Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lapiro De Mbanga: A Casualty of Cameroon’s Free Speech

Lapiro De Mbanga: A Casualty of Cameroon’s Free Speech

Lambo Sanjo Pierre Roger is popularly known as Lapiro De Mbanga alias Ndinga Man. The case against Ndinga man is based on hearsay testimonies. Societé des Plantations de Mbanga witnesses say that he sent the youths. The D.O and the mayor were jealous that Lapiro was more powerful than them, and they wanted a level Plainfield to fight. Did Lapiro send anyone? The crowd has occult powers that even the most sober person could be so barbaric when in a crowd, and one may gather them but may not tame them all the time. Just because Martin Luther King Jr has called for a rally does not mean he bears the brunt of all the havoc caused on that day. That is what the Cameroon government should have done. However, because this presented the perfect chink for them to accuse, charge and imprison him, they quickly built up their case on bundles of fabrications.

Lapiro’s imprisonment is an attempt to stifle freedom of speech and every Cameroonian should be concerned. The Nigerian government knows that the death of Ken Saro Wiwa did not stop the Ogoni people from fighting. The voice of the social singer is like that of a hurting cat crying in the middle of the night while the boss tries to sleep. The more you try to ignore it the louder it becomes.
Lapiro’s philosophy has been simple: “mimba we” (remember us).

Indeed the masses should remember him too who asked that they should be remembered. Rather what do we see; a total silence all over the country. Ni Fru Ndi is dragged to court like a sheep to the gallows but like hypnotized beauties the Cameroonian populace watches unconcerned. Thanks to people like Lapiro and Ni Fru Ndi Cameroonians can today even pretend to have a multiparty system. Notwithstanding that each of them has their peccadilloes which every mortal shares a part, they have given Cameroonians a voice they would never have had.

What Lapiro is doing is putting a mirror in front of Cameroonians and Africans to face themselves so they stop deceiving themselves. Somewhat they wallow in existentialism rather than face the very reason of their existence. Like a sow that eats its piglets the government destroys its critics.

SPM was worried that Ndinga Man had spoken several times that SPM should mimba the Mbanga people. The company has exploited the people but Mbanga looks like a shanty town for the homeless. Isn’t it the same thing the South West Province produces the riches of Cameroon yet it lacks even basic roads. What is bad if anyone will say: remember us. The DO and Mayor who have benefited from SPM and Brasseries fear Lapiro’s request for these companies to mimba the Mbanga people is a threat to shorten their ration. And, that threat must be silenced. Perhaps they should learn from the Oguni people: the martyrs like Ken Saro Wiwa may be hung but their voices never die; they live to cry in the sleep of those who murdered them in cold blood. After all, their turn will come.
As a little boy my parents gave us hens and we each gave them a name. My older sister named her own Ma-Takang her name and the name of my grandmother while I named mine Ta-Arrey. The goal was for each of us to use our different hens and raise them up till they produce chickens for us to sell and make money for ourselves. My sister’s had a bad experience because each time there was a black mamba that always came and swallowed either her eggs or her chicks. We had seen it time and again leave the chicken hut, but as little kids were powerless to do anything. One day as it came and was leaving, a hawk descended from the sky, and killed the snake. Let those who kill today know that they will be killed tomorrow and those who imprison today wait for their turn in this world or the world to come.

Until then, Lapiro De Mbanga should be released.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is what the church has become today.

Follow the melodrama of the video. He is showing people who go to church but act like cousins of the devil. They preach in public but are adulterers in secret. They carry the Bible everyday but are just spiritually naught. See the Christian lady turning the cup upside down to sell the other woman rice. Thus she is duping her customer. The customer argues with her why the rice is too small she fights back that take your stuff and the woman takes it. That is the Christian of today; Christian business people cheating people. Look how the pastors and preachers are deceiving the Christians and taking their riches and money.
Look at the young girl who is going to church. A child playing football hits her with the ball and she beats the boy up. The child insults her, she comes back and adds some more beating. Where is the forgiveness of sins as a Christian? She beats him until her bible falls off her hands. During the day they go to church and after church they visit the witch doctor. They stand by the roadside to wait for their enemies with a machete so they will butcher them into pieces. They leave from church to preach in the street and then sleep with the women who come to them for spiritual assuagement.

Africa; don't kill, dance and rejoice.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Do You Think You Need Perfusion?

