Friday, July 25, 2008

Theresa and Evelyn: When Vaulting Ambition Destroys Another’s Hopes.

This article is in reaction to the above video and recent debate on the incident. You and perhaps the others miss the angle I am approaching this issue. First I do not deny that honesty is stranger than dishonesty to Theresa Mubang. What I am saying is that on the elements of slavery one has to hear from both sides. A written story is not tantamount to veracity. It is not because CNN or Fox News carried a rumor that it should be converted into truism. Perhaps her tears would have won the hearts of people, but the immigration officials must have seen more melodrama than this, even on more spurious cases. I demonstrated my point with some anecdotes you know well. In addition; most of you have read the stories concocted by asylum seekers and peddled in most of our forums by Geraldine on asylum cases. How many of you believe those people went through all those ordeals? If Americans heard those bogus asylum cases, then they will all march naked to the Whitehouse and demand the invasion of Cameroon because it would be Rome in the days of Caligula or Nero.

A few months back, someone dug out canards that I was caught in a cocaine burst. Some of my Manyu detractors who are members of our forums quickly forwarded it to other non member Manyu people to discredit and disparage me. If they took time to read the other version, they would have known that it was a stolen ID. But let us say that there was no other version out there: it would be my word against the newspapers and since we have a proclivity to crucify before establishing the truth, then I would have been a cocaine dealer in your eyes. Common sense would have forced some people to say but wait a minute, this guy teaches, and they do background checks. But then since the desire to condemn supersedes that of justice, even lies are considered truths.

From the story of the girl, you know she is stretching the truth. First, she said she did not know anyone in this country, but she had relatives. Secondly, that she was not taught how to use money or the home phone. How many 11 year olds even in Cameroon do not know how to use money? Listen: the desire of most Americans to portray themselves more righteous than others has robbed them of their rationality. That is why we invaded Iraq. She contradicts herself that she does not know why she was kept at home as if she was not smart or could not do anything. If Ms Mubang had inquired from home she would have known the type of life she was living”. If she knew how to make those comparisons then she knew well how to make a phone call. There is no proof that since she came to the US none of her relatives visited her or that she did not have any phone number. Listen to her quibble before the journalist about why she did not call anyone. She claims that she did not know anyone. You all will agree with me that there is no Cameroon child that does not know how to use a phone since 1990.

But again that is not the point. The crux and nexus of this matter is that we fail to wait, gather all the facts before we condemn. More so, just because someone in a family does something bad does not mean that whole family is bad. I see people condemning Dr Mubang because his sister and others have behaved badly. In this light, we can start condemning all Grand Kumba’s brothers because their brother was a professional thief or Ted Bundy’s relatives because their man was a serial murderer.

Therefore, while I do not exonerate Theresa Mubang for maltreating Evelyn (which I believe did happen) but some credit should be given to Theresa for bringing her to the US. Most of my Ibo friends who are millionaires today were brought to Cameroon by their masters they served for seven years without going to school or doing anything. They were plain servants, and it was the terms of their arrangement. It was a prearrangement the child and family knew. Evelyn running her mouth on TV knew pretty well before she left Cameroon.

Reacting to Theresa in this manner chills the blood of kindness in those who would have helped one or two children. America is an individualistic society where very many people live with empty houses while their relatives struggle to pay rents. Look; a woman just killed herself because of mortgage. Are you sure she did not have relatives who would have made some contributions? But family is not as important as the individual. That is why an American‘s mother lives with him/her and she pays rents. How many of you will ask your mom or dad to pay rents while living with you? How many (normal Africans) will ask their brother or sister living with them to pay rents? I have always placed myself in other’s shoes to understand their plight. I would have reacted differently to Evelyn if she was living with me, but I blame both Evelyn and Mubang for each trying to destroy the future of each other. Evelyn like Lady Agrippina has poisoned Theresa’s hopes with a plate of mushroom and sent her liberty and freedom to a far and forgotten journey.

Until then: do unto others what you want them do unto you.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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