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The Ayitos (the divisive elements) Of Manyu in the USA: Part 2

Part 2: Universal Truth
This little anecdote of Manyu illustrates a universal truth. Most people who make unjust laws become victims of their own laws. In Cameroon the first Head of State: late president El_ Alhadji Amadou Ahidjo passed a law concerning Coups d’Etat. It said that any person can be arrested even when those in power merely suspect that he or she was meditating to topple the government by a coup d’Etat. He himself became a victim of his law when he tried to regain power by force. He ended up in a miserable exile after a failed putsch. The same Ahidjo did not bother to bring back the corpses of Felix Moumie or Abel Kingue who were buried in Conakry and Khartoum respectively because they were accused of being “Marquisards”. When he died Paul Biya his hand picked successor refused to consider bringing his corpse back from exile where he died until this year.
In 2007, Philip Tabi was running for the position of MECA USA chairman. Unfortunately, despite the promise of MECA GA his local chapter to support him he had some members from the same chapter who refused to support him because they were supporting another Candidate. MECA GA had a long standing tradition to sponsor its members to attend conventions by paying their transportation. So Momanyi thought that since Philip will be coming from GA with the policy he will have many voters to vote for him. Momanyi a diehard supporter of Peter Ako (Philip’s opponent) then sponsored a law that the Meeting should rescind from paying transportation. There was a huge debate and finally Dr Ayukenow said that he felt it was a plausible idea. However it would be unfair to just stop the practice abruptly. So they will sponsor the trip for the last time. The meeting did but Philip did not win. It was instead Peter Ako who won with the Council of Chiefs stealing the Elections.
So the following convention in Delaware did not have full MECA GA’s participation because the enemies of Philip Tabi dug their hole too large and they were the first to fall in it. They were the first to fall earlier in their own gallows. The next year there was going to be a convention in Delaware and since the meeting had stopped the practice of paying transport Momanyi and his friends who sponsored that bill fell into their own trap. And this may continue with Maryland.
The divisive elements of Manyu division in the USA: Sandys, Amgbuh, Ebini-Tambe, Obi-Tabot, Asam in order to keep away Christmas Ebini (a controversial element) from Ekpe, passed a law that every Manyu element must go home to be initiated into the Ekpe. Ebini and many others had to do just that. But they have become inadvertently victims of their own law. They have caused themselves to be initiated into the Achui-Mbge in the USA by Barachel.

They were not even supposed to carry out any activities with Barachel because after removing his Ekpe cap to greet the Northwest Fon he exiled himself from Ekpe. Ask me how?
When he went home in December of 2006, Manyu General Ekpe invited him but he failed to attend the Ekpe invitation rather he absconded to the US without bidding goodbye to the very people he always mingled and boozed with. Perhaps he forgot that The USA does not harbor cultural fugitives. By not attending the Ekpe invitation he has exiled himself from Ekpe Society. Thus, loses all his rights.

Until then, A rat mole does not dig a hole without sleeping in it.

8 more parts are coming up.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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