Saturday, August 9, 2008

Do Condoms prevent HIV?

Condoms MAY prevent pregnancies, HIV and other STDs depending on many factors and the state of the condoms. That is empirical science! What prevents HIV in toto is abstinence, faithfulness amongst negative partners, proper hygiene (no sharing of needles) and antiretroviral drugs to prevent Mother To Child Transmission (MTCT). The reason why it depends on the health of the condom is for various reasons: they may burst during full contact, they may not be healthy in the first place due to weather effects, and poor preservation may also damage the condom and at lot more.They were manufactured with regards to European and American climates though the climate of the continent is uniform. Young people are known for carrying condoms long in their pockets especially in countries where the bulk of their transportation is done by walking. The heat from your body destroys the efficiency of the condom. The condoms coming to Africa are in poor standard just like the junk goods from China to Africa.
Therefore, what you should be teaching the little ones you claim are dying from HIV/AIDS is abstinence. Those who are single should be patient till they get married. Sex was made for married people anyway. Those who are married and are negative should be faithful to each other because even if you run away from HIV with a condom you may pick up Syphilis and Herpes (HSV 1) from the sores. If one partner is positive the other one should use condoms. Mothers who are HIV positive should learn how to avoid MTCT and then practice proper hygienic conditions.

Until then, condoms have a great limitation in preventing HIV and other STDs.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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