Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is what the church has become today.

Follow the melodrama of the video. He is showing people who go to church but act like cousins of the devil. They preach in public but are adulterers in secret. They carry the Bible everyday but are just spiritually naught. See the Christian lady turning the cup upside down to sell the other woman rice. Thus she is duping her customer. The customer argues with her why the rice is too small she fights back that take your stuff and the woman takes it. That is the Christian of today; Christian business people cheating people. Look how the pastors and preachers are deceiving the Christians and taking their riches and money.
Look at the young girl who is going to church. A child playing football hits her with the ball and she beats the boy up. The child insults her, she comes back and adds some more beating. Where is the forgiveness of sins as a Christian? She beats him until her bible falls off her hands. During the day they go to church and after church they visit the witch doctor. They stand by the roadside to wait for their enemies with a machete so they will butcher them into pieces. They leave from church to preach in the street and then sleep with the women who come to them for spiritual assuagement.

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