Monday, July 7, 2008

The Battles I fought and The Races I Ran.

The Battles I fought and The Races I Ran.

I have fought many battles: some I have lost, and others I have won. I have run many races: some I have finished, and others I dropped out. That is the way life is. In so far as I live on earth, there are and will be many battles for me to fight and many races for me to run. All I have to do is to select my battles and races I think to have the best chances.
As a young man, I did not know which battles to fight and which races to run. Yet my father taught me one thing: those who reject some of your opinions openly and secretly and those who compete with you for real and as friends will leave a lasting impression in your life. As I make a flashback, their secret and public rebukes made me who I am today. Fearing they berate me, I strove to carry the mantle they all expected.
Lord, what would my life have been if I did not have the battles to fight and races to run? The battles we fight and win and the races we run and finish make us rejoice. The battles we fight and lose should not make us bitter because everything works for the good of them that love God. Rather they should make us better. Those races we run but do not fish should not daunt us in life rather they should persuade us to improve better.
In this world we need each other to work as a team. The parents should work with the teachers and the students so the kids will receive a better education. The doctors should team up with insurance companies and patients to provide a better health care. The lawyers should work with the judges and those who need justice to provide a better justice system.
Therefore, let me ask you this: why do you feel bad when people criticize you? I am making a balanced sheet of my battles and races and all of a sudden I am developing a very high admiration for those with whom we fought some battles and competed in races. I know they made me better in tolerance, patience and perseverance because of the criticisms and the encouragements they gave me.
Until then, Lord I thank you for every human being you ever brought on my path.

Prince & PA Hamilton Ayuk.

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