Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Has Your Parliamentarian Done?

Mr. Tayong
I have heard you question the fact that 8 millions a year given to parliamentarians could not do anything. Your myopia protrudes because you want and have already begrudged the CPDM (party in government). If not why wouldn’t you realize that 8 millions each year could alleviate the cost of furnishing sheets in a hospital or low cost medicines in some hospitals. That there are some schools needing benches that could cost only one million. Why can’t you see that some of them have been there for more than two terms and a term is five years? Multiply 8 by five times 2 (for the two terms). Tell me that 80 millions CFA francs could not build some of the broken bridges where people only cross on a footlog. Tell me that HE Aya Paul could not team up with the council to make a real untarred (unpaved) motorable road to the people of Akwaya. I have a full article for Manyu where I will detail what each has done with their own money and that will enable the people to either vote them in again or vote them out. I am just waiting for the appropriate time to put it out once I have done the finishing torches in terms of verification of the data. You and the rest of the people from the Northwest should hold your politicians responsible be them from government or opposition. If they take anything for the people it should reach the people.
Let me ask you this: if a parliamentarian took 80 millions CFA and could not do anything with it what proves that if they are given 80 billions CFA they will do anything. Their performance in terms of probability and percentage will still be proportionate to the one when they had less. Some of the Parliamentarians have contributed benches to the people and pretended that it was donation. No, it is not. Though the people should be grateful that they at least did that but they owe the people than the people owe them because it is the people’s money and should be given to them in projects of any sorts.
See, parliament cannot enforce that the parliamentarians use the project money well because the entire parliament is corrupt. But you and I could make sure that these things are revealed to the public and that will force the politicians to do more. They may not spend all the money but they will do more. The reports of accomplished projects submitted by the parliamentarians to parliament should be published so that the people know what their parliamentarians say they have done. Most of them take pictures and make up projects that they have accomplished. This is where we call for investigative journalism and not just gossip mongering. I want you all to join me in this project of exposing the amount of money taken by parliamentarians and how much or what they did with it.

Until then, let us stop from being biased.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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