Saturday, September 20, 2008

Do You Think You Need Perfusion?

In 1993 a neighbor’s child was seriously sick. They informed us after we returned from our preaching expedition from a village. Immediately we ran to the hospital to challenge the illness in prayers. When we arrived, the child was doing better. So I asked the doctor what was wrong and he said he merely needed some perfusion. I thanked the doctor, prayed for the child and wished him rapid recovery. Do you think your life needs a little bit of perfusion? Do you think the American economy needs some perfusion? Look around you; are you satisfied with what you see and feel or you think we need a little perfusion?
Recently an English teacher committed suicide. A month and a day after my arrival to the US in 1999, Mark Barton lost his stocks and went on a rampage killing 9 and injuring 13. Last year an article published that teachers in the US are the highest victims of hypertension. Don’t you think all these people needed a little perfusion?
People look at you and tell you how you look gorgeous but deep in you, you know you are sick, there is that sickness that seems to be ruffling your bones. The US Census Bureau statistics unveiled that the American Healthcare system currently leaves more than 45 millions uninsured and does not cover people when they truly need it for they will have to seek permission from their insurance companies to see if they will cover that disease or this disease. He is the only doctor I know heals all diseases (Mt 9:35). Yes, that is your perfusion: real trust in Jesus!
Someone is crying there alone in secret because his or her relationships have never materialized to anything. The people you love and have invested into their lives ended up disappointing you. Relationships these days have been hijacked by technology and can easily be disposable just as technology is. Many have tried the friends with benefit, booty calls and many others to no avail; they have always ended in a dead-end. Say: “I need a little perfusion: real trust in Jesus”!

Families are breaking apart than before and friendships are dissolving faster than one ever thought. Feasts are organized but trouble tears them up. It is high time for us to consider our ways and make our paths straight. In times of trouble some will count on money but now the money is failing. You would have counted on family but they have abandoned you and on your friends are friends in deed but not in need. I tell you one thing: you need a little perfusion: trust Jesus from whence comes our hope. Since I was young and now I am getting old I have never seen a righteous man or woman forsaken neither his nor her seed begging bread. I know how you struggle hard to give them a future but would you think the people whose savings have vanished in most of these financial crises did not have their children at heart? They did but despite their good intentions man and things will always fail. Forget about the blame game; the bottom line is that the economy is soon entering into a serious comatose and needs some perfusion.
According to 3 out of 1000 homeowners lost their homes this year. Molly PriesMeyer of the Minesota Independent revealed that 283 lenders have collapsed since 2006. In September 5, 2008 the Labor Department announced that “Businesses shed 84,000 jobs in August as the unemployment rate soared to a five-year peak of 6.1%”. These days even hardworking people seem to lack jobs because of the state of the economy. Those that have are uncertain when theirs will end. The creditors are pounding your phones and you are scared to answer even calls from friends. You seem to be counting the least dollars in your account and wonder where next the other will show up. Go back again and take solace in the story of the widow (4 Kings 4: 1-7). You only need a little perfusion: real trust in Jesus!
If one is never down then they are supernatural but to be downcast should not make you cast down. If situations knock you down refuse to be knocked out. Like a boxer struggle and beat the bell. Only cowards commit suicide. It is honorable to die while fighting than die trying to flee. Do you remember that verse: “the just shall live by faith” (Hab 2:4)? Publicize in public his name and in secret keep his name sacred. That is the trust we need in Jesus. When everything else is failing around you and the center can no longer hold, increase your vespers and lauds, and beef up your intercessions and supplications. It is not a time to give up; for only cowards give up. If you were to be renamed would your last name be Coward. If no, why do you want to give up then? Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord always; I mean always delivers him or her from them all. Take that perfusion and it shall be well with you.

Until then I wish you rapid recovery.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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