Sunday, August 31, 2008

Should Adultery Be Forgiven?

Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky, Eliot Spitzer with Ashley Dupree and Gary Condit with Chandra Levy are all known popular American adulterers. Yet, does that make them more sinful than those who have not committed adultery? Should their wives divorce them? Not at all! Since adultery is sin, and every sin for which we repent and forsake could be forgiven 490 times a day, then their adulteries could also be forgiven.

The people of ancient times to solve the problem of adultery created the Bill of Divorcement (Jer. 3:8). Ab initio divorce was not a recommendation to solve adultery, but Moses introduced it (Mk 10:4). Jesus explains that it is due to the hardiness of the people’s hearts. God initially wanted a man and a woman to marry and live together till the end of the world (Gen 2:24). Despite this, adultery was not placed in a higher pedestal to other sins. So why can’t people forgive adultery? The reason why Jesus said anyone could divorce was if there was fornication because adultery temporarily severs the covenant (marriage) and kills the covenantee.

Most women have won the feminist battles but lost that of keeping a home with the highest rate of divorce in America. They excuse themselves that people in other countries stay married not for love but due to cultural reasons. If that was true then they should not be happy too. But statistics prove that women in general in other countries are happier than American women. The western woman sold her daughters to feminism and gave the society spoiled wives. They want to be single, but they cannot, and they find themselves in the category of the angriest group of women. Single women are the angriest group of women. Don’t mind this empty rhetoric: “I am single and happy”. That is just “Soapbox Talk”.

Yet the question usually is: should two unhappy people remain together until one person dies? One has to lose sleep in trying to select divorce over desperate reactions like those of Francine Hughes and Mary Wrinkler. James adjures the faithful to cast their burdens unto Jesus who cares for all (I Pet 5:7).
Some women said they do not need a man because they could have kids by insemination. But now that Sperm Donors may be tasked to pay child support, Sperm Banks will dry out and their biological clocks keep ticking fast and furious. Around 736 BC, the Bible said 7 women will ask one man “marry us let us only bear your name” (Is. 4:1). Now in the 21st century, we face a similar entreaty. Recently some women in Nigeria requested that they should be permitted and encouraged to practice polygyny.
The responsibilities of a husband are different and distinct from those of a wife in the Bible (Eph 5: 22-33). Women that have stayed true to themselves have enjoyed happy homes as is the case where some women in America are married for 65 years and very happy unlike those hopping from one husband to another and blaming the world for their calamity.

In October 2007, The National Inquirer revealed John Edwards had a child with Rielle Hunter and were waiting for his cancer stricken wife: Elizabeth to die. The feminists say Elizabeth Edwards should divorce because of adultery. What happened to forgiveness? Adultery is one of the commandments that God asked every human to keep (Ex 20:14). Initially, it carried a death sentence (Lev 20:10), but when Jesus forgave the woman caught in flagrant adultery (Jn 8:4-7), he set the pace of forgiveness and puts adultery at the same level with other forgivable sins.

When anyone commits adultery, they destroy their own soul (Prov 6:32). The havoc the sledge hammer does to the bottle cork is the same adultery and sin in general do to the soul. In 1976, Washington Post reveled that Wayne Hays though married at the time had hired a mistress: Elizabeth Rays to serve as his secretary. After those allegations there was no secret that adultery had destroyed his first marriage of 38 years.

People have argued that the Bible says people should divorce only because of fornication (Mt 5: 32; 19:9). The word fornication there stands for illicit sex. Thus the word fornication embodies adultery, fornication, bestiality, rape and others. Casey Aldridge was sleeping with Kelly Dawson when his fiancée: Jamie Lynn was pregnant. These two were living in fornication and not adultery because they were not married when they were having sex.

While adultery hurts both partners it is not still unforgivable. Jesus even goes further to say that lust is a sin. Every human has sinfully lusted. Because lust is polysemous: one is sin and the other is not. The dichotomy is within their manifestations. To lust after is synonymous to making love in your heart while lust is the desire to have something. This is sin where the mind is used as the altar because lust must first conceive to give sin (James 1:15). That means; lust per se is not sin but part of temptation. One has to differentiate between temptation and sin. There is no man or woman that has never lusted and if any has ever lusted why are we unforgiving when the other partner is caught in sin? The Bible says: For there is not a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not (Eccl 7:20).

