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The Ayitos (Divisive Elements) Of Manyu In The USA Part:5

Part 5. Entertainments in Ekpe
Perhaps I should lecture the people of Mgbe Manyu USA on general principles concerning consultation in the Manyu culture. Most of the things we do in our culture like marriage, initiation, asking for a plot to build we used to ask Ekpe because Ekpe was the village and the village was Ekpe. Since Ekpe was the village all the land belongs to Ekpe though it is your land. Just like today; we need land titles and building permits to build on our own land.
To consult we must bring kola nuts and drinks. If the matter is dear to the consulter they add food to the kola nuts and drinks. If he is affluent he adds dry gin or whisky. Even if we already know the reason we do not ask for the reason of the consultation. The food is usually eaten first. In those days the food was shared on plantain leaves on bare floor though there are plates. Surprisingly I saw the Video on Sesekou Ebini Christmas when he went for his initiation that the people still continue this practice of eating on plantain leaves. Sesekou Ebini you are talking about Ekpe of reformation please, buy them plates to say the least. They used to eat like that because there were not enough plates so they used plantain leaves but now that the Chinese have flooded our markets with some fragile plates you and each of this Sesekou should buy breakable plates and send to your Ekpe Houses as soon as possible. If I see any Ekpe house eating on the floor again during a visit of someone from America I will write a song for you.
Back to the narration, the food is eaten first. After the satisfaction of each member since Ekpe does not plough back or save anything for tomorrow, they eat and clean the basins and pots. Then they will invite the donor to brief them on the reason for the entertainment. The reason is presented. Ekpe could give a negative or positive answer not minding of your food, drinks and kola nuts. Even with a negative answer nothing that enters into Acha Mgbe leaves the Acha Mgbe.
That is why Christmas Ebini cooked a goat to entertain Ekpe especially because his father wanted him to learn the ways of Ekpe. The neophyte was in his initiation process or the way to reawakening. Since Ekpe is neutral anyone could entertain Ekpe. That is why you see even non Ekpe members will cook, buy drinks and kola nuts to entertain Ekpe. The fact that you cook does not mean that you have been initiated or you are on your way.
Many people have given requirements for initiation into certain ranks in Ekpe but they have never been initiated if they are not qualified for such initiation. That is what makes Ekpe supreme and powerful. Nobody will dare ask for refund for their consultation expenditures in our culture.
Ekpe entertainment could also be mandatory or optional. Mandatory entertainment is usually in the form of fines like the ones I asked all the defaulters to pay. Optional entertainment can become mandatory when it is overdue.
Let us say you left from the USA and went to Mamfe or Cameroon and acquired your Sesekou title you must come back, cook and invite the people to introduce your title before you can screech Hi Ghoh; the last stage of the ululation for a Sesekou. Unfortunately, those Sesekous (they know themselves) have not offered any food and drinks not even a kola nut to Ekpe. Ekpe is eating and drinking. If you knew you did not have money to entertain Ekpe why did you enter then? Though this is optional but Ekpe is also a Club with mutual commitments we call Njangi in our jargon.
Since Eke entertainment is Njangi when you enter you have to entertain because you have been entertained by others in the group. So you are bound to entertain. Take note, if you have been entertained by one group when your turn to entertain comes you must go back to that group and entertain them. Manyu people am I spewing out history here? Is this good stuff? I am recounting your history in the present tense.
Therefore, when Christmas Ebini wanted to entertain Ekpe as his father ordered, it was wrong for Sandys to say that he cannot entertain Ekpe because he is not a member. How do you become a club member? Is it not by being sponsored by a member and that member here was his father who was giving him new converts classes.
If Sandys felt that he was challenged by a junior Ekpe member he would have ordered that the entertainment be brought to him rather than say that it could not be done because Ebini is not a member. That is not Ekpe! Even a non Ekpe member can entertain Ekpe as I have told you before. Even during their entertainment they (outsider) provided, they still do not have a voice (permission) to speak. A member must clap to take the floor before ceding it to the outsider to speak. I have been given such opportunities several times when I visit the village or places when Ekpe is going on.
It was wrong for Sesekou ArreyMbi to order Sesekou Akwo to entertain Ekpe when he himself has not done so since three years that he bought his own title. I know those who have entertain Ekpe in the DC area. These are their names:
1. Sesekou Ojong Orock (Paramount Sesekou) with seven goats
2. Sesekou Joe Mbu with six goats
3. Sesekou Akwo with five goats
4. Sesekou Solomon Egbe with three goats
5. Sesekou Ebini with two goats
6. Mfor Mgbe Joe Eyong with two goats.