In 1993 a neighbor’s child was seriously sick. They informed us after we returned from our preaching expedition from a village. Immediately we ran to the hospital to challenge the illness in prayers. When we arrived, the child was doing better. So I asked the doctor what was wrong and he said he merely needed some perfusion. I thanked the doctor, prayed for the child and wished him rapid recovery. Do you think your life needs a little bit of perfusion? Do you think the American economy needs some perfusion? Look around you; are you satisfied with what you see and feel or you think we need a little perfusion?
Recently an English teacher committed suicide. A month and a day after my arrival to the US in 1999, Mark Barton lost his stocks and went on a rampage killing 9 and injuring 13. Last year an article published that teachers in the US are the highest victims of hypertension. Don’t you think all these people needed a little perfusion?
People look at you and tell you how you look gorgeous but deep in you, you know you are sick, there is that sickness that seems to be ruffling your bones. The US Census Bureau statistics unveiled that the American Healthcare system currently leaves more than 45 millions uninsured and does not cover people when they truly need it for they will have to seek permission from their insurance companies to see if they will cover that disease or this disease. He is the only doctor I know heals all diseases (Mt 9:35). Yes, that is your perfusion: real trust in Jesus!
Someone is crying there alone in secret because his or her relationships have never materialized to anything. The people you love and have invested into their lives ended up disappointing you. Relationships these days have been hijacked by technology and can easily be disposable just as technology is. Many have tried the friends with benefit, booty calls and many others to no avail; they have always ended in a dead-end. Say: “I need a little perfusion: real trust in Jesus”!

Families are breaking apart than before and friendships are dissolving faster than one ever thought. Feasts are organized but trouble tears them up. It is high time for us to consider our ways and make our paths straight. In times of trouble some will count on money but now the money is failing. You would have counted on family but they have abandoned you and on your friends are friends in deed but not in need. I tell you one thing: you need a little perfusion: trust Jesus from whence comes our hope. Since I was young and now I am getting old I have never seen a righteous man or woman forsaken neither his nor her seed begging bread. I know how you struggle hard to give them a future but would you think the people whose savings have vanished in most of these financial crises did not have their children at heart? They did but despite their good intentions man and things will always fail. Forget about the blame game; the bottom line is that the economy is soon entering into a serious comatose and needs some perfusion.
According to 3 out of 1000 homeowners lost their homes this year. Molly PriesMeyer of the Minesota Independent revealed that 283 lenders have collapsed since 2006. In September 5, 2008 the Labor Department announced that “Businesses shed 84,000 jobs in August as the unemployment rate soared to a five-year peak of 6.1%”. These days even hardworking people seem to lack jobs because of the state of the economy. Those that have are uncertain when theirs will end. The creditors are pounding your phones and you are scared to answer even calls from friends. You seem to be counting the least dollars in your account and wonder where next the other will show up. Go back again and take solace in the story of the widow (4 Kings 4: 1-7). You only need a little perfusion: real trust in Jesus!
If one is never down then they are supernatural but to be downcast should not make you cast down. If situations knock you down refuse to be knocked out. Like a boxer struggle and beat the bell. Only cowards commit suicide. It is honorable to die while fighting than die trying to flee. Do you remember that verse: “the just shall live by faith” (Hab 2:4)? Publicize in public his name and in secret keep his name sacred. That is the trust we need in Jesus. When everything else is failing around you and the center can no longer hold, increase your vespers and lauds, and beef up your intercessions and supplications. It is not a time to give up; for only cowards give up. If you were to be renamed would your last name be Coward. If no, why do you want to give up then? Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord always; I mean always delivers him or her from them all. Take that perfusion and it shall be well with you.

Until then I wish you rapid recovery.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Would Obama’s presidency Affect Africa?

Many people fear that if Barack Obama became the president of the US he will not benefit Africa while others disagree. Still you have the fence sitters who think that he will neither hurt nor benefit them. The ones who say he will be a hopeless case think he will want to please the same establishment that has exploited Africa for centuries and so will be aloof. While those who think he will help will do so due to his affinity with the continent as son of the soil whose father hails from Kenya. But those in between argue that in 47 years he has visited Africa only three times and that whether he wins or not he will still not show much interest.
Economically he will introduce policies of economic survival. He will try to redeem himself. Looking at Obama’s economic package for America if implemented it will not only be America that will benefit, but the growth will also trickle across the Atlantic to Africa. The nature of the African economy will be easy for him to advise since he has dealt with people whose life is based on subsistence economy.

