Friday, July 25, 2008

Jesse Jackson and the Obama Saga

Many people have reacted to the hot mic of Jesse Jackson (video below) with numerous articles and even some attacking him as a non family oriented guy. Some people say Rev Jackson is jealous of Obama. Jackson would not have been jealous because he has been doing the same thing now for years. Jackson and Sharpton have always spoken their minds when things concern African Americans. It is ironical though that while he fought to end the use of the N word, he still used it himself; perhaps preaching: “do as I say and not as I do”. I find it hypocritical for African Americans to be calling themselves "Nigger" but say that the white people shouldn’t. If it is a bad word, then it is; no matter who uses it. Why shouldn’t I call you stupid if you call yourself stupid? If African Americans do not want that word nigger, they should stop using it themselves altogether. That is the bottom line.

Nonetheless, I still think that Jackson’s comments against Obama though misrepresented were still not out of place. Obama would have said some African American parents because I have visited both whites and blacks, and it is a fact that there are many irresponsible parents from both camps though it would seem the African Americans win the trophy. I do not see why anyone would be buying their child a pair of sneakers for $250 when they are barely scrapping the bottom of the barrel. True, there are many white people on welfare than blacks but in terms of percentage African American dominate. That will exonerate Obama though.

Why are many parents leaving their kids to be raised up by the teacher or the public? The other day I watched on TV parents protesting an ad was bad for their kids. Those are irresponsible parents. Train up a child the way he or she should grow and when they grow they will not depart from it. How many parents have ever complained because Viagra was being advertised on the TV during a football game?

When a student skips from school, parents start calling asking why their child skipped. The teacher’s job is to teach and not to follow the child to the restroom or outside to make sure they do not skip; that is the parents’ responsibility to teach the child to stay in class. Parents permit sleepovers, parties, mall visitations and many others without adult supervision, yet they want that when that child comes to school, the teacher should transform them. Listen: upbringing is the parent’s business, and it is irresponsible to transfer that tutelage to outsiders no matter who they are.

Just of recent President Bush was caught in an off mic situation (Video above)too . Just like Bush, Jackson is not the first nor would they be the last. However, one thing we learn is that we must guard against our tongues. What you don’t want to be repeated in public don’t say it in private. I always say what I think in public because I don’t want busybodies to peddle gossips with: “did you hear what he said”. That is my God given right to say what I think and no mortal will take it away.

Consequently, Rev Jackson should allow Obama to express his God-given freedom. Indeed there are people that will always nitpick on something you said. I remember we were in classroom, I used an illustration and my African American classmate said she as an African American felt offended about it. Don’t forget we were in an academic environment where if you do not agree with my point, raise yours up. I just ignored her because what I was saying was a stated fact. Somehow African Americans must assume responsibility for their acts. If something is said against African Americans, and we know it is true then correct it; if not just cry yourself to sleep for you will get over it.

I saw a petition that a young African American was caught only with 5 grams of cocaine and is serving this number of years while a white person was given only probation with the same amount of cocaine. He was not set up; he accepted having the cocaine himself. My question is what was he doing with the 5 grams anyway? If you don’t want vultures to eat you then don’t die. Obama resonated what Bill Cosby said and his head was almost hacked off. Do Jackson and the others who do not want the ills of the African American community to be touched more concerned than these guys? Not at all! It simply means that each person does it when it is convenient. Obama has to do that to prove to the white voters that though an African American, he is not going to support them even when they are wrong, and Jackson has to do that to show that he is still the guarddog and voice of the people.

Until then, both are fighting for the betterment of the same people.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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