Until then, he that eats from others must provide when his turn comes.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

The Ayitos (Divisive Elements) Of Manyu In The USA: Part 4

Part 4. Acquisition of Sesekou Title.

Let me quickly state an aside here with this Sesekou title. There are two types of Sesekous: inherited and acquired or bought to say the least. By a stroke of luck one could be a Sesekou if he or she was in Ekpe and was the only Ekpe member in their family with the Sesekou. Once he dies the next Ekpe member takes over. That is Sesekou by inheritance. No matter how rich you are you are not supposed to take a Sesekou before your senior brother if he is in the family and in Ekpe. Though your senior brother could give it to you but not to make him feel bad you gave it to him and then bought yours from another family. Normally because Sandys’ senior brother is still alive he should have been the one with the Sesekou title and not him. When anyone does this he sets the family asunder and family feuds are born. Again for mere titles!
Meanwhile there is another type of Sesekou which is acquired when you think you have attained a level in the society. This one you can buy it from anywhere you want. The recent crop of Sesekous in North America benefited from this type. The tradition of sleeping in the bush for 14 days to find the Tiger and learn the jargon of Ekpe totally eludes them. See them fumble in public that even me who only learnt Ekpe through research I know when they make errors. Normally when anyone is looking for leadership they have to wait for their turn.
Nonetheless, Ekpe is not a forum for settling scores like the Mgbe North America is doing now. That is why it was wrong for Mgbe Manyu engineered by Sesekou Sandys to call for a boycott during the death of Sesekou E T Egbe to pay back his son: Solomon. So does it surprise you that Sandys and Solomon don’t speak to each other but dance in the same Ekpe like they did in Houston? After all; Sesekou ET Egbe was a boni fide member before his death who merited all the rights and privileges for the members. For that reason Mgbe Manyu owes Sesekou Solomon Egbe an apology. That is the only way Sandys and Solomon will be able to talk freely and mend their fences. This peace could go a long way to affect their relationship in MECA USA too. You see this is history you did not know that I am giving you without price and without money.
Mgbe Manyu I want you guys to examine yourself if you are still acting in the spirit of Ekpe. Take for example; why would you refuse to go to Sesekou Ebini’s house when he has fulfilled the requirements of a Sesekou? Once a Sesekou you are a Sesekou no matter how you acquired the title. I had told Mr. Ebini that the Manyu community will not recognize his Shey title until he acquires a title from Manyu wonderland. As usual, I hate to always be right. Now that he has acquired the title the rest of you must accept him and integrate him. This is a call to order and not a food for thought.
Until then, when a man has crossed the river of crocodiles those on the other side must embrace him.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