It is amazing that while most people insist on applying divorce as a solution to adultery, they ignore the same prescription that is against digamy. Consequently, if you insist on not forgiving a partner and divorce him/her then you should stay single for remarriage is sin. However, just because there is hardiness of hearts like it was when Moses instituted divorce so too do we see the same trend where digamy is passively and acquiescently endorsed. True, adultery shows foolishness, destroys the soul, and defiles a nation.

The Bible requires that those who say people should not commit adultery should not be adulterers themselves (Rom 2:22). Those trying to crucify those who commit adultery, form the church of unscrupulous liars. In 2006, Ted Haggard resigned from all his positions after revelations he patronized a male prostitute: and used methamphetamine though married with kids. Nonetheless, if you do not commit adultery but steal or gossip, you have sinned like the adulterer. So if we are beating drums for sinners to report to the White House, you will also receive an invitation for the dance.

Until then, though adultery is evil it is still forgivable.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lessons from Olympics

American boxers were all knocked out before the medal round with the exception of Deontay Wilder's. The failure of the talented boxing team is attributed to the National coach. Their real fault came from them listening too much to their parents. The scoring in Olympics is different from the usual scoring and that was new to their coaches and parents. Most of the boxers who listened to their personal coaches and parents were eliminated before the medal rounds while the one who listened to the national coach lasted in the competition. That tells it all. People appear on American idol to claim that they have been singing in church since when they were 3 years old. The fact that you have been singing even before you grew teeth does not mean you know how to sing. The fact that they have been boxing and wining does not mean they know how to box. They might have been facing balloon opponents whom they used for workouts that they call victories and that blew wide their ego to think they cannot listen to Coach Campbell.
Liu Xiang Chinese pride had an injury and Tyson Gay did not qualify for the finals. Bolt set World Records in 100, 200 and 400 relay. Michael Phelps succeeded in rewriting the pages of history by winning 8 gold medals in a single Olympics. It was the highest a single Olympian has ever won. Darra Torres proved that even at 40 one could still do competitive sports. Charlotte Mbango from Cameroon won gold before she was recognized. While failure is an orphan success has many brothers and sisters. If wishes were horses then Jenn Stuczynski would have been champion but Yelena Isinbayeva got the Olympic gold, a world record and taught the American a lesson in humility ( ).
Soccer is still in its primitive stages in the US so much so that their journalists don’t even know much about great players. It baffles me how well informed journalist could have compared Freddy Adu with Pele or Messi with Maradona. At times I hear people compare Ronaldhini with Pele. In Latin America we had Pele and Maradon and they did not have a second or third even in the world. In Europe we have Johan Cruyff and Eusebio and they did not have a second or fourth. Africa had a bunch at the same level. Amongst goalkeepers in the world we had Nkono and Dino Zoff and the rest would be their students. Well back to the Olympics.
There was disaster in Track and field for US athletes. “Laurynn Williams to explain the abysmal performance said: “somebody out there has a voodoo doll on the United States”. What a ludicrous excuse. The voodoo doll does not play. That is even why I don’t even think Marion Jones’ medals should have been taken away from her. Look there are people that even if they took the world’s enhancing drugs they will never beat me in a race. I can even run with my back facing the direction of the Finish Line. Ntenako my village is feared in the whole area because of the sublime powers. Yet there were some games that we did not win though with all the juju. Africans can tell you juju neither plays soccer nor does it do sports. If not no nation will win us seeing that countries like Togo hire witch doctors to travel with their teams. During the last African nations cup Benin’s witch doctor said everyone could win them except Mali but Mali thrashed them in the opening game.
Laurynn, hardwork pays off my dear sister. In addition to hard work trust in God so he can keep you mentally and physically healthy. By the way the Chinese did wonders. It was Come-And- See.
Until then, I may be training too to challenge Bolt for the Olympics in 2012.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Should Religious Leaders Report Domestic Abuse Confessions?

