Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wannabe Syndrome

All these wannabes out there; dressing like musicians on stage. Look at celebrity look alike. Someone feels proud that they look like a star. Oh wannabe, you are unique for God created you unique on earth. Why does the star not envy looking like you, but you want to be like him or her? Some have gone the extra length of using plastic surgery to look like someone. Oh wannabe, you will never be beautiful.
Others have gotten themselves into a life of crime just so they look like their wealthy neighbors. In January of 2008, Manual Gaines was spotted trying to steal TVs to pay for the daughter's prom expenses. I remember a young man who stole a limousine to take the girlfriend to prom. After the Prom, they forgot the pictures they took in the Limousine, so they were arrested days later. These are wannabes who want to look rich, but they may never be rich.
Another set of wannabes are those foreigners who want to change their accent to speak like their host nationals. What you are saying is that you regret where you come from and that you would have loved to be this; sadly God made you this. Diversity is a nice thing, and we all should jubilate having people who speak differently.
A student told his teacher he was intending to join a gang. After many attempts bragging to the teacher, the teacher asked him why he kept telling him that he wanted to join a gang. He told him they are cool. They all have bald head like his. The teacher explained to him that: “I had grey hair since when I was 9, and it gives me more age than my real years”. It was the first time the teacher was teaching the young man. It befuddled him why anyone knowing that it is against the law would belong to a gang and would openly still be tell his teacher he is in a gang, knowing it was against the law. The authorities have been announcing over the intercom that if you know anyone who is in a gang, report him. Why should this guy keep telling the teacher he wants to join a gang? The teacher asked him the name of the gang, but he did not even know any. His classmates helped him out after he described their uniform.
Just by the simple fact that he did not know the name of the gang he wanted to join, and the gaffe of making it public, though a prohibited thing, his teacher concluded that he did not need to worry about him because he was either too dumb, retarded  or just a wannabe. Consequently, he would not even pass the initiation test, so he will never be a gang member and will die a wannabe.
Sometimes a wannabe attempt does not always go well. That is why people say: imitation leads to danger. Stars like Vivica Fox, Adrien Arpel, Jocelyn Wildenstein, Victoria Principal, Connie Wildenstein, Lee Grant just to name these recent few wanted to have angel faces, so they went under the knife. After they came out, their faces were no more what they expected. Kanye West’s mother is said to have died from complications from plastic surgery. The underlying cause: wannabe syndrome.
If people don’t like you the way you are and that you must look like someone else for them to accept you, then you better select new friends and admirers.

Until then, always be yourself.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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