The Ayitos (Divisive Elements) Of Manyu In The USA: Part 3

Part 3. The Creation of Mgbe Manyu USA

As a pastor from Manyu, I cannot sit to see my people self destroy themselves. My unraveling portrays that I have been following up the events in the Manyu community. In the USA; especially in the Ekpe capital of DC Metro Area, people have always questioned my intervention as ungodly because they think as a pastor I should not talk about Ekpe. Perhaps I should inform you all that the Bible was not written in a cultural vacuum and that without a people the Bible is irrelevant. Therefore each Bible passage must be made culturally relevant by applying it to the people within that culture. How will I really preach to a people whose culture I do not know well? And why should I learn a foreign culture when I do not know my own culture? Doesn’t charity begin at home? The fact that Ekpe plays a part in the daily lives of the Manyu people disagreements in Ekpe quickly spill to other organizations in the community. That is why I am painstakingly going through this history so that you all may see where this acrimonious division and hatred within the community comes from.
The creation of Mgbe Manyu did not abolish all the various Ekpe lodges in the USA. The Chicago Spirit as I was made to understand is for Ekpe members to create lodges in most of the metropolitan areas where there are at least five Ekpe members.
The one in DC existed before Sesekou Assam‘s public presentation in Chicago in September 2006. This occasion led to the creation of Mgbe USA in Chicago.
Ekpe Lodges were said to have been created in Atlanta, Chicago, Boston and Texas. It was to be done first before the creation of Mgbe Manyu USA. This has not happened until date. Ekpe members in these areas do not speak to each other.
Therefore, I call on Barachel to go home and pay his fines so that he will create an Ekpe Lodged in Texas now that Sesekou David Tambe has just returned from home.
Sesekou Agbor should create a lodge in GA, Sesekou Assam should create one in Chicago, Sesekou Obitabot should create one in Boston/ Philadelphia. Sesekou Sandys should go and pay his fines to Manyu general first for telling a lie against the paramount Sesekou of Ekpe USA: Sesekou Ojong Orock that the latter gave the Ekpe staff to Sesekou Christmass Ebini (when he was a non member) on the day Pa Ebini presented his son to Ekpe DC and asked him to entertain Ekpe DC. He has to pay a fine for also telling a lie that it was Sesekou Ojong Orock (who even has the right), who asked Ebini Christmas to entertain Ekpe. He also has to pay his fines for recent gaffes committed during the recent Ejagham Cultural Day on the 6th of September 2008. And finally also pay a fine for telling a lie against Sesekou Ojong Orock during the Ebini trial by Manyu General Ekpe. After paying all those fines, then he returns to DC Lodge as a prodigal son because it is he who exiled himself since he told lies in Mamfe against Ekpe DC. Also for all the confusion he has caused within the general Manyu public telling Ekpe members that the Ekpe DC Lodge does not exist. The DC Ekpe Lodge under the paramount Sesekou Ojong Orock is one of the most active Ekpe lodges in the world.
Manyu General Ekpe did not dissolve Ekpe Lodges in Manyu; it came to organize an umbrella organization. So is Mgbe Manyu USA. Therefore, Sesekous Sandys, Barachel, Obitabot and Moh Mgbe Amgbuh must take the proper route to avoid this confusion and division in the Manyu community.
I want to advise the Ejagham people of Eyumokjock Subdivision especially King Peter Effim to do the right thing. Perhaps you wonder why I address him as King. I hear that he now has queens, princes and princesses.
Therefore he has become a king and a great dictator. My advice to the Ejagham people who now have a nation: according to Mr. Effim is that, they should be careful with these divisive elements of Manyu community in the USA. They can easily cause confusion and disintegration of the Ejagham people of Ndebenju in the DC metropolitan area. Amgbu should form an Ejagham meeting in Atlanta and I will support his efforts.
Is it not Sandys who left the Ejagham meeting more than three years ago because Eyong-Mbong (Kenyang) was not spoken in the Ejagham meeting? Do you people speak Kenyang now that Sandys wants to come back? His hidden motives are clear: one of which is to cause division within your ranks and order for him to divide and rule. That is how he has caused confusion in Ekpe USA because he wants to be the leader.
Until then; if a child does not enquire what killed its father that same thing will kill it too.
Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Ayitos (the divisive elements) Of Manyu in the USA: Part 2