By reporting a confession the priest or religious authority betrays the trust of the faithful. If it is a sin that will endanger lives then the prelate should take immediate steps to safeguard lives but if not then there is no need to report anything. When a prelate reports a faithful the other faithfuls learn, and they avoid the religious authority. Consequently, the priest will lose even the little information he had. We all know the law and prisons neither reform nor transform. If not the percentage of ex-convicts who return to jail will not be that high. Transformation starts from within before without.
The rise in domestic abuse is simply because couples have rejected the word of God. The guidelines of God in Eph 5: 21-33 for a successful marriage are very clear. Once we go out of those guidelines we are bound to wreck that marriage. A lady had confessed to me that she was sleeping with her husband’s brother who was living with them. In some states: New York, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland and even the US Military which court-martials adulterers adultery is a crime. Should I then report her to the district attorney for prosecution?
Once you report a case like that you betray the trust of the individual. The things ministers hear during confessions must be kept confidential because the confesser trusts you. Before you report anything to the authorities you must forewarned anyone who comes to you saying that you will report to the authorities. If not it will not be different from stabbing someone who runs from impending danger into your house for shelter.
Let us say a child comes to you that they are being abused. That abuse could be relative. First you want to find out if the shelter or foster home would be better for them. As to what I know it is like from frying pan into the fire. Reporting a case like that should be the last resort and you will inform the adults concerned. People always have to be given the opportunity to set straight their crooked paths.
The issue of domestic abuse must be treated from the roots. Many people have not been taught to communicate or negotiate a point of view, and how to love. Just look at our forums: immediately you disagree with someone they turn it personal. We have not mastered communication and problem solving skills. One element to communicate and solve problems too well is patience and tolerance. Be patient to hear from the other person and be tolerant enough to accept that they have a different opinion from you. Both of you negotiate considering the alternatives and finally come out with a choice or a win-win solution. If every couple communicated properly there will be no violence because violence is the weapon of weak communicators; those who cannot make their points across and think that they can only use violence (verbal or physical) to do that.
A promise must be kept. If someone comes and tells you; if I tell you something will you reveal it to anyone? You say no then it should be like that. If you know you are not going to keep it then don’t hear it. We must be trustworthy so that in turn we can win the trust of our confidents. I have saved may more situations in families by keeping their confessions secret than if I leaked them out to the authorities. While violence is the weapon of weak communicators, love is the key that unlocks the secrets of the heart.

Until then, let us learn to keep promises.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Wannabe Syndrome

All these wannabes out there; dressing like musicians on stage. Look at celebrity look alike. Someone feels proud that they look like a star. Oh wannabe, you are unique for God created you unique on earth. Why does the star not envy looking like you, but you want to be like him or her? Some have gone the extra length of using plastic surgery to look like someone. Oh wannabe, you will never be beautiful.
Others have gotten themselves into a life of crime just so they look like their wealthy neighbors. In January of 2008, Manual Gaines was spotted trying to steal TVs to pay for the daughter's prom expenses. I remember a young man who stole a limousine to take the girlfriend to prom. After the Prom, they forgot the pictures they took in the Limousine, so they were arrested days later. These are wannabes who want to look rich, but they may never be rich.
Another set of wannabes are those foreigners who want to change their accent to speak like their host nationals. What you are saying is that you regret where you come from and that you would have loved to be this; sadly God made you this. Diversity is a nice thing, and we all should jubilate having people who speak differently.
A student told his teacher he was intending to join a gang. After many attempts bragging to the teacher, the teacher asked him why he kept telling him that he wanted to join a gang. He told him they are cool. They all have bald head like his. The teacher explained to him that: “I had grey hair since when I was 9, and it gives me more age than my real years”. It was the first time the teacher was teaching the young man. It befuddled him why anyone knowing that it is against the law would belong to a gang and would openly still be tell his teacher he is in a gang, knowing it was against the law. The authorities have been announcing over the intercom that if you know anyone who is in a gang, report him. Why should this guy keep telling the teacher he wants to join a gang? The teacher asked him the name of the gang, but he did not even know any. His classmates helped him out after he described their uniform.
Just by the simple fact that he did not know the name of the gang he wanted to join, and the gaffe of making it public, though a prohibited thing, his teacher concluded that he did not need to worry about him because he was either too dumb, retarded  or just a wannabe. Consequently, he would not even pass the initiation test, so he will never be a gang member and will die a wannabe.
Sometimes a wannabe attempt does not always go well. That is why people say: imitation leads to danger. Stars like Vivica Fox, Adrien Arpel, Jocelyn Wildenstein, Victoria Principal, Connie Wildenstein, Lee Grant just to name these recent few wanted to have angel faces, so they went under the knife. After they came out, their faces were no more what they expected. Kanye West’s mother is said to have died from complications from plastic surgery. The underlying cause: wannabe syndrome.
If people don’t like you the way you are and that you must look like someone else for them to accept you, then you better select new friends and admirers.

