Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Living who forgot their Death Clock.

Africans enjoy begging because you sit in churches and most pastors coming and making pleas for money are from Africa. Most people pleading for help in forums are Africans and most forums with pleas to send a corpse home are Africans. Are we cursed to beg or what? Each time I objected to money being raised to ship a corpse that had no insurance home, the beggars rained all the little (inconsequential) insults they can afford from their Bad Etiquettes Dictionary (BED) on me. They forgot that the dead without life insurance is the callous and wicked person who did not care for the living.

Why do those who live in places where they could take care of their corpse neglect it? I am aware some of our parents live with us and they have no means to have life insurance. The community should rally to raise up funds to support such cases. But those who live in the West for 3, 4 years and above but do not have life insurance should not be assisted. The excuse their friends and relatives give is that they were not working. There are premiums of $15 a month. You look at these same people they are everywhere with women, drinking in bars and nigh clubs, buying the most en vogue clothes yet neglect their very end. Check your Death Clock () .

Could it be plain selfishness and egoism? After all; life insurance is to alleviate the burden of the living to carter for your funeral and burial when you are gone. If anyone dies in the Diaspora and has been in the country for two years but does not have life insurance his corpse should be donated to the hospital for research. If you live as if there is no tomorrow none should be given to you.

I know what it means to stay jobless yet I had life insurance. Life nowadays is very precarious and any of us could be called home at anytime anyhow. But no matter how death may surprise us we should be ready not only to face God but also that we do not overburden our friends and relatives when we leave.

Perhaps it behooves to know that nowadays most people use the deaths of their relatives as fundraising opportunities. Some fabricate stories that the defunct did not have life insurance simply because they want the community to contribute money and they use if for their private purposes. Some of you can remember two people who threatened me with a lawsuit except I withdraw the writing that their relatives had life insurances. I did not and they did not sue because truth is the pair of shoes the righteous treads on perilous grounds.

Certain all; including you and me will die: normal or abnormal; natural or unnatural. All of us will have to face the reality of our corpse buried on land, in watery graves (Titanic) or converted directly into ashes (cremation). Most Africans think it provokes the wrath of the gods to cremate or just throw the corpse into the sea as lunch to sea creatures but they do nothing to avert such a terminus. Most say the dead are not dead; they have gone to another world. So then how do you move to another city without preparation? Those who have ventured to move to other cities without preparation ended niggard. To prepare for death we do two things: prepare for life after death for ourselves and life after death for our loved ones. Some prepare for one and neglect the other while others prepare for both.

It is all and certain that it is appointed unto all men and women to die but after that comes judgment. Yet, those condemned to this destiny still refuse to make preparations. Most Israelites even built their sepulchers before they died (I Kings 13:30; Mt 27:60) because there is no telling what people will do with your corpse if you left it for them to decide.

In Africa if someone dug his own grave while alive people looked at him strangely. Such was the case of Pa Augustine: one of my protégées in Full Gospel Mission Bambui who asked me to dig a grave for him before I left the village. I asked him why and he told me: "you have been like my only child and as you are going no one knows what will happen to me. I will use it as my bed to sleep inside so that when death comes dogs will not feast on my corpse in case people do not realize it earlier". I was just 18 then and could not understand why he wanted a grave for himself before he dies. Now I understand he was a staunch student of the ant (Prov 30:25).

It is high time for people to stamp out this practice of sending out collection baskets to raise money to send an irresponsible corpse home. If I die people should cry for me genuinely not because of the suffering I have plunged them into.

Until then, we should stop soliciting funds to ship irresponsible corpses home.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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