Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where do dead people Go?

No one has refused and can refuse for the soul of the departed to rest in peace. However, as a Christian, the Bible does not teach me so. The bible teaches me that after death comes judgment (Heb 9:27). Each of us will be rewarded according to his or her works. If you were wicked on earth, there is no way you will enjoy in heaven. Then God will even be unjust to allow the wicked people to be in heaven. Consequently, if the defunct has lived a good life of honesty no matter how he or she died he or she will be with the Lord. But if he or she did not, then no matter how we pray and wish they will be mere wishes. Indeed, if wishes were horses, we will wish all our dead to be in heaven. So those who believe in Christ and have been justified of their sins will meet him in heaven. The Bible says that our day of death is better than our day of birth because that is the beginning of another long life called eternity. We should stop deceiving ourselves that everyone who dies is going to heaven. No, they are not! As such, the actions of the physical man will determine the destiny of the spiritual man. Thus we should mind the way we live on earth.
Until then, God be with you.

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