Until then, always be yourself.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

The RNs of Africa In America

RN stands for Registered Nurse. At least one achievement is that they are truly what they say they are. Sometimes some Caring Nurse Assistants (CNA) deceive people that they too are nurses. They are not; they are just the usual big names the West gives to professions so that their bearers feel good. They are not different from the legal assistants we generally call in Africa “charge and bail lawyers”. Yet, one thing is striking out amongst the African community in America about these RNs. Almost all are experiencing hard times in their marriages, and many have divorced. In almost all the killings where the husband killed the wife, she was an RN.

We have these new African crops who never ever knew they will make the money they make as RNs. They are disrespectful that one doubts no more why they live in tattered marriages. Most of their marriages are merely marriages of convenience.

Most of the women were sponsored by the man; he used his savings to bring  her from Africa and then trained her thinking she will be his milky cow. The woman knew he was ugly, she knew he was not educated, and she knew he was not good enough for public eye, yet she hung on him like chewing gum until he brought her to the US. After he brought her, he used his money doing the same odd job she abhors to send her to the Nursing school, supported her as she stayed home to bare them kids, and once she passed the RN board exam, suddenly the man becomes no good. Not everybody takes a loss the same way. While some may take those loses easy, others may not. Research on court TV (now true TV) reveals many spouses killed their partners for monetary gains or for fear to lose money in a divorce. If a spouse wants to go, there are better ways to go away without those tantrums and trying to mess the man up deeper than she met him.

A man was in the process of divorce; he was a struggling guy who had bought his Lexus before even his wife knew him. When she came, he gave her the Lexus while he drove the Carina that emitted sounds of an airplane when he drove by. When they had a separation, she requested for the car, so she could drive another boyfriend. I counseled the young man to leave it and not fight back. "If she can leave your hands, don’t worry you will work to buy another car." Within two months she had made two accidents and after some time, she came back home. If you treat people well, you do not need to fear if they find a sweettalker. Not at all! When reality finally sets in, she will come back.

The men have also contributed to their trouble. They are in the 21st century but want to live like in the 19th Century. Why play boss in a marital home? Nowadays the societal dynamics are different. Gone are the days when taking care of your own child was the woman’s job. Because many kids are raised by single parents the results are disastrous; pure disasters in schools. Even if you are the only bread winner that does not exempt you from helping in house duties. Some of these women have the right to worry with your physiognomy too. When they married you, you had a flat stomach but now you look more like when she is pregnant especially because when the men go home, they always marry the beauty queens who are desperate to escape their deathtrap.

Some African men task their wives to stay young and slim. Gentlemen, even sticks face entropy and get old. Why should not the woman? Indeed a woman should always be more beautiful than the husband. If it is the opposite, we can still accept it because in every scientific law there are exceptions. You smile; don’t you? Women always like a man they can show off in public. Here again is one great mistake they make.

The folly of most of these men is that they do not have anything to fall back home if someone took everything from them. If you are a foreigner; before you invest in a foreign land invest first in your home country. When western men enact such idiocy one may sympathize with them because they have nowhere else to go though it is still not an excuse to take away human life. They become so desperate and think killing is the answer. They have no investment at home; they have no house they could live in if the one here changed ownership. Living a quarter of their lives abroad has robbed away their basic culture and made them outsiders. Recklessness drives them insane to kill their wives. What can anyone give in exchange for human life? Tell me what? They lost a house, savings but not a future. Do they think about making their children orphans?

Listen to me: the God we serve is just. If your hands are innocent, he will not abandon you in times of need. You do not need to go to church! God has always stood with those who are wrongly treated. Let them go with it.