Militarily Obama will expand AFRICOM faster and better because most African countries will trust him than they have trusted President Bush or would have trusted McCain. The presence of AFRICOM has many advantages for stable countries mean stable governments and stable governments mean stable economies. The money used for defense could be ploughed into the economy like in the days of the occupation of Japan and West Germany. The cold war will be more accentuated in Africa and concentrated within Southern and Eastern Africa. Most Islamic regimes will not benefit from him because he will fear being associated with Islam. That is the reason he has not been quick to jump to Africa during his world tour like he recently did.

Politically, violence and hostilities, and vote rigging will no more be the order of the day. The violence in Africa will subside for it will make people to really feel that they too have a shot at the presidency. The danger may be for him trying to please the west like he began doing by singing their chorus. Immediately he knew everyone was against Mugabe, he began speaking against Mugabe. But the situation in Mugabe and Kenya were the same; the elections were not properly conducted. However, he could not be to overly involved in Kenya because Raila Odinga the main opposition leader who many claimed won the elections though his cousin is a Muslim. If he spoke too loud, they will attach him to Islam-the bĂȘte noir of most Americans. Though Odinga won the elections but because the West feared an Islamic ascension in Kenya, they preferred Kibaki to keep the post by all odds. If Odinga was a Christian, the story would have been different though.

Socially, if Obama wins, intermarriage will now come out of the closet and will be more accentuate as never before. The African mentality will change about who governs and who does not. The social barrier between the young and the old will be broken and the tradition of having certain people as the custodians of African presidency will vanish.

Religiously mushroom religions will now strive better and ecumenism will have more power. Many Africans and developing nations will tend to embrace the United Church of Christ as the brain behind his success because success always has many brothers and sisters. Therefore, Pentecostalism will soon be facing a threat in case he wins.

Psychologically his victory will bring the same results like the independence of India that bolstered the Black Americans, South Africans, decapitated colonialism and woke up Feminism. Most politicians will believe they too can. Until he came to this position, most young people could only ascended to power in Africa via way of Coup D’etats or factional wars. With his victory, many youths will boost their self confidence that they too can do it politically. In Africa young people will use him as reference point to stake their claim that one does not need to be old to run for the presidency as has ways been the tradition.

However, first he has to win and God has control of whoever comes to power. God rules the kingdom of men and decides who takes the scepter (Dn 4:17). Yet he wants man not to be an automaton but to play a role in making those decisions. That is why he adjures us to vote godly leaders (Ex 18:21; Num 11:16; Deut 16:18) because when the righteous rules the people rejoice but when the wicked rules the people weep (Prov 29:2). If it is the will of God that he should be no matter how the tides may beat him round, he will be the next US president.

Until then, time may be the best oracle.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama Loses Black Votes