Part 2: Universal Truth
This little anecdote of Manyu illustrates a universal truth. Most people who make unjust laws become victims of their own laws. In Cameroon the first Head of State: late president El_ Alhadji Amadou Ahidjo passed a law concerning Coups d’Etat. It said that any person can be arrested even when those in power merely suspect that he or she was meditating to topple the government by a coup d’Etat. He himself became a victim of his law when he tried to regain power by force. He ended up in a miserable exile after a failed putsch. The same Ahidjo did not bother to bring back the corpses of Felix Moumie or Abel Kingue who were buried in Conakry and Khartoum respectively because they were accused of being “Marquisards”. When he died Paul Biya his hand picked successor refused to consider bringing his corpse back from exile where he died until this year.
In 2007, Philip Tabi was running for the position of MECA USA chairman. Unfortunately, despite the promise of MECA GA his local chapter to support him he had some members from the same chapter who refused to support him because they were supporting another Candidate. MECA GA had a long standing tradition to sponsor its members to attend conventions by paying their transportation. So Momanyi thought that since Philip will be coming from GA with the policy he will have many voters to vote for him. Momanyi a diehard supporter of Peter Ako (Philip’s opponent) then sponsored a law that the Meeting should rescind from paying transportation. There was a huge debate and finally Dr Ayukenow said that he felt it was a plausible idea. However it would be unfair to just stop the practice abruptly. So they will sponsor the trip for the last time. The meeting did but Philip did not win. It was instead Peter Ako who won with the Council of Chiefs stealing the Elections.
So the following convention in Delaware did not have full MECA GA’s participation because the enemies of Philip Tabi dug their hole too large and they were the first to fall in it. They were the first to fall earlier in their own gallows. The next year there was going to be a convention in Delaware and since the meeting had stopped the practice of paying transport Momanyi and his friends who sponsored that bill fell into their own trap. And this may continue with Maryland.
The divisive elements of Manyu division in the USA: Sandys, Amgbuh, Ebini-Tambe, Obi-Tabot, Asam in order to keep away Christmas Ebini (a controversial element) from Ekpe, passed a law that every Manyu element must go home to be initiated into the Ekpe. Ebini and many others had to do just that. But they have become inadvertently victims of their own law. They have caused themselves to be initiated into the Achui-Mbge in the USA by Barachel.

They were not even supposed to carry out any activities with Barachel because after removing his Ekpe cap to greet the Northwest Fon he exiled himself from Ekpe. Ask me how?
When he went home in December of 2006, Manyu General Ekpe invited him but he failed to attend the Ekpe invitation rather he absconded to the US without bidding goodbye to the very people he always mingled and boozed with. Perhaps he forgot that The USA does not harbor cultural fugitives. By not attending the Ekpe invitation he has exiled himself from Ekpe Society. Thus, loses all his rights.

Until then, A rat mole does not dig a hole without sleeping in it.

8 more parts are coming up.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Ayitos (Divisive Elements) Of Manyu In The USA.

Part 1: Anecdote.

Part 1: Anecdote.

Once upon a time, there lived a man called Ayito in a village in Manyu Division , South West Province of Cameroon in Central Africa . Ayito was an excellent and skilled hunter. Every year hunger invaded the entire area. This usually occurred during the raining season when the previous harvest has been exhausted, and the new crops are not yet ready for harvest. This was also the time of the year when hunting is very productive. The leaves are wet, so the hunter can sneak on the animal to get a good aim without it being aware despite their sharp senses.
This particular year Ayito was very successful in his hunting expeditions. But Ayito was also a very prehensile and esurient man. He did not like to share his game with anyone; not even his wife. So he engineered a law to be passed in the village that men should eat meat and women should eat only fish.

Life became very difficult for women in that village during the raining season. As the rains were heavy, streams overflowed their banks, and fishing was dangerous and less productive especially because the law was draconically observed.