Sharon was a Methodist lady we were moving with Living Spring Movers. We moved at least someone everyday; at times we moved more. Almost all were Christians, and most were women divorcing. I liked to ask them why they were moving. Sharon stuck in my mind because she was in her fourth marriage at 36 and was divorcing while the husband: a computer engineer had gone to Europe for a company assignment. She was emptying the house and I asked her: “hey miss can’t you leave the man even a bed” and she retorted: “I will not”. I began propping her; she got irritated and warned me she may report me to my company. I did not care because the job was not my real job; it was my summer exercise job since I do not go to the gym. I do not like to go to the gym to lift weights with no one paying me, so I prefer to go and work for a moving company where I use one stone to shoot three birds: money, exercise and friends. As I persisted, Sharon told me that some of the things she was taking were from her previous marriage. She took things that do not belong to her, and she moved from one home to another with the curse. Some people take all or what they did not work for from the other spouse and misery has been their bedfellow thenceforth.

However, for some the men have not contributed anything. Just like women; even ugly ones like to be flattered that they are beautiful. Men too like to be flattered; even weaklings like to hear that they are the strongest. Make them feel like they are the head but you know who is really in charge. This is not the reason to look down on them. It baffles me why some men are not comfy when their wives make more money than them.

God made man perfect, but he has sort his own invention (Eccl 7:29). Humanity is not an automaton; if suppressed and oppressed for long will react; leaving nefarious footprints. Never do anything to anyone because you expect a pay back. Never bring anyone from Africa because you expect them to marry you. Do it because it is the right thing to do and the rest can follow so that they do not owe you any allegiance. If you treat people well you do not need to fear they will run away.

Until then: riches without etiquette only brings unhappiness.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Friday, August 29, 2008

Who Killed Antoinette?

The way she died and the circumstances that led to his death are the focus of this story. who would you blame for her death? She grew up in a close family of seven boys where she was the only girl. They dictated the terms of life for their daughters with exorbitant dowry and bride price. The family exposed the weaknesses of her pretenders to everyone and showed respect to no one, except themselves. You made appointments, but they never kept any. They banned people from visiting their house. Her brothers threatened to gang up against anyone that will try to “follow”  (go out with) their sister and rubbished every effort young men made to win the love of their only sister, as if they will marry her themselves.

She was never taught to follow rules; pampered and molly-cuddled to live her way or no way. To this end, she disobeyed even her own parents but not on her choice of a life partner. She protested everything, except the desire of her brothers to choose a man for her. The parents did not know the difference between idealism and realism. They insisted on their way or no way, so they made unfair and unrealistic demands. They will not even respect other people’s rights. With all of this, they had taught their child to whine and throw tantrums on everything and anything. If things were not done her way, she was world-wearied.

They kept her away from good pretenders and left her with the option of bad choice and unhappiness as the lone option. She eloped with one dropout who was their neighbor and got pregnant. There are serious consequences when parents try to select a partner for their son or daughter, and she insists on not going their way. Usually, time is the best of masters to determine the outcome. Indeed, they have good intentions for her but that does not always translate to happiness, if not all the arranged marriages in the world will never experience trouble. Now girls at 18 are virtually grownups, able to make proper decisions unlike before when they were 25 and still ignorantly innocent.

After her unsuccessful love expedition, Antoinette returned home to be berated by her parents who told her she had disobeyed them and brought the family name to shame. She was expulsed with no other option than prostitution that was the easiest of both beautiful and ugly women who shared the same cup of hopelessness and a bleak future. Beside their house lived a bicycle repairer who gave her money for one way transport to Douala: a city that was already booming with unions of known prostitutes from the village.

The parents have quickly forgotten that the rashness was their cause, and her predicament was determined from the time they drove potential lovers who genuinely loved her out of love and not infatuations. In Douala, she could not make it; she struggled and went to Gabon where prostitution was in heavy demand and where the economy was still buoyant. Years after she came back home, she began to construct a huge duplex that she will not roof because HIV /AIDS overran her life.
When stories busted out that she had died of AIDS, onlookers who have followed her life journey laid the blame on her parents who laid the blame on her stubbornness. Now I ask you, who do you think killed Antoinette?

