Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Ayitos (Divisive Elements) Of Manyu In The USA: Part 4

Part 4. Acquisition of Sesekou Title.

Let me quickly state an aside here with this Sesekou title. There are two types of Sesekous: inherited and acquired or bought to say the least. By a stroke of luck one could be a Sesekou if he or she was in Ekpe and was the only Ekpe member in their family with the Sesekou. Once he dies the next Ekpe member takes over. That is Sesekou by inheritance. No matter how rich you are you are not supposed to take a Sesekou before your senior brother if he is in the family and in Ekpe. Though your senior brother could give it to you but not to make him feel bad you gave it to him and then bought yours from another family. Normally because Sandys’ senior brother is still alive he should have been the one with the Sesekou title and not him. When anyone does this he sets the family asunder and family feuds are born. Again for mere titles!
Meanwhile there is another type of Sesekou which is acquired when you think you have attained a level in the society. This one you can buy it from anywhere you want. The recent crop of Sesekous in North America benefited from this type. The tradition of sleeping in the bush for 14 days to find the Tiger and learn the jargon of Ekpe totally eludes them. See them fumble in public that even me who only learnt Ekpe through research I know when they make errors. Normally when anyone is looking for leadership they have to wait for their turn.
Nonetheless, Ekpe is not a forum for settling scores like the Mgbe North America is doing now. That is why it was wrong for Mgbe Manyu engineered by Sesekou Sandys to call for a boycott during the death of Sesekou E T Egbe to pay back his son: Solomon. So does it surprise you that Sandys and Solomon don’t speak to each other but dance in the same Ekpe like they did in Houston? After all; Sesekou ET Egbe was a boni fide member before his death who merited all the rights and privileges for the members. For that reason Mgbe Manyu owes Sesekou Solomon Egbe an apology. That is the only way Sandys and Solomon will be able to talk freely and mend their fences. This peace could go a long way to affect their relationship in MECA USA too. You see this is history you did not know that I am giving you without price and without money.
Mgbe Manyu I want you guys to examine yourself if you are still acting in the spirit of Ekpe. Take for example; why would you refuse to go to Sesekou Ebini’s house when he has fulfilled the requirements of a Sesekou? Once a Sesekou you are a Sesekou no matter how you acquired the title. I had told Mr. Ebini that the Manyu community will not recognize his Shey title until he acquires a title from Manyu wonderland. As usual, I hate to always be right. Now that he has acquired the title the rest of you must accept him and integrate him. This is a call to order and not a food for thought.
Until then, when a man has crossed the river of crocodiles those on the other side must embrace him.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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