Then came the dry season when the harvest of food crops was abundant. The forest was dry and hunting was unproductive, difficult and fruitless. Ayito could not kill any animal again. He started losing weight and since being over weight was a sign of good living, every villager then knew that Ayito was not faring well. He has become like a dried stockfish or a piece of smoked meat. It would seem even oil has dried from his body, his legs and hands were now like broomstick, and the hair on his face like the porcupine bristles. On the other hand, fishing became very productive as the streams dried out. The women were very happy with the turn in fortune.

One day, when Ayito came home from one of his fruitless and unproductive hunting expeditions, he noticed that his wife has prepared a delicious pot of soup with fish. He tasted a bit of it, and it was scrumptious. He fell on the pot of soup. In other to eat faster so that he would not be found eating the woman’s food, he carried the whole pot of soup to drink. The pot slipped from his hands and buried his head.
Ayito jumped out into the street and began screaming for help. When the women of the village saw Ayito walking blindfolded by the pot of soup, they decided to take him to the chief of the village. The village had about 12 quarters and whenever they reached in each quarter they sang:
Ayito Ayitooooooooo
Ayito put a law
That men eat meat
And women eat fish
Ayito has eaten fish
Ayito has broken his own law.
Ayito Ayitoooooooooo
When they reached the palace and told the chief the chief rescinded the law

An African proverb said: when digging a hole for your enemy don’t dig it too wide for you may be the first to fall inside.

Until then enjoy,

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Living who forgot their Death Clock.

Africans enjoy begging because you sit in churches and most pastors coming and making pleas for money are from Africa. Most people pleading for help in forums are Africans and most forums with pleas to send a corpse home are Africans. Are we cursed to beg or what? Each time I objected to money being raised to ship a corpse that had no insurance home, the beggars rained all the little (inconsequential) insults they can afford from their Bad Etiquettes Dictionary (BED) on me. They forgot that the dead without life insurance is the callous and wicked person who did not care for the living.

Why do those who live in places where they could take care of their corpse neglect it? I am aware some of our parents live with us and they have no means to have life insurance. The community should rally to raise up funds to support such cases. But those who live in the West for 3, 4 years and above but do not have life insurance should not be assisted. The excuse their friends and relatives give is that they were not working. There are premiums of $15 a month. You look at these same people they are everywhere with women, drinking in bars and nigh clubs, buying the most en vogue clothes yet neglect their very end. Check your Death Clock () .

Could it be plain selfishness and egoism? After all; life insurance is to alleviate the burden of the living to carter for your funeral and burial when you are gone. If anyone dies in the Diaspora and has been in the country for two years but does not have life insurance his corpse should be donated to the hospital for research. If you live as if there is no tomorrow none should be given to you.

I know what it means to stay jobless yet I had life insurance. Life nowadays is very precarious and any of us could be called home at anytime anyhow. But no matter how death may surprise us we should be ready not only to face God but also that we do not overburden our friends and relatives when we leave.

Perhaps it behooves to know that nowadays most people use the deaths of their relatives as fundraising opportunities. Some fabricate stories that the defunct did not have life insurance simply because they want the community to contribute money and they use if for their private purposes. Some of you can remember two people who threatened me with a lawsuit except I withdraw the writing that their relatives had life insurances. I did not and they did not sue because truth is the pair of shoes the righteous treads on perilous grounds.

Certain all; including you and me will die: normal or abnormal; natural or unnatural. All of us will have to face the reality of our corpse buried on land, in watery graves (Titanic) or converted directly into ashes (cremation). Most Africans think it provokes the wrath of the gods to cremate or just throw the corpse into the sea as lunch to sea creatures but they do nothing to avert such a terminus. Most say the dead are not dead; they have gone to another world. So then how do you move to another city without preparation? Those who have ventured to move to other cities without preparation ended niggard. To prepare for death we do two things: prepare for life after death for ourselves and life after death for our loved ones. Some prepare for one and neglect the other while others prepare for both.

It is all and certain that it is appointed unto all men and women to die but after that comes judgment. Yet, those condemned to this destiny still refuse to make preparations. Most Israelites even built their sepulchers before they died (I Kings 13:30; Mt 27:60) because there is no telling what people will do with your corpse if you left it for them to decide.