Until then; the drumbeats of love sound louder in the one who is in love than those who listen from afar.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Albatross Affair and Operation Sparrow Hawk Sleep in Different Beds

Here is the problem: when we see something like this, we make headlines, but we do the same thing. How many of you are living in the US and still claiming salaries in Cameroon? You could be wanted for defrauding the state. How many of you have filed false asylum claims? You could be wanted for false statements and perjury. How many of you are married just for the papers destroying innocent lives that truly want love? You could be wanted for murder. How many of you are sleeping with people’s wives and husbands? You could be wanted for adultery.

Let us not always be quick to judge. I don’t see many of you manifesting the same zeal when your tribes people are arrested for corruption. When someone is accused, let the person be tried first before being found guilty. What you are doing is influencing the court of public opinion to find him guilty before he is even tried. Do you know if he is sick? Do you know what communications he has been having? How is he even wanted when he is still living in his official residence paid by the state? Everything in the Newspaper is not always correct if not people would not have been jailed during the Homosexuality list they could not prove.

I am conscious many people had their problems with Mendouga but no matter how much we hate him if he has been accused let us wait until we hear the full details and evidence against him. The Albatross case could sink many high ranking officials because the subordinates could lure you into error. If you send someone that: “go and verify to make sure that plane is fine” and the fellow goes there, he is bribed and he comes back saying: “Patron, it is superb; the president will live forever if we buy this one”. How will you know when you are not an aeronautic technician?

One time I wanted to renew my passport with the embassy. The secretary in charged took my file and kept it for almost two months. Then I began calling and no one was picking up the phone. Finally, I got hold of one lady and told her I will be taking it to appropriate quarters. She gave me Mendouga’s line. He told me he has not seen it but he will make sure I receive it as urgent a possible. We may be blaming Mendouga but this was not his fault; rather that of the Bakweri guy who was there trying to extort money from me and others. How many relatives of presidents are convicted each time for taking money to act as middle men for favors which the president is not even aware?

This case is a very trickish one and we must wait until we hear all the facts before accusing any of them. If you have ever signed a document then you could be involved in something you have just no idea.
Moreso, the president is furious because his life was at stake. How many lives has he jeopardized himself? Is his life more important than the millions of lives he is leaving in poverty who die of lack of health care, proper nutrition, proper education and other ills? The money we lose daily in public service through bribery and extortion is more than what they lost in the Albatross saga. Yet the Albatross saga seems to be more important than those issues because the president thinks it was a plan to give him a bad plane so he will die young. This case is not about corruption; it is about a man: the president trying to eliminate the close Beti elites he thinks pose him the challenge indirectly. It is not today that President Paul Biya knew Mendouga had embezzled. Many accusatory fingers have pointed his way with facts and evidence but because they did not concern him directly he did not bother. Why are Cameroonians hailing the president for a selfish act?

Until then, the Albatross persecutions have nothing to do with Operation Sparrow Hawk.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Do Condoms prevent HIV?

Condoms MAY prevent pregnancies, HIV and other STDs depending on many factors and the state of the condoms. That is empirical science! What prevents HIV in toto is abstinence, faithfulness amongst negative partners, proper hygiene (no sharing of needles) and antiretroviral drugs to prevent Mother To Child Transmission (MTCT). The reason why it depends on the health of the condom is for various reasons: they may burst during full contact, they may not be healthy in the first place due to weather effects, and poor preservation may also damage the condom and at lot more.They were manufactured with regards to European and American climates though the climate of the continent is uniform. Young people are known for carrying condoms long in their pockets especially in countries where the bulk of their transportation is done by walking. The heat from your body destroys the efficiency of the condom. The condoms coming to Africa are in poor standard just like the junk goods from China to Africa.
Therefore, what you should be teaching the little ones you claim are dying from HIV/AIDS is abstinence. Those who are single should be patient till they get married. Sex was made for married people anyway. Those who are married and are negative should be faithful to each other because even if you run away from HIV with a condom you may pick up Syphilis and Herpes (HSV 1) from the sores. If one partner is positive the other one should use condoms. Mothers who are HIV positive should learn how to avoid MTCT and then practice proper hygienic conditions.

Until then, condoms have a great limitation in preventing HIV and other STDs.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

Is it Biblical for Christians to do In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

A Christian sister used In Vitro Fertilization to bear her first child because she was nearing menopause without a child. The church dis...