Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Ayitos (Divisive Elements) Of Manyu In The USA: Part 3

Part 3. The Creation of Mgbe Manyu USA

As a pastor from Manyu, I cannot sit to see my people self destroy themselves. My unraveling portrays that I have been following up the events in the Manyu community. In the USA; especially in the Ekpe capital of DC Metro Area, people have always questioned my intervention as ungodly because they think as a pastor I should not talk about Ekpe. Perhaps I should inform you all that the Bible was not written in a cultural vacuum and that without a people the Bible is irrelevant. Therefore each Bible passage must be made culturally relevant by applying it to the people within that culture. How will I really preach to a people whose culture I do not know well? And why should I learn a foreign culture when I do not know my own culture? Doesn’t charity begin at home? The fact that Ekpe plays a part in the daily lives of the Manyu people disagreements in Ekpe quickly spill to other organizations in the community. That is why I am painstakingly going through this history so that you all may see where this acrimonious division and hatred within the community comes from.
The creation of Mgbe Manyu did not abolish all the various Ekpe lodges in the USA. The Chicago Spirit as I was made to understand is for Ekpe members to create lodges in most of the metropolitan areas where there are at least five Ekpe members.
The one in DC existed before Sesekou Assam‘s public presentation in Chicago in September 2006. This occasion led to the creation of Mgbe USA in Chicago.
Ekpe Lodges were said to have been created in Atlanta, Chicago, Boston and Texas. It was to be done first before the creation of Mgbe Manyu USA. This has not happened until date. Ekpe members in these areas do not speak to each other.
Therefore, I call on Barachel to go home and pay his fines so that he will create an Ekpe Lodged in Texas now that Sesekou David Tambe has just returned from home.
Sesekou Agbor should create a lodge in GA, Sesekou Assam should create one in Chicago, Sesekou Obitabot should create one in Boston/ Philadelphia. Sesekou Sandys should go and pay his fines to Manyu general first for telling a lie against the paramount Sesekou of Ekpe USA: Sesekou Ojong Orock that the latter gave the Ekpe staff to Sesekou Christmass Ebini (when he was a non member) on the day Pa Ebini presented his son to Ekpe DC and asked him to entertain Ekpe DC. He has to pay a fine for also telling a lie that it was Sesekou Ojong Orock (who even has the right), who asked Ebini Christmas to entertain Ekpe. He also has to pay his fines for recent gaffes committed during the recent Ejagham Cultural Day on the 6th of September 2008. And finally also pay a fine for telling a lie against Sesekou Ojong Orock during the Ebini trial by Manyu General Ekpe. After paying all those fines, then he returns to DC Lodge as a prodigal son because it is he who exiled himself since he told lies in Mamfe against Ekpe DC. Also for all the confusion he has caused within the general Manyu public telling Ekpe members that the Ekpe DC Lodge does not exist. The DC Ekpe Lodge under the paramount Sesekou Ojong Orock is one of the most active Ekpe lodges in the world.
Manyu General Ekpe did not dissolve Ekpe Lodges in Manyu; it came to organize an umbrella organization. So is Mgbe Manyu USA. Therefore, Sesekous Sandys, Barachel, Obitabot and Moh Mgbe Amgbuh must take the proper route to avoid this confusion and division in the Manyu community.
I want to advise the Ejagham people of Eyumokjock Subdivision especially King Peter Effim to do the right thing. Perhaps you wonder why I address him as King. I hear that he now has queens, princes and princesses.
Therefore he has become a king and a great dictator. My advice to the Ejagham people who now have a nation: according to Mr. Effim is that, they should be careful with these divisive elements of Manyu community in the USA. They can easily cause confusion and disintegration of the Ejagham people of Ndebenju in the DC metropolitan area. Amgbu should form an Ejagham meeting in Atlanta and I will support his efforts.
Is it not Sandys who left the Ejagham meeting more than three years ago because Eyong-Mbong (Kenyang) was not spoken in the Ejagham meeting? Do you people speak Kenyang now that Sandys wants to come back? His hidden motives are clear: one of which is to cause division within your ranks and order for him to divide and rule. That is how he has caused confusion in Ekpe USA because he wants to be the leader.
Until then; if a child does not enquire what killed its father that same thing will kill it too.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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