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The Ayitos (Divisive Elements) Of Manyu In The USA: Part 6

Part 6. Intrigues and Backstabbings of Ekpe

There are those whose talents are to cause confusion in the community. They knock people’s heads together and sit down to watch how the community is burning. When the community is alight their schadenfreude is satisfied. There are those who rather than become honest brokers become trouble shooters; they keep fanning the flames on both sides. They are always friends to the newcomers so that they can gossip their supposed enemies. You know some of those people in this community. When their dirty tricks are known they abandon old acquaintances and go to new members of the community. They are like Satan who is always looking for new converts to make twice worse than they were. They are like an epidemic; whenever they pass they must take away lives. If late Carlet Ako was still alive, he would have testified to this and he would have served as a check-valve to some of these guys.
For example, Sekekou Sandys is the fourth in line as a Sesekou in the Washington Metropolitan area Ekpe House, but since he came back; about three years ago (from his acquisition of the Sesekou title), he has been trying to replace the old leadership he met in order to become the head in Washington DC and subsequently in Manyu Ekpe America.
In order of seniority as Sesekou in Washington we have:
1. Sesekou Ojong Orock who arrived in the United States in Feb 1996 as a Sesekou
2. Sesekou Okang whose grandfather passed over his throne to him in may 1996
3. Sesekou Nfontem Mbu who became a Sesekou in December 1996
4. Sesekou Sandys who became one in 2005.
Though Sandys was the fourth in line he does not want to recognize this order as enshrined by the Ekpe tenets. He has been told this by Manyu General Ekpe yet he does not want to acknowledge it. When he just became a Sesekou he started a campaign with Sesekou Nfontem Mbu in order to overthrow Sesekou Ojong Orock. After overthrowing Ojong Orock then he will do away with Joe Mbu. But then he had forgotten that there is Sesekou Okang. As a matter of fact during the Making Ceremony of Sesekou Okang he was not even there.
When that plan did not work he then moved to younger Ekpe members like Etobe Etobe Ntu: Assam Assam. This also failed. Then when Akwo was to be made a Sesekou he quickly attempted to seize him on his side. After Akwo returned as a Sesekou he began making daily visits. He urged Sesekou Akwo to give him the leadership because leaderships was lacking in DC. Ekpe.
Sesekou Akwo an outspoken man dismissed his intrigues. At this time he has angered most except the executioner: Amgbu. Amgbu then wrote terrible things against Sesekou Akwo as having bought his Sesekou and so on.
Manyu people don’t our people say the line of kingship is always straight. That means; if you desire leadership wait for your turn for if you are the next in line it will never miss you because it goes on every head in the regal lineage.
Ekpe as I know it; is Njangi. The mighty Tiger must be nourished with meat daily or else it will die. After Sesekous Ojong Orock and Joe Mbu had entertained Ekpe several times with goats, Sandys was often given the lion share as an elderly Ekpe member before he went to be bequeathed with the Sesekou title. Upon return, he refused to present to Ekpe DC even a kola nut with the argument that he acquired his title and does not owe anybody a duty. He even went as far as saying only the leading Sesekou cooks Ekpe. Nonetheless, he finally presented something befit only for primary school boys with tattered shorts.
The mistake Sesekou Sandys was doing was to think that because most of the eating and drinking takes place in the Ekpe chief’s house it means that he is the only one cooking. Each person cooks according to their turn. To the Ekpe members they are cooking for the chiefs who went ahead of them. As such, he has only reaped what he sowed when younger Ekpe members cook especially when he is old and cannot hunt or take active part in economic activities. That is why they say that Ekpe is an investment.
One invests while young and reaps when old.
When Sandys brought this false theory, Sesekou Ojong orock reduced his Ekpe activities. This matter was settled in June 2006. In December 2006 he brought the Ebini Saga that will cost most of them time and money to send delegates to Mamfe for the court date.
Ekpe as I knew and know is mostly mutual respect. That is why all the Sesekous are equal in principle. Sesekou Sandys knows this very well. But in order to take the lead he must secure friends from within like Sesekous Assam Edward and Arrey-Mbi. However, he does not do his dirty work himself; he lets Amgbu do it for him. Amgbu in his turn now cooks up theories that do not even exist and are totally contrary to the Ekpe philosophy.
Needless to say that neither Amgbuh nor Sandys has been to the Ekpe Bush. As such it is normal for the intricacies of Ekpe to elude them. Amgbuh has challenged the authority of every Sesekou he does not see eye to eye except his main man Sandys.
After Sandys returned from home with his Sesekou title he attempted to consolidate his grip on the rest of the people as his attack dog: Amgbuh went on the offensive on Manyunet against Okjong Orock, Joe Mbu, Akwo, Solomon and the others.
Consequently, during the late Hon Sesekou Egbe Tabi’s memorial Sandys passed an injunction on Ekpe activities which Sesekou Egbe Solomon requested to honor his late father just to settle personal scores. Despite the injunction, the older Sesekous ignored him and attended the ceremony because he did not consult the other Sesekous.
Remember he has desired to strengthen his power and thought this was a great opportunity. The rejection of his injunction was a slap to Sandy’s authority and a return to reality that he was not the leader of Ekpe.
In June 2006 during the quasi settlement of this matter, Sesekou Sandys could not give the reason for the injunction. That is a sign at least that there is democracy in Ekpe.
Ekpe DC then took a decision to go to Chicago in June 2008 as a team. Sandys decided to separate himself from the team and rented his own car. Upon return he wanted to settle his scores with Ebini Christmas (himself a double side sword) during Ebini’s Entertainment in December 2006. That is why he said Ebini was not qualified to cook because he is not a member. May I ask again; if it is only Ekpe members who cook? The answer is emphatically no. As I told you before; I repeat the same thing again and will do so until kingdom come.
It is not only the Ekpe members who cook to entertain Ekpe; even a stranger or anyone can entertain Ekpe. Ekpe is apolitical and thus neutral. It is the umbrella which covers the Manyu people: members and non members alike.
After Ebini’s case, Sandys finally exiled himself from Ekpe Washington DC Lodge and colluded with Barachel (former assistant to Sesekou Ojong Orock) the new leader of the renegade Mgbe Manyu and the others to set disarray in the Manyu community. Every function they will want to fight and want to represent their own activities. As such, they recruited some old Mgbe members as their new converts into their renegade group called Mgbe Manyu led by Sesekou Barachel and Sesekou Arrey Mbi. They then saw the Ebini pantomime as an opportunity to intimidate and knock out Sesekou Ojong Orock from the leadership of Ekpe USA. So they took a local matter to Mamfe that they thought had the power to ban Sesekou Ojong Orock. Unfortunately, the matter went to his favor. Though Sesekou Ojong Orock ate Ebini’s goat but he did not initiate him neither did he commercialize Ekpe as was the charge on their petition to Mamfe.
On the contrary, Sesekou Barachel has initiated Mgbe Manyu USA members into the Achuimbge with a view to commercialize. These culprits have been summoned by Manyu General Ekpe to appear in Mamfe and answer their charges.
To solve these Ekpe problems I will advise them to activate Ekpe houses in their different metropolitan areas.
Until then, for how long will they fight each other?

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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