Whoever put the ad is not in touch with the African American community. I served as a missionary in Downtown Atlanta on Rock Street off former Ashby Simpson Street where I shared bread in most shelters and the park on the Ashby Train station for four years. I was usually swum by undercover officers who thought I was living in the neighborhood for a secret business if not why would a teacher come to live there and share bread fueling his own car. After being pulled over and quizzed several times, I called the police chief to complain that I was not being treated fairly though I am helping them to maintain order by distributing bread and sharing the gospel. Who can tell what a hungry and homeless man could do? Giving them food brought peace and order to an extent. In four years, I had only one bad experience when a young man came one day, he did not like me giving only bread without meat or ham and wanted to take all the bread to throw away. He was quickly knocked down by other homeless who felt his action will discourage me from coming. I had visited every house and knocked on every door in this area and beyond. Having lived with them I know them very well.
Most Dark Skinned Americans in their teenage days are given to more revelry than realism and by the time they realize they were dreaming it is already too late. Most of them got themselves into petty crimes and became felons and they did not see the evil in it until when they became responsible and turned their lives around then they realized as felons their rights to work decent jobs have been seized from them. That means; just like every other people the Dark Skinned American likes to work.
In the world at large when you travel the people in whose land you are visiting always seem like bludgers. Strangers are always more ambitious than the autochthones because the fact that they are strangers, motivates them. How many of us from Cameroon have thought the Igbo people like to work. Go to eastern Nigeria and you will see the same thing. 419 did not emanate from hardworking Nigerians but from loafers and flanneurs in Eastern Nigeria. See what the Duala, Beti, Bakweri boys do when you visit and are living in their place. Does that mean they are eternal scroungers? Far be it.
However, that picture has indirectly raised a serious problem in America. The fact that the Dark Skin Americans are only 18% in the country but make more than 80% of American prisons shows that there are many that will want to work but will not be able. That is why they have to run away. What that picture is saying is that the Black boys have been destroyed and legated to a bumbling destiny that only a new compassionate president or law makers will reverse the idea. Actually they are not running away because they don’t want to work but they are running away because they cannot work. The speaker said: “I’ll make sure everyone who can work has a job”. But with the machinery to perpetually keep the Dark Skinned Americans under bondage they really cannot work. How would they and how can they when felons do not become teachers, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals that have to do with the public. Therefore, the ad is not against Obama per se; it is to reveal how much the black populace needs change.
Here again I have said America is not qualified to teach democracy or human rights anywhere else than in America because people are not treated equally in the US. I see young black boys convicted for 5gm of cocaine and the black population dominates any other color in terms of conviction. Do you mean that black people use more drugs than white people? Secondly, why does the retailer serve longer jail time than the user?
The major reason why Obama must lose the black vote is because felons do not vote and most have been made felons. Obama will rely on the diversified Americans to put him into the White House. Americans are even growing aware they face a Lose-Lose Solution if the Dark Skinned Americans cannot be integrated. That is because if the Dark Skin American cannot sleep the Light Skin Americans too cannot sleep because they fear the Dark Skin Americans. When the prisoner does not sleep the guard too does not sleep. So it is a Lose-Lose Solution.

Until then, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What Does God Say to Parents of Obese Kids?

The Bible says: “train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Prov 22:6). Child abuse laws are very stringent in this country and one common abuse that is easily detected is starvation. If the state finds out that a parent or parents are not feeding their child properly or enough the child could be seized from their parents because through starvation the child may die. But then on the other hand obesity is killing many children. Steven Galson: the Surgeon General of the US in a conference in March, 2008 said: “childhood overweight is among the foremost health challenges of our time”.
It is generally accepted that obesity causes diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, liver diseases, loss of libido, hypertension, female infertility and a lot more. Consequently parents who are overfeeding their children are indirectly contaminating them with these ailments. So tell me why they should not be charged? How much longer would they wait to take away the fat kids from abusive parents?
I do acknowledge that there are some kids that are obese not due to overfeeding but due to some other factors. This lesson is on those who falter in child upbringing. Obesity is one abuse that falls into two categories: physical and emotional of the four types of abuses. Physical in the sense that the child’s body is temporarily or at times permanently destroyed and emotional because the child’s self confidence is eroded. As you know; very few fat people have self confidence. If a parent could be charged with physical abuse if the child was not given enough food why is he or she not charged if he/she gives more to the destruction of the child? If parents are charged for inadequate affection and nurturing why are they not charged when they feed their kids like Congolese frogs that eat until their stomachs explode?
People should eat for strength and not for eating sake (Eccl 10:17). In the days of Israel gluttons and drunkards were to be lapidated (Deut 21:20). As you know well, gluttons and drunkards end up wretched (Prov 23:21). In Proverbs 23:1-3 the glutton is advised to put a knife on his or her throat. Thus beseeched to stab their appetite.
Nonetheless, if you are obese, the secret is in reducing how much and what you eat. The second is physical exercise. Even the Bible acknowledges the importance of physical exercise when it states that: “for bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come” (I Tim 4:8). One neither needs a physical trainer nor a gym to lose weight. Yet parents allow their kids to sit on the TV for hours, replace rest time with video games and time to learn etiquettes with phone garrulity. The next thing that we need is the fruit of the Spirit. Religions that encourage fasting do not have fat people. Show me how many fat monks, Buddhists, or imams you have seen. The number is infirm. Surprisingly, Christians who are being encouraged to live by the Spirit so that they may put on the fruit of the Sprit: like patience and self control are instead the majority obese ones. Even there again in Christian circles where complete fast: no food and drinks is encouraged you do not have those obese Christians. Celebrity clubs may help you lose weight, but they do not help you keep it; physical exercise, self-control, healthy diet and patience do.

Until then, woe is the parent that destroys their child with overfeeding.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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