In Africa if someone dug his own grave while alive people looked at him strangely. Such was the case of Pa Augustine: one of my protégées in Full Gospel Mission Bambui who asked me to dig a grave for him before I left the village. I asked him why and he told me: "you have been like my only child and as you are going no one knows what will happen to me. I will use it as my bed to sleep inside so that when death comes dogs will not feast on my corpse in case people do not realize it earlier". I was just 18 then and could not understand why he wanted a grave for himself before he dies. Now I understand he was a staunch student of the ant (Prov 30:25).

It is high time for people to stamp out this practice of sending out collection baskets to raise money to send an irresponsible corpse home. If I die people should cry for me genuinely not because of the suffering I have plunged them into.

Until then, we should stop soliciting funds to ship irresponsible corpses home.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Has Your Parliamentarian Done?

Mr. Tayong
I have heard you question the fact that 8 millions a year given to parliamentarians could not do anything. Your myopia protrudes because you want and have already begrudged the CPDM (party in government). If not why wouldn’t you realize that 8 millions each year could alleviate the cost of furnishing sheets in a hospital or low cost medicines in some hospitals. That there are some schools needing benches that could cost only one million. Why can’t you see that some of them have been there for more than two terms and a term is five years? Multiply 8 by five times 2 (for the two terms). Tell me that 80 millions CFA francs could not build some of the broken bridges where people only cross on a footlog. Tell me that HE Aya Paul could not team up with the council to make a real untarred (unpaved) motorable road to the people of Akwaya. I have a full article for Manyu where I will detail what each has done with their own money and that will enable the people to either vote them in again or vote them out. I am just waiting for the appropriate time to put it out once I have done the finishing torches in terms of verification of the data. You and the rest of the people from the Northwest should hold your politicians responsible be them from government or opposition. If they take anything for the people it should reach the people.
Let me ask you this: if a parliamentarian took 80 millions CFA and could not do anything with it what proves that if they are given 80 billions CFA they will do anything. Their performance in terms of probability and percentage will still be proportionate to the one when they had less. Some of the Parliamentarians have contributed benches to the people and pretended that it was donation. No, it is not. Though the people should be grateful that they at least did that but they owe the people than the people owe them because it is the people’s money and should be given to them in projects of any sorts.
See, parliament cannot enforce that the parliamentarians use the project money well because the entire parliament is corrupt. But you and I could make sure that these things are revealed to the public and that will force the politicians to do more. They may not spend all the money but they will do more. The reports of accomplished projects submitted by the parliamentarians to parliament should be published so that the people know what their parliamentarians say they have done. Most of them take pictures and make up projects that they have accomplished. This is where we call for investigative journalism and not just gossip mongering. I want you all to join me in this project of exposing the amount of money taken by parliamentarians and how much or what they did with it.

Until then, let us stop from being biased.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where do dead people Go?

No one has refused and can refuse for the soul of the departed to rest in peace. However, as a Christian, the Bible does not teach me so. The bible teaches me that after death comes judgment (Heb 9:27). Each of us will be rewarded according to his or her works. If you were wicked on earth, there is no way you will enjoy in heaven. Then God will even be unjust to allow the wicked people to be in heaven. Consequently, if the defunct has lived a good life of honesty no matter how he or she died he or she will be with the Lord. But if he or she did not, then no matter how we pray and wish they will be mere wishes. Indeed, if wishes were horses, we will wish all our dead to be in heaven. So those who believe in Christ and have been justified of their sins will meet him in heaven. The Bible says that our day of death is better than our day of birth because that is the beginning of another long life called eternity. We should stop deceiving ourselves that everyone who dies is going to heaven. No, they are not! As such, the actions of the physical man will determine the destiny of the spiritual man. Thus we should mind the way we live on earth.
Until then, God be with you.

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