Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Gospel of Sowing Seeds

Nowadays, everywhere the most common song among Christians and churches is that of sowing seeds. Churchgoers are asked to sow seeds so that in return God will bless them. Many have sown the seeds, but they came out empty. Some have sown seeds but harvested a lot. If the principle of sowing seed was God’s, then no matter whoever sows seeds, the promise of recompense should automatically kick in. For example, whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. That is; if you confess your sins and invite Jesus into your life, you obtain salvation or your name is enrolled into the book of life. If you receive Jesus, he gives you the power to be called a child of God. That principle has been the principle behind the promises of God, and the concepts that lead to spiritual or physical remuneration. Why is it different from that of sowing seeds?
The first time the word ‘seed’ is used is during the creation of plants so that the seeds will continue with the production of the kinds of plants they were produced (Gen 1:11-12). Seeds are there to produce the same kind of plant. Thus, in the Old Testament, the word seed has many variants: as a sowing (Gen 8:22), as a mature ovule (Gen 1:11, 29; 8:22), as semen virile (Gen 19:32) and as progeny (Gen 3:15; 17:10; 19:32; Num 25:13; IS 1:4), In all the variants, it is only the second that is reused in the New Testament in the parable of the Sower ( Mt 13:). None of the usages has anything to do with money. However, used figuratively it could transcend to money because it will mean anything that can produce more of its kind. If you sow money, you reap money. Money could become a seed then.
In the New Testament, the most common usage is the figurative usage as we see Jesus use four parables on seeds in chapter Thirteen of Matthew. The seeds are never large, but they depend on the ground you sow.  Why do your pastors ask you for “bigger seeds”? The seeds were the same. It was rather the ground that determined the growth. Why give to rich pastors and as exhibited in another parable (Mt 13:24-30). Do churches differentiate who sows seeds (gives money) to church now? A seed does not need to be big to bring forth fruits. The parable of the Mustard Seed and the Leaven support that (Mt 13:31-33). The Bible says: “a man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men” (Prov 18:16) which is why Paul says it is better to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).
Do you know that by giving your money to that poor brother or sister, you will be more blessed than when you give to a rich preacher? Why do you give to the church for the pastor to send his child abroad while yours cannot even go to school? Perhaps you are confused on where to give or which is a good church to give.
Consider these characteristics; a good church and pastor take care of the members while hirelings take care of themselves (Ezek 34; 1-10). A good church is not one where the pastor and his family have the best clothes, cars, biggest home and everything; while, the members are wretched. They don’t visit you and do not care if you exist or not. You go through your problems until you come out and to solicit a prayer from him or her you must pay. When churches function illegally in a country where there is religious tolerance and freedom that questions the integrity of the leaders.
I know many people give to be blessed. Listen to me: Most of you have sown so many seeds and nothing has grown in your backyard. Your finances have never changed, rather they have shrunk. You have sown seeds for a child, yet you are still childless. You have sown seeds for reasons you know better, yet nothing has changed. The word of God has not changed. The problem is that you have been sowing into wrong grounds like the parable before showed you. You have been giving to wolves in sheep’s clothing rather unto God. Most of the pastors and churches today are hirelings, out to steal from you. They don’t care about your blessings and soul; they care about themselves. That is because man does not bless; God blesses. For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south, but God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another (Ps 75:6-7).
There is a way God wants you to give. Consequently, we may consider basic rudiments in giving: your gift should always be The Widows Mite (Lk 12:59), let the left hand not know what the right hand has given (Mt 6:3), you should always give bountifully, for God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9:6-7), give as unto God (Mt 10:42) and give to those who have nothing (Esther 9:22). Are the churches today poor that you should give to them? Why do the pastors in Africa ride in ostentatious cars and wear sumptuous clothes while the parishioner walks barefooted? Why do American churches consider membership by what churchgoers give to church? Why are the pastors flying in personal jets while the members are carless? Why do church pastors live in mansions that cause millions while their church members are homeless or live in huts? Would Jesus have lived in a mansion while the members were that poor?
God does not bless people based on their righteousness because the Bible says he allows the rain to rain on the wicked like on the righteous and the sun to shine on both of them (mat 5:45) though our sins may withhold good things away from us (Jer 5:25). If God was blessing only the righteous people, then very few people will have what they have today. Abraham was not called the father of faith because he was perfect but because he had faith. There are principles to be blessed that I have enumerated in the mail. Follow them and prosperity shall be thy portion. Prosperity is not the tool of only a selected few.
Another error people do is to say that the man of God prophesied to them that they were going to be millionaires next year. When the year came, it did not happen. They went back to the prophet or prophetess who told them that it did not come to pass because they did not do things the way God wanted. That too is false doctrine and a means to pilfer from the people. If God tells you whatever, it shall come to pass because he has already lived it. He does not say anything that he does not know it will come to pass. Before God tells you anything that will happen; it will be fulfilled, for He has lived your future and knows it shall happen no matter what you do.

Until then, don’t believe those prosperity preachers.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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