Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drama Queen and Mama's Boy

A drama queen is a woman who seems to think the world revolves around her and that after her, comes the flood. I don’t like this, and I don’t like that. I don’t like this seat; would you mind giving me a new seat. My food is not well cooked; please would you mind changing my food or taking if off my bill. I don’t want to talk right now. What music is that? I don’t like it. What do you like? Well not now. Can you please turn off that light, would you mind turning off this fan? She is always bossing people around and making drama on every little thing. And, a mama’s boy is the man who refuses to take manly responsibilities. They never make commitments. The mama’s boy could even be called a sperm donor because he makes deposits left and right. They plant seeds north and south, east and west and do not bother whether they germinate or not. Only heartless and useless men plant seeds anyhow and when even their plants die, they do not react.
Mama’s boy was never taught to assume any responsibility. When he got into a speeding ticket, the parents hired a lawyer for him who spoke in court and got him off the hook. If he was not passing a class, they called the school and menaced the teacher. If he got into a fight, they say he was being picked on. “What do you want to eat? Johnny I bought you a new video game, 'Kill your enemies.'” His pampering parents will tell him. Consequently when he got himself into a relationship, he does not know how to handle rejection or egalitarianism. Worst still, he does not know how to make commitments. He scatters his seeds everywhere. He has two to three children he does not even know if they wear diapers.
Would anyone on earth tell me if a real man needs to be told to take care of his own children? Does he need a court order? Does he need a child support enforcement to look at his own child in the face and say: “honey I love you”. Oh mama’s boy, why are you mean to yourself and to this world? Then he told me, I am not alone." I also saw Drama Queens.
Drama queens are just so empty as they sound. If you take the names of people out of their mouths, they have nothing to say. They talk about others not dressing well, but they are always walking half naked, with rags and flip flops. In their early twenties ,they are at least in their second marriage. No one divorces because of the other person’s fault. Everyone who divorces also played a part in the downfall of that marriage.
The more I travel round the world, the more I realize that drama queens are not in one country. They have nothing to talk about; plain empty. When they sit, they discuss people and when you bring philosophy (ideas), they quickly start their theatricals. That is one of the main reasons they cannot sustain a lasting relationship; they have nothing to talk about. In a relationship where there is no communication  that relationship will not go far. It will soon go kaput  within some short space of time. Relationships that last are relationships with healthy communications because the people are opened to talk on anything and everything,, and their minds too are broader to accept dissenting views. Unlike the drama queen who will get up if the discussion does not center on her, the level headed woman will listen and impose her shrewdness. So are you a Drama Queen or a Mama’s Boy?

Until then, let us all assume our responsibilities.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk

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