Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama Loses Black Votes

Whoever put the ad is not in touch with the African American community. I served as a missionary in Downtown Atlanta on Rock Street off former Ashby Simpson Street where I shared bread in most shelters and the park on the Ashby Train station for four years. I was usually swum by undercover officers who thought I was living in the neighborhood for a secret business if not why would a teacher come to live there and share bread fueling his own car. After being pulled over and quizzed several times, I called the police chief to complain that I was not being treated fairly though I am helping them to maintain order by distributing bread and sharing the gospel. Who can tell what a hungry and homeless man could do? Giving them food brought peace and order to an extent. In four years, I had only one bad experience when a young man came one day, he did not like me giving only bread without meat or ham and wanted to take all the bread to throw away. He was quickly knocked down by other homeless who felt his action will discourage me from coming. I had visited every house and knocked on every door in this area and beyond. Having lived with them I know them very well.
Most Dark Skinned Americans in their teenage days are given to more revelry than realism and by the time they realize they were dreaming it is already too late. Most of them got themselves into petty crimes and became felons and they did not see the evil in it until when they became responsible and turned their lives around then they realized as felons their rights to work decent jobs have been seized from them. That means; just like every other people the Dark Skinned American likes to work.
In the world at large when you travel the people in whose land you are visiting always seem like bludgers. Strangers are always more ambitious than the autochthones because the fact that they are strangers, motivates them. How many of us from Cameroon have thought the Igbo people like to work. Go to eastern Nigeria and you will see the same thing. 419 did not emanate from hardworking Nigerians but from loafers and flanneurs in Eastern Nigeria. See what the Duala, Beti, Bakweri boys do when you visit and are living in their place. Does that mean they are eternal scroungers? Far be it.
However, that picture has indirectly raised a serious problem in America. The fact that the Dark Skin Americans are only 18% in the country but make more than 80% of American prisons shows that there are many that will want to work but will not be able. That is why they have to run away. What that picture is saying is that the Black boys have been destroyed and legated to a bumbling destiny that only a new compassionate president or law makers will reverse the idea. Actually they are not running away because they don’t want to work but they are running away because they cannot work. The speaker said: “I’ll make sure everyone who can work has a job”. But with the machinery to perpetually keep the Dark Skinned Americans under bondage they really cannot work. How would they and how can they when felons do not become teachers, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals that have to do with the public. Therefore, the ad is not against Obama per se; it is to reveal how much the black populace needs change.
Here again I have said America is not qualified to teach democracy or human rights anywhere else than in America because people are not treated equally in the US. I see young black boys convicted for 5gm of cocaine and the black population dominates any other color in terms of conviction. Do you mean that black people use more drugs than white people? Secondly, why does the retailer serve longer jail time than the user?
The major reason why Obama must lose the black vote is because felons do not vote and most have been made felons. Obama will rely on the diversified Americans to put him into the White House. Americans are even growing aware they face a Lose-Lose Solution if the Dark Skinned Americans cannot be integrated. That is because if the Dark Skin American cannot sleep the Light Skin Americans too cannot sleep because they fear the Dark Skin Americans. When the prisoner does not sleep the guard too does not sleep. So it is a Lose-Lose Solution.

Until then, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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