community.
As I earlier suggested rather than fight for position in one place each of these guys should activate their own lodge where they live and recruit members; I mean even strangers like the Father of Nchang Village. Sesekou Barachel should rescind from his position as chairman of Mgbe USA and submit to Sesekou Ojong Orock. Mgbe USA under Sesekou Ojong Orock should send an official apology that will be taken to Sesekou Solomon by Sesekou Sandys for the injunction he passed barring members from attending his late father’s death celebrations. Those that have not cooked Ekpe should cook and entertain Ekpe as soon as possible. You cannot eat from others and you do not want to cook. That is why some members are angry. Sesekou Barachel, Sandys and the other members who teamed up against Sesekou Ojong Orock should ask him for an apology and reestablish relationships as they used to be. Because it is usually difficult; if not impossible for the spills over from Ekpe to enter the general Manyu community, I adjure the Ekpe members to get their acts together if they want recognition of their organization especially knowing fully well that not every Manyu person is a member of Ekpe.
Finally onto the general Manyu community I say this: aren’t you tired of fighting amongst yourselves? Aren’t you tired of destroying one another? A division like ours has no major roads. You saw Mukefor traveling by canoe. I hear Mamfe is tarred but what good is it though, if the city is tarred but there is no road into the city?

If you do not go by road you go by water. Look at where we leave our brothers and sisters to be traveling daily to make a living. Yet we boast of fancy cars and mansions. What a wicked and selfish world.


I still hear Manyu people living abroad for years with no papers? I hear them losing their homes but we do not do anything. Rather we take our money and give to lawyers for lawsuits against each other. The coming 2009 should be a year of peace and development. We do nothing to integrate newcomers. I even hear some of you ask people living with you to pay contributions. Shame on you! However, I know many of you have always been there for each other. Please, keep it up for God rewards cheerful givers. This is high time to be our sister’s keeper. We should stop all these in fighting and quarrels. The world is too large for each sparrow to fly without cleaving feathers. So why can’t the Manyu people abroad live together and in peace?

Until then, a house divided against itself cannot resist outside invasions.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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