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The Ayitos (Divisive Elements) Of Manyu In The USA.

Part 1: Anecdote.

Part 1: Anecdote.

Once upon a time, there lived a man called Ayito in a village in Manyu Division , South West Province of Cameroon in Central Africa . Ayito was an excellent and skilled hunter. Every year hunger invaded the entire area. This usually occurred during the raining season when the previous harvest has been exhausted, and the new crops are not yet ready for harvest. This was also the time of the year when hunting is very productive. The leaves are wet, so the hunter can sneak on the animal to get a good aim without it being aware despite their sharp senses.
This particular year Ayito was very successful in his hunting expeditions. But Ayito was also a very prehensile and esurient man. He did not like to share his game with anyone; not even his wife. So he engineered a law to be passed in the village that men should eat meat and women should eat only fish.

Life became very difficult for women in that village during the raining season. As the rains were heavy, streams overflowed their banks, and fishing was dangerous and less productive especially because the law was draconically observed.

Then came the dry season when the harvest of food crops was abundant. The forest was dry and hunting was unproductive, difficult and fruitless. Ayito could not kill any animal again. He started losing weight and since being over weight was a sign of good living, every villager then knew that Ayito was not faring well. He has become like a dried stockfish or a piece of smoked meat. It would seem even oil has dried from his body, his legs and hands were now like broomstick, and the hair on his face like the porcupine bristles. On the other hand, fishing became very productive as the streams dried out. The women were very happy with the turn in fortune.

One day, when Ayito came home from one of his fruitless and unproductive hunting expeditions, he noticed that his wife has prepared a delicious pot of soup with fish. He tasted a bit of it, and it was scrumptious. He fell on the pot of soup. In other to eat faster so that he would not be found eating the woman’s food, he carried the whole pot of soup to drink. The pot slipped from his hands and buried his head.
Ayito jumped out into the street and began screaming for help. When the women of the village saw Ayito walking blindfolded by the pot of soup, they decided to take him to the chief of the village. The village had about 12 quarters and whenever they reached in each quarter they sang:
Ayito Ayitooooooooo
Ayito put a law
That men eat meat
And women eat fish
Ayito has eaten fish
Ayito has broken his own law.
Ayito Ayitoooooooooo
When they reached the palace and told the chief the chief rescinded the law

An African proverb said: when digging a hole for your enemy don’t dig it too wide for you may be the first to fall inside.

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